Planetary light-work

translated & presented by Sandris Sneibe

I would like to introduce our planetary light-work that we carried out 15 of October this year, along with many Light groups of Project “Ascension”. I am very grateful to the Angels of Light, who are quietly working for the good of our planet, for the good of our beloved Mother Gaia, for the good of the United future and prosperity of all the inhabitants of this wonderful planet Earth. We slowly and carefully closes portals of 3D duality that have as few people suffered, we are working under the guidance of the Ascended Masters, the Curators of the our planet. The Earth gently rises up and polar destructive energies left the planet, our common Home, and there is no reason to worry, everything happens very smoothly and easily. Light and Love to All from our “Ascension” project!


Dear friends! October 15, 2016 two expeditions Light workers fulfill an important light work in two different places of the planet Earth Force. One expedition is sent into an important spiritual center of Russia – Archaim. Other – visit Sacral Center Australia, a unique mountain Uluru. All of us together have to fulfill an important planetary Light work called for by the Family of Light.
Below we publish the message of Kryon and Its meditation, which is called:
“Falling Leaves of the Ascension.”

Meditation is recommended to October 15th – both individually and in groups of Light. Groups of Light meditation, and can spend the other day, calling to Galactic Laertes to synchronize our joint actions.
Tune in to traveling with joy on a journey that has not been in your life …
We create together with the Family of Light, to do with the Wizards, who have long been waiting for co-creation …


by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz

where they will meet Russia and Australia?

Hello my dear ones. With you is Kryon. It’s time to get back to the important topic to which we have touched on the outcome of last year (see Journal “World channeling: Spiritual Messages”., Number 1, 2016 “The Metaphysics of the Fifth Continent”, “Magic Ruslan from Australia”). Our attention attracted on mysterious Ruslan from Australia, amazing Crystal that is located beneath the famous mountain of Uluru. *
* Uluru (Ayres Rock) (English Uluru.) – Formed about 680 million years ago in Australia’s massive orange-brown oval-shaped rock. Located in the center of the continent, 450 km south-west of Alice Springs.
Uluru length of 3.6 km, width – about 3 km, height – 348 meters. The base is indented caves decorated with ancient rock paintings and stone carvings. . Covered with parallel furrows to a depth of 2 m According to Aboriginal myth, once there lived the owner Mountain – water python. And on the steep slope of the black lizard lived. Aboriginal conduct ceremonies at the sacred rock.
Once in the center of the continent towering mountain range, which is an island in the middle of the lake Lake Amadeus. The products of destruction of rocks were deposited at the bottom of the reservoir to form the rock, which in appearance resembles lying on the side of a giant elephant.
From a distance, the monolith Uluru looks very smooth, but close to the surface clearly visible bumps, cracks and grooves.
Near Uluru is another famous Complex – Kata Tjuta (Kata Tjuta, «a lot of goals”), also known as Mount Olga. It consists of several dark red round shape of the mountains, the tallest of which reaches 546 m (Wikipedia).

As I told you before, “RU” – is the Sun of the third dimension, ULU – a “city village”. Place Forces in the area of Mount Uluru is closely linked with the mysterious solar city of the third dimension and magical Crystal Being named Ruslan.
I think you will not be surprised that in the third dimension there is a solar city. This, of course, not locality in the usual sense for you. There’s no houses, streets and vehicles. We are talking about the isolated volume of space, where the concentrated energy of Inner Central Sun of the planet. For a long time this energy serves as the basis for the matter of which it is creating a bridge between the third dimension of a harmonious space-time continuum (STC) and your four-dimensional world. The third dimension of harmonious STC was the space where the apparent three-dimensional worlds, did not take part in the experiment of duality. Souls, come here for the evolution, were not originally cut off from the Godhead. Although, of course, complex three-dimensional conditions imposed restrictions on their development. When there were conditions for the transition of souls from the third dimension into the fourth, held their entry into the area Experiment of Duality. Former inhabitants of three-dimensional worlds came into duality, with significant differences from the shower, which is also developed in three-dimensional, but in terms of disharmony and duality. In the Souls of people who have come into your world of harmony of STC, there was anger, aggression, a high level of self-centeredness. They possessed considerable creative opportunities, but were not inclined to fight to the opposition, and even more so – to the aggression. On the one hand, it provided the conditions for their spiritual evolution as a more harmonious beings. On the other hand, they had a lower internal energy evolution in comparison with those who came from disharmonious worlds of the third dimension, which was dominated by tough competition, rivalry, the desire to survive, come what may.

