Super Full Moon ~ Free yourself, you have that power!

First of all we need to situate energetically this peak of Full Super Moon: As part of the immense energies we have been receiving throughout this whole year, this is just a piece of the vibrational puzzle we are part of.
Its important to acknowledge that we are the workers of all the changes happening in our world, the changes that happened and the ones that didnt yet come to pass! It is through our own inner changes, that the world changes! and this is vital to understand!
This Full Moon on Aries has some tremendous characteristics that we must adjust within ourselves. As we move, create, change, grow, everything is affected! When we say you have been doing an amazing work, is all about working on yourself,which ultimately and inevitable is reflected outside of you. So now, another phase of your new self is emerging and that depends on how you receive and stimulate all parts of your whole being so the inner work is fully done!
The main aspects of this Full Moon are: Aries and Super Moon. Super Moon means that the Orbit of the Moon is close to Earth, you will have the opportunity to observe the size this Full Moon,as it really looks amazingly huge! Energetically it means more Full Moon energies because the Moon really gets closer on it`s orbit; its not a visual effect of some kind giving us an illusion of closerness. Its really a near Earth Moon travel.
This Full Moon in Aries brings you the emotional energies of no fear, no conformation, no negativity. If you tune into Aries strongest energies, you surely can change your self and your life through this phase. Connect with adventure and positive action within you! you have it all!
At your third chakra – the Solar Plexus lies all the strength you need. Work that. Also work through your second chakra – the Sacral, there you see how your emotions are being on a spiral of polarities, meaning, the negative and positive sides of yourself are trying to make a stand! Do not be angry, specially towards others.Be responsible for your self and your own actions and decisions; that is the way to get better and move on! If you chose negativity at this phase you receive the angry side of the whole thing and you do not want that for yourself! Im pretty much sure you dont! Not easy to change,to move,to perceive dreams, to do whatever you want to do… but, please understand that you are here doing this ascension because you wanted it! It is part of your dream. Why doing it with fear,doubts and bitterness… when you can be fierce, joyful and appreciate the challenge! Laugh, let light in more and more.only when you truly believe in you and in all of this and all of us, you can look at the whole and yourself with the clear innocence of light. And then… the world changes!!! …because you did!!! Healing, taking actions, moving further… Set the example of what you want to see around you! much love

Super Full Moon ~ Free yourself, you have that power!

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