Ascending on earth

When you feel you have to give everything you got to something you want… be aware that pushing yourself to the limit is not supposed to drain you or exhaust you. Its simply to set your mind and heart onto unlimited possibilities! When you open to the infinite power within yourself and you and believe in it as the most reliable truth, you then find your true power,your God-self! Giving everything is just going for it at full trust, no doubts, no insecurity, just certainties that what you aim at with your love and light, is already done!
If you do it the right way, meaning being centered, aligned on your own axis, connected with your highest self, certain of what you want, knowing that what you want feels good and in truth with your best version… you can do it! and yes… probably you need to give everything you got, so what??? when we say that things to manifest happen naturally without effort, means that whatever you do to get there doesnt require an energy that is negative, drains you, feels bad… we do not mean you sit on a chair waiting for it!!! moving, creating is positive! thats how energies, even divine energies, operate on earth. they move and so do we… in everything we do, moving is part of the game! and when things suddenly happen just like a miracle and seams you have done nothing but praying for it… believe me… it did move!!! and so did you, you just cant remember it! for sure… something you did for it and, yes… somethings need more moving than others… you will know at the right moment the kind of movement required to get something in your life… do not avoid it, just do it… you will find the pleasure in it, the satisfaction and the reward!
As we move up vibrationally, we must always understand that we are able to work with more sublime energies, but still… we have to work with all the previous ones, meaning… we do not leave the previous dimensional energies, we just gather more energies to our reality. That is the magic of this all! we are still here, being able to feel, use and discover etheric divine energies helping us to ascend; and yet… we still live in the same place!
It is all part of an integrative energy plan, through which we become lighter in this earth form and realm. Living still in the third dimensional reality, bringing finer energies to this place, to ourselves, and manifesting better things for us and the collective. This is something we are all learning together. this is something we must feel blessed for… because this is divine, this is a totally new conscious way of creating life, and we are doing it!

Ascending on earth

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