In the former inhabitants of the harmonious and inharmonious TSC third dimension gradually began processes of interference, interweaving and interpenetration. Marriages often concluded between the representatives of these branches of evolution. Such Souls complement each other. Some carried the harmony, the other – the energy of survival in difficult conditions of Duality. Energy merged and mutually enriched. But in addition to combining the energies always carried a sacred process in which not only brings together a multi-dimensional genetics. In this sacred process formed a New Light code, which became the result of not only the merger of two different branches of life, but the synergy of the Beings of Light, once splited, now merging into one and are creating a New life.

Both branches of life (harmonious and inharmonious three-dimensional STC) are subtle-material magnetic code, which partially can be expressed by geometric shapes. Basis inhabitants code came into your world of inharmonious STC, is enclosed in the form of an icosahedron.
The basis of the code inmates who came into your world of harmony of STC, forms the shape of a dodecahedron.
I recall that the icosahedron – a icosahedron, whose faces are equilateral triangles. The icosahedron has 12 vertices. The number of it ribs equals 30. He – 59 stellar shapes. (Stellar polyhedron is called a polyhedron shape obtained by extending the faces of the polyhedron edges through to their next crossing with other new faces on the ribs – Information from Wikipedia).

The dodecahedron – dodecahedron, whose faces – regular pentagons. It has 20 vertices, 30 edges, 3 stellar form.
Accordingly, the magnetic code icosahedron determined by the numbers: 20 (number of faces), 12 (the number of vertices), 30 (the number of edges), 59 (the number of stellar forms). The last number of the code – the number of sides of faces. This is 3 (triangle).
Thus, we get the final code of the icosahedron:
20: 12: 30: 59-3.

Magnetic code dodecahedron defined by numbers: 12 (number of faces), 20 (the number of vertices), 30 (the number of edges), 3 stellar form. The last number of code – 5 (pentagon).
Thus, we get the final code of the dodecahedron:
12: 20: 30: 3.5.

If we compare the two code, you will notice some similarities. First of all, pay attention to the similarities of the first three components:
Icosahedron: 20:12:30.
Dodecahedron: 12:20:30.

At the icosahedron and dodecahedron same number of ribs – 30. Each edge – is not just a line, it concentrates the quality of magnetism affecting multidimensional genetics. It is here, in the edges of the faces of the icosahedron and dodecahedron, concentrated energy information, which forms the special rays. Thanks to these rays the internal magnetism manifests energy information sacred spaces and transforms it into an initial genetic energy information. 30 edges of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron are the initial energy information, which gradually transformed into a three-dimensional fabric. The simplest representation of three-dimensional for you – it is the surface on which there are the length and width. Time in this case is the third measure. Code 30 carries information about the three-dimensional material, which is transformed through a “0”, that is, through the Zero Point. But as the code “30” carries information about the basic properties of matter of thirty three-dimensional world. Numerous properties of one or another matter – the subject of a separate discussion.

In icosahedron – 20 faces in the Dodecahedron – 12 Faces of Time contain energy information space. In this case, we are talking about the time three-dimensional space. The inharmonious STC third dimension (magnetic matrix – icosahedron) exists 20 Time settings that conveys a deep magnetism. The harmonious STC third dimension (matrix-Dodecahedron) – 12 parameters of time, which are based on a deep magnetism. It should be understood: the time is somewhat more complicated to arrange in inharmonious STC than harmonious. And this is due to the implementation of the freedom of the will of human and other creatures. The harmonious STC appears only harmony in inharmonious – possible manifestation of harmony, harmony partial and full disharmony. That is why inharmonious STC allow for more development options. This requires a particular matter, which are based on the features of Time as World Elements of a world.

Kryon leads you further, my dear … In the future work of geometry is important. So stay alert and focused …

In icosahedron – 12 vertices of the dodecahedron at – 20 vertices. Each node transmits magnetism, by which are formed subtle three-dimensional human body. People harmonious STC more opportunities for the formation of subtle bodies. Number 12 – is 12 properties that determine the formation of the subtle bodies of man. The harmonious properties of STC 20. More properties – more opportunities for the formation of different kinds of matter. Consequently, people living in harmonious STC is stored in the more connection with the higher worlds and dimensions, diverse and multi-faceted complex Multidimensional Phone more multidimensional capabilities and opportunities for Spiritual development.

