translated & presented by Sandris Sneibe

Thank You RUSSIA, thank You OKSANA TAKEDA for sharing this GREAT information!


This wonderful practice I opened a Himalayan yogi Jude Mirra, Shambhala messenger when I was meditating in a mysterious cave, hidden in one of the gorges of the Great Himalayan range. There is a tradition that in this cave meditating yoga great Shakyamuni Buddha, Milarepa, Padmasambhava. Here stay Jesus Christ during his eighteen-year journey through the Himalayas.

Jude Mirra appeared suddenly at night, in the fire hearth I was able to see him. He was a tall, broad, muscular man without age. In person he was 35-40 years old. Her hair was dark, wavy hair hung down to the clavicles. He was bare-chested, barefoot in a loincloth, Though the night was cold to minus 20 degrees with the wind. His skin glistened, eyes were sharp, sensitive and strict at the same time. We had several meetings and conversations. He told me the techniques that allow a person to be young as old as he wishes.

Mirra Himself Jada as it turned out he said it was more than a thousand years, but I’ve seen how easy it is moved through the mountains, rocks, snow, though his weight disappeared. He could go into the existence of energy – converted into light and move in the universe. One day he showed me this ability. His body turned out – were visible internal organs, but they, too, were glowing. Then Yogi brought his body into a ball and flew out of the cave. He said that in the future mankind will go into energy exist, people are transformed into the body and light body people will occupy the universe.

This practice of “irreversible rejuvenation or practice of the Great Transition,” as he called her a messenger of Shambhala, stored primarily in secret and passed on only to initiates. But in view of the fact that mankind has approached the Great Shift, he opened it to me to give it to the people so that they could change the nature of his body and go through great energy changes, which have to go to mankind in the near future.

Practice irreversible healing, rejuvenation, transformation of mind and body, or the practice of the Great Transition
Be one step in front of a chair or the chair on which you will create the image of irreversible rejuvenation (standing can be done).

Close your eyes and say to yourself:

“Now in front of me created the image of irreversible healing and rejuvenation. This new state of the body, cells, nature of my body. This – a new being able to live freely and happily in all circumstances, including in the new world, which is formed after the Great Transition. ”
Then you need to make another deep breath, exhale, and immerse themselves in an irreversible way of rejuvenation, that is to sit on the chair, or take a step forward (if you make a practice of standing).

Immersed in an irreversible way of rejuvenation you need to surrender completely to the processes that will occur in the body cells. You will feel the heat waves of vibration, pulsation, fire. There are some that discomfort – this is normal, for healing, rejuvenation, transformation of human nature often goes through the aggravation, pressure, pain.

Going into the image of, say silently or aloud:

“I run the program irreversible healing, rejuvenation of my physical and spiritual nature. From now on, I will be healed, and younger by the minute, hour, day, regardless of my thoughts and actions. ”
Start impregnated rejuvenation state, breathing skin, head hair, arms, legs, torso, his whole body. Cells that received command will be pulled to the goal, “will climb to a new level of existence, of life in which no place for old age, disease, death.

Cells are diligent workers, as the climbers as it start to “climb” to new heights of youth, beauty, health. For example, we can take steps legs, move from one place to another, the same steps need to try to do the cells experience and help them in their movement is transformed. Feel, feel, how cells make these steps into a new existence.

Use the following statements, calls, commands:

“I hit the alarm, giving starting cells, all organs throughout the body to become healthy, forever young and beautiful.”

“I call my body cells to reorganize, move into a new state of perfect health, light and love.”

“I call heaven and earth energy, the energy of the sun and the galaxy, the energy of the universe and other worlds to heal, rejuvenate, transform my whole being.”

“I appeal to the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, etc …. go to a new
If you need to come up with their appeals, the body itself will tell you the right words, the key to start the process of physical, spiritual, energy renewal, rejuvenation of your nature.

Invent, create, Bring a new image of man, which will have to pass, what you will become. Do not limit yourself, dream to the maximum. Even if you are far behind … imagine yourself boy or girl.

In the image of irreversible rejuvenation see yourself clearly – what are your new eyes, a body height, hair, skin. Feel it, feel physiologically cells of the body, go for this new image, a new body.

Following this practice will occur miracles all around, the universe will begin to work on promoting you to the goal – the implementation of your goals. For example, suddenly there is a desire to run or yoga or renew such as changing diet and so on – accept these impulses and follow them!

The cells of the body in accordance with the task assigned to them will organize a new space, a new life and new impulses will come to you. Listen to them and follow them! The cells themselves will change your life, to guide you to organize your life so that you and transform themselves.

Calling for attracting energy to rejuvenate the earth, the sun, galaxy, universe, not only do we start the process of irreversible rejuvenation, but prepare yourself for the Great Shift. These cosmic energies have already started to come to the ground, gradually increasing. We call on them in all their strength and power, so they transformed and transformed our nature, in accordance with the new reality in which humankind will go after the Great Transition.

The process, which happens to a person in this practice is very complex, multi-faceted, multi-level, multidimention. After all, it involves all the structure of the universe: the macro and micro space, and the cells at the DNA level, its layers, energy levels and genes and all spiritual and material universe. Imagine what kind of transformation of the cells tested, when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, a creature crawling creature goes into a flying !?

Before evolution was itself now for the first time consciousness involved in this process – our consciousness. We learn to control evolution, we can ask her program, we are able to construct new cells, a new reality, a new world. Because we are gods – have the power like a god of creation.

Therefore, you should understand that the magic of this practice not only in the start-up of irreversible processes of rejuvenation, but also in the transition of our nature, our cells in a new quality. Healing and rejuvenation – one of the properties of the larger process of transformation of the body, move it to a new cell crystal structure.

Do this practice, when it is convenient, as soon as you remember about it. Creates it every day, plunging into the image by 5-15 minutes. If you can not work, then just remember this image and he will act. The mere memory of the image already has an effect, it works, transforms you – so great and pervasive power of this practice.

You can make it easy to move, pause and take a step into the image, as if wearing it on themselves as energetic clothes. And go in these clothes, getting her transformative, anti-aging effects. You can, if you sit to imagine that the image of irreversible rejuvenation slides over the top of you or lowered as a cloud. Do not be afraid to make a mistake, the error can not be, you can come up with their own ways of entering the image of irreversible rejuvenation.

Do not look at myself in the mirror with the purpose to fix your positive changes, you do not see them, but you hear from others. Pay attention to what you are to say people fix them and learn. Your creature will change gradually because, all the great changes occur imperceptibly. You do not notice how to grow hair, but they are growing! And you just quietly, slowly, will gradually move to become the person that you have created in the image of irreversible rejuvenation. With you, miracles will happen to your body. You’ll start to think in a new way, to hear, see, feel, touch the world celebrates it.

Change your environment that hinders your transition will leave itself will not sustain the new energies that will begin to radiate your new being. And those who will take your new energy divine light and love pervasive across from you will become closer. New people will come to the place, which is released by those for whom the light and love unbearable.

Your spirit will begin to change your mind will become clear, become fresh, young, cheerful, spring. And now imagine that you are with new eyes will be looking at himself in the mirror. What do you see? Suddenly you will see the first time a more adult than they were before, even though you are actually getting younger. The world will give you signs of rejuvenation, to tell you this, but do you see the opposite! That is why a recommendation is less to look at myself in the mirror. YOUR MIRROR IS THE WORLD!

Translated by Google.



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