The changes of consciousness will go on this month!

So… how is the energy moving around and through us all… theres as wide range of energies right now, on the globe, with opposites and different aspects.
This is a planet of a thousand faces, this is what i see each day as i feel, watch, listen and touch… there are so many worlds here… did you noticed?!
And this month is heavy, i mean really heavy! not even 2011 or 2012 . not even 2015 and the whole 2016 so far matches all the energy facets we have in this November. And i keep saying: it is all about manifestation! You might ask, why does that makes this strange, confuse phase in the world? World manifestation is every one`s heart and mind bringing forth to reality whatever they have inside!
Get ready because this will keep going! Energies will intensify and love will manifest as well as everything else, so… matters to decide what do we want to manifest.
What i have been seeing is the ether around, full of waves swirling… how can i put it… i is like energies are everywhere, and in fact they are, at our disposal; But… as we are all very stressed, some happy and excited, some depressed, some in pain… and this is so heavy for everyone… energies are stressed also, confused as they do not really know where they need to be headed. I have been noticing even with my self, the difficulty to gather, collect, channel and direct energies to where i need to send them. And theres nothing wrong with me, im happy and living well… so, i can imagine what is like, at this moment not to be feeling well and happy.
The big majority of symptoms at this time are mainly:
Easily able to jump between sadness and joy, calm and harsh, love and anger.
The sense of not being here on this world, as if we are being able to jump between realities.
Physical pain, not only headaches but general muscle pain due to stress, anxiety and stress.
Not being able to think well and focus.
Mandela affect.
At this phase we are being use a lot our physical body, in the sense of letting stress accumulate in it; we also have been using the brain a lot, the mental body, due to the energies we receive being so strong and demanding so much from us.
So is important to find ways to relax both the mental and the physical parts of ourselves. We do not want to run out our energies, focus, abilities and love… lets relax and do some sport, yoga, paint, walk outside… there are thousands of ways we can use to get balanced, so lets do it.
It is also vital that we remember we all desired ascension, movement and not stagnation. So there you have it! However do not tell me that you didnt expect negative events, because to change, to ascend humanity there isnt another way! If there is something the whole light-worker community has been saying for years, is that to change humanity it is expected negative events. And if we lose balance, if we stop centering, grounding and connecting with strong and divine energies, we cannot do our part!
the world is really changing my friends and you did it! You got this far, so keep walking. You have done a great journey so far. Do whatever you can do, but chose always the good, the positive, the joy, the light and love.

The changes of consciousness will go on this month!

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