The great spirit of Sophia blogs to no one, belongs to everyone

The energy of Sophia = Gaia

Sophia and what we call God, the divine, the source… are not separated. Sophia is part of the great sacred energy. However it is said she created this world, so… as we are all gods we surely are all Sophias! We weren`t created just like GOD, we have It´s essence! we are all divinities on a journey to find exactly that, because we forgot it! You know why? because some told us we should fear and pray to something higher than us and we believed it!

So, we are all divine beings, spreading light and loving and that means we can all be Sophia`s HEART. We can all spread the message, the love, the sparkle, the light! we do that with God`s messages we feel in our hearts each time we connect to our heart center… And Sophia as well as all divinities we feel resonance with, is to be shared, loved, spread. Because whatever is positive and bright never loses light! it keeps shining forever more in the universe.

Every message you send from Sophia can be different, yes. whether you channel it, whether you talk to any of us on a normal conversation, whether you write or paint! Because you are all different versions of Sophia`s Consciousness. And that is ok. Who looks for messages looks for a lot of messages, reads a lot, searches immense… At the end, we are all growing in awareness of what is, who we are, what are we doing, where to go…  And we do that by sharing each moment, which changes all the time and so do you and your awareness as well as me. Each foot print of light is important at that moment, whether we agree or not, resonate or not with all the messengers of the divine.

Sophia`s energy is embodied by everyone, male and female, Sophia`s heart is every where, Sophia`s message is to be spread, loved because Sophia is the representation of the divine mission on earth. Probably all worlds have their own Sophia with other names… here she is, she is ours because we are hers, ultimately we are Sophia. She is Earth`s consciousness and that is what we all are here BEING!

And what She wants, as well as all great spirits is to be shared, channeled, felt and ever PRESENT! in higher spheres theres no rules but the rules of the universe! We are the ones who keep her alive in the world by connecting with her and spreading her messages!

Love yourself, love others as all are a representation of life! Thats Sophia!

Maria José Antunes

“Her name means “Wisdom”. Sophia is the Greek version of her name. Others include:
Hohkma (Hebrew)
Sapienta (Latin)
Mother of All (Gnostic)
Holy Spirit (Early Christian)
If you respect her she will lead you to your truth and your justice. We find wisdom inside ourselves through Sophia. She is associated with alchemy. Her alchemical processes take place inside you.
Red is definitely the color most associated with Sophia. She is often depicted as a red winged woman with a red gown. There are many traits associated with Sophia; righteous, wise, loving, communicative, knowledgeable, creative, protective, giving and truthful. “A Sophia woman sees it and tells it as it is; she has no fear of the truth.” (www.goddessgift.com) However, Sophia’s appearance differs quite often in major ways. She is alternately pictured as a hag, a black goddess, queen of heaven, an aged woman, human, divine, a harlot, faithful wife, lover, mother and sister. The list goes on. Many of what is associated with Sophia is contradictory.
As a biblical figure, she has been described as a co-partner of God and sometimes as THE female God. The early Christians sometimes used her as a metaphor for Christ.
Her origins are almost impossible to trace. She can be traced to every era, culture and society. She is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine and can be linked with practically every goddess. Including: Lilith, Isis, Inanna, Hecate, Spider Grandmother, Ishtar, Sekmet, Maat, Hera, Anath, Virgin Mary, Eve, Mary Magdalene, Juno, Tara, Demeter and Persephone.
Her feast day is November 28th. She has a sacred shrine in Istanbul, Hagia Sophia, which is one of the 21 finalists for the new 7 wonders of the world.  She is symbolized by a dove, crescent moon, stars, a cup or a tree. Russia has always adored and venerated Sophia. They dedicated a cathedral to her in Kiev, The Cathedral of St. Sophia. Many Russians to this day maintain a double faith, in Paganism and Christianity.
Sophia is also known as the Grail Goddess. The Grail legend can be traced back to pre-Christianity. A black goddess (Sophia) guards the grail with the interests of the earth at heart. (Interesting note: the grail was originally depicted as a cauldron.)
When the Knights Templar were arrested and tortured in October, 1307, they were convicted of heresy. One of the supposed heretical charges was worshiping, BAPHOMET. There have been many different explanations as to what BAPHOMET is. There is one that relates to Sophia. One important piece of information first….The Templars are said to be the protectors of the Grail, which many say is actually the lineage of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Some believe Sophia came to earth in the body of Mary Magdalene.
In the 1980’s, a Dead Sea Scholar used the Atbash Cipher, which has been used as far back as 500 B.C.E., to decipher BAPHOMET. He got SOPHIA. In the Gnostic Gospels, Sophia is the creator of the world. She is greater than Jesus. ”


The great spirit of Sophia belongs to no one, belongs to everyone

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