The super Full Moon on Taurus!

This Super Full Moon has a tremendous power: connect to it and activate yourself with positive, aware, super light, becoming more awakened within so you see the future in front of you and know how to persevere on your dreams and goals. It comes with ease and calming energies which helps you connecting with your deep self, enjoying the best of you!

This Full Moon has several aspects that make it different than the usual Full Moons in Taurus. I am going to refer also the negative aspects because i want you to ride the opposite and chose another line of thinking so you can feel much better and do not fall into the traps of your lower selves.
Specially considering we had all a strong week and also the 11.11 portal, it is important to be aware of all the possibilities we all have to make a choice through which we will decide what is we are going to be! this choice is here, there… every time but on this phase we are living, paying attention to what is we want to vibrate at, is vital!
In order to achieve harmonic consciousness we can never let our selves be drawn by some aspects of our solar system, that are here just to push us up and never to make us go sad or disappointed.
The fact that this moon is happening on a period in which the Sun vibrates on Scorpio, is definitely important because Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus and they are incompatible energies. On the other hand, we have Saturn influencing this phase, so the tendency to feel depressed and melancholic. It is up to you if you want to go there, really… dont do it, it is a waste of time because at the end you see nothing bad happened and the reasons you let your self be led to take you to that negative place doesnt exist really! It is just a test to your highest version so you train yourself to be centered, aligned and able to be happy.
Some of you will feel the need to slow down,so do that! it is fine! Others will feel tremendously the positive energy and will live glamour and inspiring; It can also happen that you might have special dreams that can show you somehow, predictions or important messages. Dont worry if you cannot decode them as your subconscious self will keep finding a way of telling you what you need to know! Others can even feel super loving and attract love towards themselves while some need to isolate. Either way, all is normal, just be yourself and do what ever makes you feel good, balanced and harmonized with the cosmic energies.
This Full Moon, by being very close to the planet gives us strong vibrations and its perfectly normal that we can feel overwhelmed. It is like the Moon is on the top of our head…
My advise for the ones who want to meditate, ground well! if you can do it outside, specially without any artificial light, the better, touching plants, trees and soil, really better!
One detail i have channeled for this Full Moon energies is to use a light blue ball of light and heal with it all your belly and stomach areas; this is to work as a catalyst due to the past days strong energies and events, which have brought us all stress. Channel that light to those areas and leave it there healing you for at least 3 minutes.
If we connect with this Moon the right, positive way, i can assure you: you can gain lots of power inside of you to be used to the highest purposes. Much love!

The super Full Moon on Taurus!

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