New Moon in Scorpio

reveling our inner ascension

For the next 3 days, the effects of the New Moon in Scorpio are to be felt, worked and we can use this phase to plant the seeds we wish to see growing on our lives and the collective we live in.
The only way to unfold the future is to unveil the inner self. Lessons are here to be learned through feelings. If we chose to look at things with transparency and authenticity we can unite instead of dividing. If we divide inside by avoiding our inner parts to collaborate, we surely reflect that on the outside of ourselves.
This New Moon occurs in Scorpio, so the emotions to unveil are related to mysterious feelings we have been hiding inside. We prefer to feel comfortable and not look to what comes from the old self, pain or what we think is not natural or perhaps to much different than what we see on others.
The thing is: all the answers we look outside of ourselves, the time and energy we spend looking for someone to blame for our miseries, the solutions we ask from above… all that is inside, all we see is a reflection of us and all is created has been created from us.
This New Moon asks us to look to what must die, so we make a nice funeral and let go of the weight we have been carrying for so long; all changes and transformations take time, there are several phases through which we become stronger and feel capable to move on a little more, while we cut some more chords that make us lighter and therefore more open to the new.
That process includes a deep healing and each time we make a progress, we have done it because we have healed; to do that healing we must be truly honest, aware and analyze the situations from the feeling point of view. What is that we feel? why? does it feel good or not? are we happy? if not, why? whats wrong? not whats wrong with others, but whats wrong about what we are living now? why have we chosen a certain experience? what can we decipher so we can close it down? what more do we need to see about ourselves so we can move on? what can we discover about ourselves so we stop learning from others mirrors? how many more walls are we going to build so we do not make our emotional griefs?
The new cant come if we do not close chapters, the new cant come if we do not talk with ourselves honestly, if we do not listen to our true voice. These energy stays for a complete month so we can look within our emotional waters and its mysteries that want to be unveiled, reached, understood and loved. self forgiveness is vital at this phase. The emotions that Scorpio bring to the surface might tend to make us feel as victims, so pay attention to this and realize there are no victims , specially ourselves as whatever we live today which we want to change or improve is only a creation we manifested yesterday!!! what is we want to manifest tomorrow and the next tomorrows? inside is the answer,all the answers… Think: there will be an enormous space for creations as we clear and let our new renewed self to emerge… thousands of ideas and possibilities… amazing prospect is to know us better inside, trust us more, reveal what we didnt know we could be…
Keep in mind that the turbulence we avoid seeing inside rests on the same place we can find peace and calm. It is all a matter of choice and spiritual posture. If to gain peace we need to look first at the disturb waves of our hearts, well… we do it! with love!

New Moon reveling our inner ascension

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