MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness

I love me, i love you, i love this freaking planet, i adore this freaking race, i want us to be the sublime dine beings we can truly be! i know you feel as i do, we all feel each other so strongly and we all are growing so much and so beautifully! i want you to see ME and i want to see YOU! WE are FREE, SOVEREIGN, PURE, LOVING, SMART, DIVINE & COMPLETE!
For the last two weeks we have been feeling different… we can be worrying more that before, our mind might be pondering about so many things, probabilities, doubts, fears, dreams… our heart wants to move forward and finds several tracks to follow… our body is being anxious and feeling severe changes.
So… what should be our posture at this moment? what is the best to do, think, feel, dream… how shall we start something? when can we do it? where is the place to show our changes? to whom ca we open to? … so many things, and so much more we are feeling within growing and growing… as if there are waves inside building a huge tsunami…
Let it be a tsunami of love, peace, trust, confidence, joy, certainties, strength and lots of light!!!
It matters now to understand that you have no more time to lose! understand that the moments that are wasted are totally ridiculous! im not talking about resting moments, contemplation moments for those ones are so rich… im talking about you getting bored in front of a stupid tv, bored in front of your computer! everything around you can be use as a great teacher, which is the same as saying as a great reminder of who and what you really are! be sure that when you have fun, you really have fun and laugh! be sure that when you rest you really rest! be sure that when you come online you are truly your highest version, seek for information, look for wisdom, question everything, put your mind and heart at the front line by using them for the service of the divine purposes we are here for!
Lets uplift the level of ourselves, the level of our love and the level of our consciousness! we are laughed at, each time you play dum, we are used each time we feel exhausted to scream for our selves, we are smashed down each time worship anything, we are smacked hard each time we give power to ridiculous mass lives… what a kardashian… what is such a thing??? what is that we are doing with ourselves??? lets show to the universe we are really valuable, lets send the image to so many ET`s we talk about that we are not puppies… lets be HUMANS!!! lets make this race unique in the whole universe for its highest virtues instead of allowing others to see us as a small, inevitable slave race!

MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness

2 thoughts on “MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness

  1. Maria I have what hackers. India. AFRICANS Ghana. Nigeria. New Zealand West..and midden USA.(they all work together) MAneged to get via google all the places. Know some I blogged unfriended them. Paid almost 3000 euros at different Very sad ( was fake to them) i dont want to give 1500 euros therefore they will make my life a hell. I have NO FEAR. Give them to the police.and fight them until now. Today Fb is now doing something at last. Google did allready. All my old friends are gone. You all are now warned I HAVE ONLY ONE PROFILE THAT FROM THE LION AND THE DUTCH FLAG. NOT WITH PICTURES. Cannot even watch my cancer truth for 3 days. I am a physician , have learned my whole life, so many degrees, but stay humble, and just teaching and loving passing over the knowledge and the truth. I just wanted you to know this. And with the FAM. It is my life, they are ashame of me. From a VIP to the earth person. So they think. But my soul is ready. Miss my greatgrandmother and my mom they were helping me with my gift from God source Jesus. The only thing I dont know is how to use the computer. Hahaha not ashame of that. Keep learning with ups and downs.

    Have darkness twice on and through me. Well it costs me bruises and hospital. And one operation in spé. I will survive. I am WITHIN love respect power wisdom compassion care and Jesus God Creator The LIGHT. Angels around me, and they have no wings. Thanks Maria for your Divine ear, and your beautiful Soul. ?? ?????

    Send by Jeannette L. Brokke

    Van: MARIA JOSÉ ANTUNES Verstuurd: vrijdag 14 oktober 23:04 Onderwerp: [New post] MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness Aan: Jeanny Brokke

    WordPress.com MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) posted: ” MARIA (LYRA LIGHT) – Uplifting our awareness I love me, i love you, i love this freaking planet, i adore this freaking race, i want us to be the sublime dine beings we can truly be! i know you feel as i do, we all feel each other so strong”


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