The structures of the dodecahedron and the icosahedron is very important to your world. Through them appear different energy-matrix. These multigrans with their shapes can perform different functions in different systems.
An important property of the icosahedron and dodecahedron is a possibility to form stellar form, that is – to renew the faces through the ribs to the next intersection with other faces. So the formation of new forms, new rays that allow to develop energy-matrix and, consequently, expand opportunities for the development of multi-dimensional genetics. At 59 there is a stellar icosahedron forms in a dodecahedron – only 3. See the difference? Icosahedron brings much more opportunities for the development of multi-dimensional genetics. And these opportunities are hidden in the bowels is inharmonious space-time continuum. Builds the following paradigm: free will – the freedom of choice – more opportunities for the development of genetics. This is – one of the reasons why, in your world on Earth, in the zone of the Great Experiment, allowed freedom of will, freedom of choice and a great opportunity inharmonious development in isolation from the Godhead. So to gain experience, which earlier in the conditions of a harmonious evolution of life was impossible.

59 forms stellar icosahedron – a 59 properties, defining a modification of genetics. Three stellar form of the dodecahedron – three characteristics that define the modification of genetics.
The last characteristic of our multigran – the number of parties at the edges. In icosahedron – 3 (triangle) in the dodecahedron – 5 (pentagon). In our last code they stand, but play an important role. Three sides of icosahedron faces limit the development of genetics in the space of three dimensions (excluding the measure of Time): length, width, height. Energy-matrix icosahedron – internal magnetic bases for the development of genetics and multidimensional matter – allows it to work in the third dimension (length and width), and the fourth dimension, where the length and height of the adjacent wider. But this matrix can not work in the dimensions above the fourth. It is unable to work already in the fifth dimension. But the matrix of the dodecahedron, possessing the properties of the code five, quite viable in the fifth dimension. It can produce magnetically energy information for three spatial measures (length-width-height), and for the time of the fifth dimension. And, besides, the dodecahedron matrix is capable of reacting with the ether of the fifth dimension – as a special measure of the fifth five-dimensional worlds.
As I said, during the evolution of the human who came to your world from the worlds of harmonious and inharmonious STC of third dimension, began to unite among themselves – both physically and genetically, and in the higher plane. Currently, there was a unification of the two arrays of magnetic icosahedron and dodecahedron. At the same time to go inside the dodecahedron icosahedron.

Who creates a single magnetic matrix, and formed a New magnetic code affecting the multidimensional genetics and combining harmonious and inharmonious STC.

30:30 (association properties of matter harmonious and inharmonious STC).

12:20 (Time combine the properties of a harmonious and inharmonious STC).

20:12 (combining the ability to form a harmonious and subtle body inharmonious STC).

3:59 (the union the opportunity to form stellar form, and therefore increase opportunities for modifying multidimensional Genetics).

5: 3 (when combining the dodecahedron and icosahedron formed synergy pentagon and a triangle as the matrix component capable of forming a three-dimensional, four-dimensional and fifth dimensional matter).

So, all our new code consists of numbers:
30: 30: 12: 20: 20: 12: 3: 59-5: 3.

Please note that all numbers are connected to each other the sign “:” and the number “5: 3” are connected to the rest of the numerical series the sign “-“. Triangles and pentagons play a special role in our Magnetic matrix. They set the tone for the main matter and for a multidimensional human genetics.

Numerologically we can simplify the code:
(30 + 30) 😦 12 + 20): (20 + 12): (59 + 3) – (5: 3).

It turns out:
60: 32: 32: 62- (5: 3).

We do not add up the 5 and 3, because these numbers characterize the special abilities of the matrix associated with the effect of magnetism in the measurements from the third to the fifth (or more precisely: in the third, fourth, fifth dimension).

With this code will create the Family of Light and the Lightworker who have decided to work in sacred spaces Arckaim and Uluru.
60: 32: 32: 62- (5: 3) – a synergistic magnetic code that you have to activate, to enter into a special space at Arckaim. Here, as you remember, lives not only a trial of the Crystal Heart of the planet – Crystal Ural. Space Arckaim provides a close connection with the planetary Gene Modifier storing evolutionary genetics program for the development of humans and other life forms. The task of those who will work on Arckaim, expressed pure intent on the creation of the New genetics for Polimir “5-4-3”, activate the numeric code of 60: 32: 32: 62- (5: 3) and the combined Magnetic matrix icosahedron and dodecahedron.

