MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Consciousness is just you being yourself

The stress that comes from the constant questioning of who we are, what we are, whats our purpose here, now… the comparison with others path and the willing to be at service on the spiritual path… its absolutely overwhelming! and is not necessarily at all!
Do not compare yourself with others, do not desire to do what i do, do not stress yourself with comparisons! you are you. just by being you, you can be on a higher state of frequency. and that is the way!
this is as simple as this: Be happy! chose between sadness and happiness, chose between love and fear…
chose at all times to be at that state of your highest goodness, chose the options that let you be that! you do not need to do what others do, or to feel the same way, and you must value yourself for who and what you are.
Whatever gives you anxiety, stress and gives you the feeling of sadness or unhappiness, means is not you! you are not being you! always chose yourself because that is the way to BE.
If you like to study, study! if you like to meditate, meditate! if you like to sing, sing! what is that you like? what is that moves you?
Being spiritual is not necessarily being focusing all the time on the spiritual teachings, whether they are theory or practice, because ultimately, being spiritual is just and only being yourself!
So… who and what are you spiritually? well is very simple: you are spiritual as you accept all parts of yourself, when you connect with yourself, which is the whole, which is the higher you and the higher consciousness of the divine. and that is you being that wholeness – conscious and aware – always in everything you do, say, think, feel…
There is no essence of the I AM if you do not be yourself, if you do not be your consciousness. Find your way to BE, appreciate that and know that by loving yourself fully, you are being the collective, loving everything, helping and caring. you can never fake that to the universe, which ultimately is you! you can only see the universe as it is if you see yourself. to see yourself you need to be you, feel you, love you, forgive you, accept you and then…. totally, simple and always you are you.


MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Consciousness is just you being yourself

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