MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Your twin is at the other side of your new self

We see constantly, in others and also ourselves, the search for the twin soul, that urge for deep, profound feelings through the ultimate connection, our other half!
This is a truly beautiful and amazing quest! I would never say otherwise, however, it so happens that we often… very often, observe the throwing away of important aspects of life while that search and wandering wastes our energy.
Matters of the heart are more connected to other issues such as mental, past, pre-conceptions and misconceptions, all kind of traumas, etc, than we can think of. looking at the need for love as a separate level of our lives is wrong, because they way we show love, call for love, look for it, fight for it, cry for it… is a reflection of our inner doubts, fears, mistrust, low self worth, and very important,is a substantial reflection of the way we DO NOT know ourselves.
Looking for love outside of ourselves,while we should be living an amazing life, looking to the inner self to know ourselves better, enjoying and having pleasure connecting to beings that we feel love for, creating things, learning matters we appreciate, building our life which is the same as building our selves… all this waste of energy on something that can only come,show it self when we did our inner work, when we produced life energy enough to create what is our opposite! How can possibly, the Universe,recognize we are fully integrated on ourselves strong enough to allow, bare and survive the meeting of such a strong force as our other half! I say this because… it isnt easy! identifying, live, breath in such a presence, allow the other end of ourselves, which is the opposite energy, to appear when we dont even know who we are, when we, in most cases, do not even love the self we look at the mirror every day! To expect that being to give us happiness and fulfillment… is that correct?!
This kind of obsession is deviating us from life it self! having wishes and dreams do not imply that we forget to live! And live doesnt mean we do not want to have our hearts filled with the most stunning love.
Meeting my twin soul was the most amazing moment of my life,and yet… i know thats only a facet of the universe showing itself to me; life is an energy that rolls forever and what is yours is yours forever. If you are not with your twin soul,believe me… that is your creation, because a lot must be done before that reunion, a lot is waiting for you to open the door… So open the door to life, there will be a moment through which your other half comes to your presence physically. If you open to amazingness life, amazing things happen but you only see they are amazing if you feel amazing inside, if you tune with the amazing side of energies; Be that vibration frequency! Every moment of life is amazing in its own way. you are exactly where you want although you think not! you are the creator of your life, whatever happens is a reflection of what you are, what you have sent out to the universe! the Universe doesnt speak words but only understands energy, so pay attention to the vibration you are at, for that is what you create and attract! You want to attract your twin? be your highest and true self always in all ways, live life each day as it is the very first day of your life, create,love and grow, grow, grow, towards light!

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) Your twin is at the other side of your new self

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