November ~ another leap into light consciousness

In this month of November the consciousness is to be beyond the emotional and the physical: it is about experiencing all the changes we have been feeling within on the earth plane… well this might seam not new!!! but… truth is,when you are able to bring to the material world the essence of the spiritual self growth, when you feel it in your bones,when your goals start to materialize after so long waiting, after doubts, despair… then you will know what im talking about!
It has been years of receiving energies, integrating it, healing wounds from our past, knowing ourselves better, going further and backwards, evolving DNA, plugging ancient memories on our chakras… then more energies coming and again, integrating, healing… and so on… a never ending work within our personal growth as well as collective! and it doesnt stop! it really doesnt! However… at some moments we can feel the differences and on November we have a big opportunity! some have already felt it and are living new lives, some others will experience this in November and others further on…
The changes we have been through for the last years are immense.As we change our perspective about everything, we open the doors of heaven within; This means that we look at life from a different perspective, the perspective of endless, infinite, expansion! and as we gain that awareness, the life we live can change because is not about asking for miracles, is about realizing that miracles are possible because they are happening!
Our will, strength, how we embrace life, our we pursuit ideas… everything is getting onto a new stage of evolution! Its about a total new level of trust. Our finest creativity, knowledge and wisdom stepped out the shadows of our doubts and gives us the willing to make the difference! another step,another, going higher on the vibration of inner light…
What to expect from this month: what do expect from you? is all about the realization that when you are able to make the leap, the leap takes place! How many more signs do you need? how many more times do you need to hit the wall until you see the truths in front of your eyes? make the changes you know you must… make the growth within, look at the world around you and see what is the best version of yourself at this time to adjust to your dreams and needs… change, improve, learn, grow, absorb messages… just pick up what you need to your awareness at this moment and your consciousness will speak to you clearly than ever! dialogue with the universe is  communicating with you, your true self.That is the best friend you can get.

November ~ another leap into light consciousness

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