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November 21st, four years ago, we gathered at the Equator to meet the Blue Rose of Milky Way Galaxy. It was initiated for the implementation of the Second Planetary Harmonic Convergence …
Thus began the Great Transition …


by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz


Children of the Earth! Children of blessed and beautiful planet! Children of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is my favorite child, and my body at the same time!

Today I speak with you on the anniversary of the great Event, of what happened four years ago. During your way out of duality you have experienced two Harmonic Convergences. The First of these took place in 1987., at the end of the Dual cycle of your development. It marked the choice of Humanity, wishing to develop on the basis of Love and Light. Second Harmonic Convergence at 2012.-2013., has already carried Free of Duality, energy and development programs in the New evolutionary cycle. In February 2012., we declared a decision of the Council of the Galactic Federation of Free Worlds to abolish your world Experiment of Duality. It began to unfold a New Program to output your World of duality’s development. Are you surprised that I call the dual development period of your life? But, my family, you really went through a complex evolutionary development, arguing their actions and intentions of victory, which was achieved on the difficult path of raising vibrations of your world, of humanity, of all life forms. During the First Harmonic Convergence people made a serious statement that they were ready to leave the dual existence. Spirit began to triumph over the density of matter. And so it is! It took 25 years of the preparatory period, to a large scale to begin construction of a New Life in your World.

Now I am talking about your world, but you know, when changes dramatically one of the worlds of the planet, the changes relate to the entire planet and all forms of its life.

I want to draw your attention: a planetary scale rebuilding began immediately after the announcement of the abolition of the Experiment of Duality. And the first change of the utmost importance lay in the fundamental restructuring of the system of the Earth Globes. Beloved El Moria informed You about it in detail. In July 2012. Kryon introduced you with ARHEIRAR a Magnetic Core of the Galaxy. Finally, in November 2012., you took on your planet resurgent special artifact – Blue Rose of the Galaxy, which brought fundamental renewal in Magnetic Heart of the planet. Next Event of the Great Shift began in 2012., that you were waiting with trepidation and hope for a fundamental change in your world.

Galactic Alignment, which was to happen in the days of the Solstice in December 2012., required special training for the planet. Particular attention was paid to the creation of the New planetary Magnetism. At November 21st, 2012. came to Earth Magnetic Blue Rose of the Galaxy. She launched a magnetic process on a planetary scale. December 12th was carried out work on Magnetism transition to the trial period basis. Then, in the days of the winter Solstice, you change the basis of the Firmament, which has found a New structure in the form of energy-tors. Under the leadership of the Family of Light, you, modern Lightworkers really involved in the transition of the Earth and the Solar system in a completely New area of the Milky Way Galaxy. Your Sun is beginning a new phase, which is marked by the transfer of the Earth evolutionary development programs on a spiritual basis. Galactic Alignment has been done successfully. And you, the participants of the planetary work carried out in the days of the winter Solstice, it really felt all their light structures.

My dear! Grand quantum leap was done on your beautiful planet in a fundamentally new state. The Second Harmonic Convergence was continued in 2013th. The work on the activation of the Crystal Maitreya, which started the formation of a new, United Consciousness of all life forms. Was continued improvement of the New Firmament. It takes place on a new level of activation of the Lemurian Crystals that made it possible in the space of your planet for constant channel of communication and assistance on many worlds across the Galaxy, of Crystal Light Beings. Great Universe Helpers stood commissioned builders of a New Earth and a new life in your world, coming out of duality.

In March 2013th the Second Harmonic Convergence resulted in the birth of a New Magnetic Heart of the planet. This marked the beginning of the unfolding of innovative programs for the development of your world.

My children! Let us evaluate the opportunities that opened the Second Harmonic Convergence to rebuild your world, to upgrade all over the Unity. The Event that followed it, were developed with Great speed and saturation. It began the process of Ascension unwrapped. You took on the Earth whole family of the Ascension Cosmic Fires. Their influence provides a New phase of the Great cosmic ascension process. Ascension Lights of Crown shone in the space of the planet. World Temple of the Ascension Fires enveloped the planet with New energy information fields that will carry the programs of evolutionary development in the hundreds and even thousands of years. Mother of the World has taken under Her wings life of this Church. Begun a New stage in the process of activation Lemurian Crystals, which provide the uniqueness and diversity of planetary Ascension. It is the beginning of a New kind of co-creation with the whole family of the Light of the planet and the Solar system. The planets of the Solar system is actively involved in the restructuring of your world. Begun a global changes in people’s mind.

