The mission: We stand & stay shining for the collective

When i meditate and visualize the whole planet and all beings, i see you all as bright stars glowing. You are shining candles that support life! you are the ones who old light for others. You are beacons of love seen through your selves being examples of life, strength, joy…
But when you get distracted and look at things that only exist to give you sadness in order to put down your light, the candles start disappearing… balance starts fading away! And then… what do we gain with that? nothing! we lose energy globally, collectively! the planet gets weak, the light gets less energy and chaos wins!
I rather see you like shining than see you going down in sadness or doubts. I love to see you all just as you are. Do not think being loving is supporting the weaknesses, giving words of comfort when you should pull up, crying for others when you should laugh because you have every reason to be happy, will ever help anything! this is about a large mission, that needs us all, that is why we are in it! and we arent alone, we are doing it together, more than you think.
I know as well as you do everything that goes on, and i do not agree with it as well as you dont. Never the less, the more light shining the stronger the environment gets, the more lovingly we feel and the more we love strongly the more others feel it too.
Imagine that no one, i mean no one, had an example of a human being happy, rich, healthy, fulfilled… Wow! that would be the end of all hope! There would not be things to aim or wish for because there was no example… it would be the proof that nothing could be solved, desired, that dreams would never made through! Terrible… So… yes we need examples that gives us the faith, we need to see others happy so we see with our eyes that happiness is possible! ad it is so good to see others happy! to see lovers in love with each other… to see people living well and fulfilling their dreams, to see people traveling, making discoveries, going for whatever they want and get it! it is really amazing to see all that! bless them all!
It isnt being on the pity, sad version of ourselves that things change, never! change, when needed, comes from awareness of what is, focus on the right side of things and movement towards light. And light is the positiveness of all that is, the ideas that come when we are balanced, in growth mode and connected to the highest of us and what we observe. Light is choosing love, light is identifying the axis that lies within, the axis of the world, the axis of the universal cosmos. That axis is where we must always be!
Look at the beauty side, for that is what you must be creating, stand for the right thing and be it for that is the way, feel the love always for that is your true self.
Do not ever regret of looking at the beauty which is the highest that you have created because if it wasnt, you wouldnt be able to see it! Understand? whatever you look at is always and also your creation, so whatever you look at will give you the energy to keep creating. do you want to create beauty in the world or keep creating lower images of your inner universe? i know you chose to create positiveness! so… that is what you must keep choosing to see, to appreciate and be proud of.
The more you stand near the highest, the more it multiplies!

The mission: We stand & stay shining for the collective

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