The task of those who will work in Australia, Uluru, activating the Magnetic codes matrix dodecahedron 12: 20: 30: 3-5. should not be activated Magnetic Code of icosahedron. It was activated a little less than five thousand years ago. Now the code is converted in synergy with United Magnetic matrix Dodecahedron-Icosahedron.
Next Family of Light will hold the necessary work for the development of material and human genetics, based on United Magnetic matrix. On the matrix level to begin building a stellar forms around the Icosahedron, which is placed inside the Dodecahedron. At the primary level will be created 18 stellar Icosahedron, which are placed inside the Dodecahedron matrix. And it is – great opportunity for the future development of human genetics. Below we give some examples of stellar Icosahedron, so you have an idea of the work is carried out in which direction.
Creating a New matrix of magnetic-based stellar Icosahedron, which lives inside the matrix of the Dodecahedron, will help develop the human genetics in a New evolutionary cycle to the next level.

Firstly, the New matrix contained within a matrix of a Dodecahedron, which is representative of the energy-HARMONIOUS space-time continuum, which does not break the link with the Spiritual start. And this means that the New United Magnetic matrix is animated original harmony. Accordingly, the New genetics of people ascending branch of a new evolutionary cycle will become more Spiritual and harmonious. This component is not enough representatives of your world that had previously evolved in inharmonious STC third dimension – those who are now showing a high level of egocentricity, aggression, hatred, conflict, desire to survive at the expense of others.

Secondly, United Magnetic matrix creates more opportunities for the adoption of new programs from Earth Gene Modifier. Genetics of people ascending branch of mankind is able to more and more enriched.

Third, the stellar shape of the matrix provide a basis for the introduction into the genetics of human genetics of the fifth dimension. And that means more and more people will develop multidimensional spiritual abilities.

I draw your attention to New Magnetic matrix will provide reception and transmission of energy-programs are not only for people, but for some other types of matter in your world. That is, the New evolutionary cycle will change, multidimensional Spiritual development is not only for the human itself, but also matter of the world.

Employees of Light working in Russia (Arckaim), and Australia (near Uluru), are also designed with the Family of Light to close the energy-channels and portals, of which is still in your world come some types of energy information from the worlds of the third dimension. The New evolutionary cycle of these types of energy information is no longer necessary to people. It is, above all, about the portals through which your world come to the Soul of the lower worlds. From some portals people of your world have been getting negative energy information. While continued experiment of duality, the work of these portals of energy-channels allowed. Now, in a birth of a New evolutionary cycle, such a connection with the lower worlds already is irrelevant. Their closure would lead to a gradual increase in the Spirituality of people, to the harmonization of the human community.

Crystal Ruslan, which has a binding material to the Australian mountain Uluru, which is closely connected with all Magnetic matrices HARMONIOUS STC third, fourth and fifth dimensions. At the time of our light work “Arckaim-Uluru”, should establish a close relationshipin your heart with Crystalline Beings RUSLAN and URALAN, expressing this intention clear. Through sacred Heart Space Employees of Light into New Magnetic matrix will bring Divine energy information harmonious STC, which is not broken relationship with the Spiritual principle. It should also promote the establishment of a close connection between the crystal RUSLAN and the crystal URALAN. Throughout these light work Crystal Beings of Light will carry out active energy information exchange.
Russian magician Uralan closely embrace the Australian solar wizard Ruslan. There will merge their energy-flows and the birth of New evolutionary programming. Moreover, the higher plane will make Russia an important step in the direction of Australia. Australia – toward to the Russia. In the future, we will begin the rapprochement of these countries, so that waiting souls, thousands of years ago lived and worked in the vast island of Atlantis. Souls live in their hearts the memory of a past memory of harmony and harmony of the Future …

Creation of New Magnetic matrix for New evolutionary cycle will be the main result of our work together. To work took place on the High energy-level, employees are invited to hold a special Light meditation. This meditation is recommended to create both those who would work on the ground (in Russia, Arckaim, and in Australia, near Uluru mountain), and those who will carry out energy-support remotely.

Good luck in our common creativity, my dear ones!


28.09. 2916

Planetary light-work

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