You modern Masters of Light, participating in the planetary work, performing important light practice, step by step improve their lighting skills and bring more and more benefit of the planet and humanity, helping the Family of Light to administer the evolutionary transformation, without which the future is impossible. Your efforts were crowned with an excellent results. You have helped the most important things to happen in the life of modern humanity – the Great Shift. This is the transition from the dual life where isolation from the Divine Principle is the norm, to Life, where Union with the Spiritual beginning becomes the basis. The main evolutionary Divine Development Programs laid in the foundation of your energy-world. This process will continue. But nothing will be able to turn away people from the Great Path, which is for them.

Yes, your Path is not easy. Older programs will continue to affect more people for a long time. But you should understand the main thing. These programs gradually will leave people as a new evolutionary cycle involves the development of a fundamentally different conditions. Love will replace hatred. The Unity will triumph over division. Spiritual Teachings of the Family of Light will manifest itself in the hearts of most people, because it has always lived and lives in every human heart. In the Souls of somebody Light has already awakened. In the Soul of others – just awakening. But you should know firmly: Awakening of Light in the Souls of the people, their aspiration for the Divine Love – is an immutable law of the New evolutionary cycle. High Energy of Love has come into your world. And It is, It is developing. And you will see not just one time how it win. Win and then, when it would seem, is no longer possible to win. Even there, where now it spilled the sea of hatred and enmity, manifest this love that will not be possible to overlook. It was there, where now the war and strife, blossom Flowers of Love, which will form the basis for such a place of love and harmony, which will serve as an example for many others. All negative energy, which is now a huge stream poured from the depths of your world, manifests itself outwardly. But time will pass, and torrents will flow in your world the energy of Love. Because it is – the Will of God, the Creator. This is the solution to your Higher Self. It is the Divine Law of the New World, which will manifest itself, even if most people in your world still do not believe in it, nothing about it they do not know.

And now, I solemnly congratulate my children with the start of a New evolutionary cycle of your world, the whole planetary Earth system. Beautiful Light glows on the lake Baikal, Saelvotor, the Flower of Space-Time. You start a New life, changing through your Self outside world. You come into contact with the Core of the Elements, and launched a New mood of its fiery structure. New knowledge about the verses allow you to be conscious builders of worlds. You change the structure of matter, time and space. Mankind has entered a New phase of the Ascension of planet.

Dear friends! You are a parents of the First Harmonic Convergence, and the Second the Harmonic Convergence. You have been heard from the first time. And grown for 25 years to Conscious Co-Creators of the world, deducing it from the dual existence. When came the Second period of the Harmonic Convergence, I was pleased to see my Children grown up. You did not have the discipline, fiery aspiration, increased skills earlier. My Kids got Angel wings and began to think of Them Divine origin. And so it is …

Angels of the Great Central Sun is now consciously work for evolution of the planet Earth. And My heart rejoices in the co-creative work.

Dear Children- Angels! Please accept my congratulations on the Anniversary of the Second Harmonic Convergence. Feel, hear a special Sun Sign of the Galaxy, insert it into your Sacred Heart, and then expand to the whole world of the Earth … You are surprised – what is the Sun Sign of the Galaxy? It is Sign of the Great Central Sun . And for each one of you it sounds differently. Yes, yes, yes, it is exactly sounds … And this sound always was and now at present time is in your Sacred Heart. Listen, try to strengthen it, and fulfill with it all space of the Earth… Such high sounding each of you will create a unique symphony, with which you can always help the world, to people, to all forms of life.

My Children! My voice sounds together with yours. My Heart beats with your Hearts in One pulse. We still have a lot to change in your world, and your planet. Walk with Love in My Ray!

With gratitude to all Lightworkers of the Earth,

Your Galactic Christ Melchizedek spiritualize Milky Way Galaxy

20.11. 2016



  1. Thank you for posting your interesting article.
    I often have to put a violet bubble around me in which to protect myself from the “roughness” of society and I must say – it always works!
    Kind regards from my two furry friends and myself over at the “Gilmours Nice Place” blog. 🙂

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