Healing with Blue & Violet flames ~ Energy exercise

This energy exercise works with the Blue and Violet flames of divine Rays, for healing purposes, more specifically, for the healing of others.
It is very simple and any one who wants to help a friend or family member, or even a group or the whole collective, can be use it this way:
First of all, find a calm place and relax. Sit comfortable but with your back straight. Ground well on earth by visualizing a stream of light coming out of your root chakra and diving deep, deep into the earth. Visualize, also that stream of light coming up and reaching your crown chakra; at that moment that top chalra opens light keeps going up until it reaches the great Sun and stays there. Stay for a bit in that posture, feeling the connection both with earth and the divine source; feel also your axis, which is that stream of light that goes through your whole body, that is your center. You are now grounded, connected with sacred energies and balanced within yourself. bright,
Visualize the stream of light that goes from your crown chakra to the great sun. See that from the divine sun a violet ball, very bright, comes down towards you. As it comes down it grows until it enters your crown chakra. It starts feeling your body. Feel that, feel that flame healing you, purifying you in all spaces. When you feel ready, visualize another violet ball coming towards you, but this time it goes from your crown chakra directly to your hands. Yes! You, now, are a powerful healer which works as a magician and as the divine opportunity to really heal others. Keep the ball in your hands while you visualize and concentrate on the one or ones you want to send healing. Do that visualization as if you are watching a movie: make that a image you have in front of you and then visualize the ball directing itself to the image, going inside of it and penetrating the beings and healing them as a flame that cleanses, purifies, transmutes and regenerates. Those are your intentions and so it is! Heal them for about 3 minutes.
Do the same you jstt did with the Blue flame, which will balance, re-qualify and protects them, make sure these are your intentions.
This is a very powerful exercise. It works and both the beings you want to help and yourself will feel really well.
After this i want you to re-energize. This is just for you, as you wre the healer and you need extra care, ok? visualize this time a big ball of white light. Make it a strong white and make sure it goes through your whole body and aura.
Although this is a safe exercise do it only for about 20 minutes, the most. Its very powerful and we do not want you to get tired. You can do it less time but no more than 20 minutes.
I wish you a wonderful time. Much love.

Healing with Blue & Violet flames

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