PORTAL 11:11


November 11 is one of the most powerful energy days a year. Opens Energy Portal 11:11. On this day you can get a power of unprecedented force. November 11 at 11 hours and 11 minutes, make a wish, visualize a New Reality in which you want to live.

Make a wish of peace, love, health, happiness to Your loved ones, the Earth and the Universe, and tune in to the Oneness with every form of life on the planet.

From all Your heart, visualize and imagine the world in Your own country, which is home and around the world, a clean planet cleansed of contaminants water, soil, minerals, animals, happy and joyful people and children!

Tune in to your heart light and emits light in the surrounding area (to visualize). Be joyful and solemn that day. And all this will sooner or later be realized.

All become better and wiser, it will open a lot Gates of the Light, and the energy will flow in life treasure of people’s hearts, and everything will manifest itself in the minds and hearts of many people, which will start their New Way of climbing into the world of beauty and grace of the eternal forms of life and its development. It will be a delight!

Wait for 11.11.

Fire Gates of Perseus

Ariadne’s thread is the pulse of the Earth and one more opportunity to create the conditions for the passage of Fire Gates of the Perseus.

11:11 is an exit from the kingdom of Andromeda and the entry into the field of X-rays in the Perseus constellation. This is the greatest opportunity to change the world lies in the Fire Gates of Perseus, which is rapidly moving Earth.

12:12 – the Earth will enter in the Fire Gate of Perseus and change the course of evolution of the planet and humanity.

Most of humanity has chosen ignoring the vector with respect to the fact that everything around them. And it is changing for the better. This is only a superficial understanding of the Earth and humanity sank into despair. But this is not the case. We went out on a New Evolutionary line.

Absolutely everything in the physical world by changing the position and shape, by changing development patterns change so that the old, rather impulsive matter, as a living organism, is resisting a New perspective. In the old, impulsive matter are those kinds of consciousness and energy, which are not willing to lose what they think they have. Their resistance causes a conflict with a New perspective and pulse energy, generating a Light of the Creator.

Nothing is eternal. Everything changes, from the material form and ending with the very essence of the Creator. This process is called Evolution. Therefore, everything old can not enter into the New. Perspective is creative energy that was missing in the old energy. That is why in this world of agony. It resists the massive changes that will change the consciousness of humanity.

Ariadne’s thread is a perspective that is given to the progressive humanity, so that it went into the Fire Gates of Perseus and activate 11:11 what is a gift of God. This gift – it’s our DNA, which already activates genes multidimensional space in terms of a positive influence.
Our DNA is GOD! In our DNA is EVERYTHING! The DNA template is created by the prospect of the whole of human self-knowledge.

To know God – that means to activate all the genes in our DNA, which had previously been in “sleep” state. It is our DNA very subtly responds to the changes in the energy space. And now, when we go through a Fire Gates of Perseus, leaving the 3D of Andromeda, we engage in New processes. We lead the Family of Light!

DNA, in the person of the genetic information, which must be activated, will be open, as the Light of God. For the only way in space the positive impact our genes, “wake up.” But this conscious mankind must realize that we are Creators. We must free ourselves from the three-dimensional relationship of our minds, the old energies that we lived in the past. But now they have no place in our present. Our present is a powerful impulse in which genes for a New Man Divine Program will be activated.

Upon entering the gates of 11:11, the genes in the form of antennas will capture the powerful pulses of X-ray radiation of Perseus.

That’s what every progressive person will enter into the Fire Gates of Perseus and begin to change their space.

Want to know what it is to us all? Space, as a huge creative potential, or as a single organism, regulates energy process so that everything in it was harmonious. Therefore, the energy of the cosmos must realign those evolving part of the cosmos, which are in development.

Thus, the energy of Fire Gates of the Perseus is the Gates at 11:11, which makes it possible to migrate to a New Consciousness of the cosmic pulse. And since we are the Creator, then we are given the Will of God, and we must take advantage of it. This means that every progressive consciousness can already determine that there still is old and obsolete. It is necessary to assess each gave itself from what they would like to get rid of and that we carry in ourselves imperfect. This will enable to release the old energies of their minds, so that they can undergo transmutation during the passage of the Fire Gates of Perseus.

Conscious passage gates 11:11 will enable to structure your consciousness New Cosmic energies that activate dormant genes of our DNA. This means that we will all be positive to infect those who are ready for this change, but due to various objective and subjective processes still unable to start the process.

Our DNA is a quantum generator with inverter and transmitter functions. There will be a quantum forwarding all cosmic energies dormant genes. It is only hologram. If we look at the DNA, as the generator of the evolutionary process, it changes the genetic structure in one person will inevitably lead to changes in other people. Perspective will be only like that!

Going into the Fire Gates of Perseus, the progressive humanity will express the intention of the Creation manifestation of where it moves and what its goals. For this, I invite you all to take part in collective meditation 11:11, where we can all together express intention of Great Creative Cosmos.

Dear friends, we invite all the friends who do care about the evolutionary process! You can meditate even in groups!

We’re here to win!

Credit to: http://www.galaxysss.ru/

Translated by: Sandris Sneibe


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