Galactic Calendar translated & presented by Sandris Sneibe

Galactic Calendar 13:20

8 October 2016, Day 35 – Eagle: 9 Ton, 15 Blueprint, Third Wave of Healing in the First Time of Red Castle.

Healing Wave are guiding the Hathors, and Mary Magdalene.



I gratefully accept the ninth tone of the Source.
I strive for harmony and perfection.
All that is – is Love!
I AM the LOVE!

I calmly observe the world around me. I attract new prospects. They need my strength to take off in height! They need my wings to be in balance! They need my infinite Love, to shine in all its beauty! They need my flaming Heart, to carry into the world of Divinity in all its perfection!

Sunny Eagle occupies the ninth position in the Healing Wave. The powerful energy of Eagle nourishes hope and brings healing. Eagle is the maturity of the planetary Consciousness with the ninth Solar tone creates the momentum to achieve great heights!
Eagle is the one who has the highest Spirituality, who is responsible for their actions and be guided by the purest thoughts on the Higher Good of the Whole!

You will solve all the problems, when you will understand that the answer for Yourself and has enough energy and capacity to manage situations.


Author: SaiRa. Translated from the German: Rina

We greet you! We are the Hathors. And today we’ll talk about exercise to remove imprints and cellular programs.
For this exercise, you should allocate about half an hour. It is desirable for a calm state. Focused intention and readiness are crucial.

Try to start a good relax. Even if, for example, you are at work, it is not an obstacle. Deep, as far as possible, relax … Let go of all thoughts …

Watch without analyzing or trying to change your thoughts. And just as with emerging feelings and emotions. Feel, think, allow – a quick way to relax.

Now imagine a LIGHT point above Your head, feel, how high it is, how it looks like: in what form, structure, and color variations.
This point of light corresponds to the energy of your true, independent of time, eternal Soul. Feel it …

And now look how from that point of light in your heart over the head expands the beam of Light, and feel for yourself your true nature, in Your Heart and deep confidence.
Feel it clean, clear Light around the body, every cell, every organ.
Feel the vibrating frequency of your Soul in every cell of the physical body.
Feel that your chakras hands and feet are active – this will increase the fixing action of your Soul in your body.
Enjoy yourself!

Expand your energetic connection with the Earth and ground Yourself. When you feel this connection, observe your breath, but do not change it.

Formulate a clear intention. We give an example of text that you can edit in its own way, sticking sense.

“I ask for complete removal of all linear imprints time and programs in all of my cells, including my cellular Consciousness.
I want to remember that real, independent of time, the eternal nature of my Soul.
I want to remember this in all my cells and beyond.
I thank you for it and accept with Love and Gratitude that I want to open. “

Watch what happens.

Perhaps you will feel a noticeable increase in energy that you significantly “expand” or you hear the sound, the specific frequency that helps to activate your cellular memory of it true nature.
Some of you may experience a very mild way. It can be seen the Light and lighting effects. You are Unique, and your experiences are Unique.

After all these feelings gently and gradually return to themselves and Your lives. Feel the sensation of decreased slowly and gradually disappear, without losing, however, its effect on the deepest cellular level.

Centering again in your here and now, Presence, do not hold tight, please welcome a New sense of expansion, ease and independence, and live freely!

You can do this exercise on a regular basis. It will help you get rid of attachment to the space and time, helping more and more to feel the true, eternal, timeless nature and take advantage of such a being.

In deep Love, We are HATHORS

SaiRa and Hathors 12.12.2012

Hathors – Group support the Goddess Hathor, the daughter of Ra
In modern times they perform planetary work and closely linked to the planetary Logos of the Earth – Mary Magdalene. The scope of their activities – biology and medicine.

International Project Galaxy
We wish you good luck, Light, Love and Wisdom!


Galactic Calendar

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