Your inner power!

The awareness and consciousness of being you

At those moments of what we usually can call as regression, depression, stagnation… what is that the universe = you… is telling yourself? you always think the message is: problemsss!!! and usually you find the cause for those moments on outside situations, as beings, energies, god, evil and so on…
Well when you open yourself to the fact that you created all that, one way or the other, that in fact, everything is yourself enhancing a dialogue with you, you understand that accepting that energetic conversation you get closer to your consciousness and every moment you will be able to create a new self-conscious being.
You get aware that you are the creator, doesnt feel better? better than being a constant reflection of others? hmmmmmmm, i know most of you still feel comfortable with the “blame outside” option… and i know why… because if you cause the problems you cause the miracles as well, if you do not act as a reaction of outside forces, where is the God you reach every day for miracles??? yep!!! i get you!!!
Well that outside stunning force still exists dear! it always will! but… in order to feel it and live it, you, yourself must BE IT AS WELL. ahhhhh because you are part of it, and you are it in a different way, because you, yourself, are YOU, and being you, you are THE WHOLE. by accepting the true you, you tune with the highest wholeness of the divine. instead… if you worship, ask for, trust on everything else before trusting you… you cannot be what you adore! because there is no connection, because you are stepping away from it, by considering that you are less, that you cannot do what the divine consciousness can.
Let me tell you this: the divine consciousness is what we are. and it grows and gets less powerful depending on how you see yourself. So… the more you BE IN THAT STATE OF DIVINE the more you see it , feel it and receive it.
This being said, matters to understand that the things that you create on your life are steps, and you use them to step up, to step down… what is that you want? what is that you are? what is that you chose? BE THE BEING YOU WORSHIP, because that is what you are! enlightenment is not looking outside, it is looking within where the wholeness lies. by doing that you find the light, both within and at divine source.
The things that happen that you do not enjoy are here and now to make you chose between the fear and the love, the negative and the positive. and as you chose to vibrate higher, you transform your situations. there is no other way.
You do not need to step into stress, in fact the only way to solve your issues is to be able to find a calm place within where you can step back to look for the strength and finally look at things as an observer so you can deal with everything with a smart eye, a calmer heart and a joyful disposition.
Find that place… that place beyond everything that worries you, that place beyond everything… get the joy and peace an then you can do the magic of transmuting, transforming everything! its very simple! so simple that it happens with no effort and at the blink of an eye. you just need to BELIEVE IN YOU AND BE IT!


Your inner power!

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