MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Focus beyond time and space

The behavior of beings that are vibrating at the frequency they fully chose, not playing games and focusing on the level that goes beyond the now!
there is no concern about whatever is talked about them, there is no reaction, no response, no upsetness and only the careness of what they want to feel, do, see… so they manifest that world.
Gossip comes to their attention easily, they receive info of what ever they want due to their developed etheric senses, therefore they make the choice and that choice is always connected to who and what they are at their heart center; their heart center is absolutely and fully resonating already with their higher self, true self, soul… you can call it as you feel.
They rather accept defeat than play certain games and as they chose to be defeated there is no more connection with those games, gossips and matters that doesnt concern them anymore.
What happens is a totally disconnection with lots of beings that are pretty much convinced they are not being heard and their thoughts and conversations are not know, but they are… so much that relationships break. usually people think that if there isnt a bad reaction is due to the absence of acknowledgment from the being that is been a target to their gossip but in fact they think that way because that is the world they know, they cannot vibrate other way so they do not see that there are beings that totally “are not there” to those realms of thinking.
As much as they talk they cannot understand others that are already vibrating at a higher rank, as much as they watch them they can never understand them or know what they do daily, they think they can but they cant. As much as they connect with other beings that fill their hears with negative stuff and conclusions, and more and more things they have heard God knows where… they can never understand what they cant vibrate at.
It is all a matter of vibration, because as you see yourself as a full creator of everything,as you understand you have the right to decide what you want to be, think, feel, live, do, connect, etc. you do not care anymore about people that doesnt like you or that decide that what they will do towards you is looking with the eyes of conditional love.
oh and theres more, they do all that in the name of love… i wonder what kind of love is that which makes someone judging, gaming, deciding who and what others are and spreading wrong ideas… and at the end of the day, all that makes them feel so good.
Train yourself to not bother at all!!! be in yourself fully, meanwhile others pretend they are living while you are creating! do not worry, ultimately, they all will understand things; it might take more time though. its fine, just stay always in your pure unconditional love! you are perfect, so are they, they just do not know yet!


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Focus beyond time and space

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