The Expansion & Positiveness of the Sagittarius New Moon

Nothing better than a New Moon at the end of this month! because we can plant nice seeds at this Moon and travel through out December collecting the fruits and also making sure what we do is always to grow what we have planted even that it needs a season to be seen. However even what takes time to be seen must be nurtured, worked and constantly grow towards the finish line.
This New Moon has energies related to expansion and openness,happiness and joy! This is what Sagittarius brings because Sagittarius is CLEAR! rarely Sagittarius loses sight or gets cloudy. Sagittarius can go beyond the veil of the earthly veil and understand what is needed, without focusing to much on the daily energies. When we look at a Sagittarius being,we think they are pretty much connected to this earth daily based life, but that is just the impression they give us, because they are balanced, they can go through everything with that strength, joy, security, commitment and they do it because they see clear, nothing less, nothing more. They might not notice it but they are always vibrating at the right frequency. Therefore they emanate that vision of stability!
So, the energy we must connect with is the energy of all that is, nothing more, nothing less. this means: do not waste your energy, just focus the enough and keep going! be pragmatic enough so you do not involve yourself in things that drain you or distract you. Keep things clear and cleansed.
Decided, once again, what is you wish and believe in it, start working on it, never stop! While you live, things start happening! Opportunities come and you just grab them, use them to the highest purposes and be creative!
I have several Sagittarius friends and one time, one of them which had a severe car accident and was already for two years doing surgeries, jumping from an hospital to another, more than one year in a bed without being able to move, watching his wife suffering the same and losing a baby due to that car accident … one day for the first time i was for a moment alone with him so i asked him if he wanted to open himself, his heart, talk to me… he said NOPE! i got like wow! so cold, fast and simple. he might have noticed my expression of surprise and confusion so he added: “When things are what they are i do not waste more time looking at what is bad, what i dislike. if im alive is because at all moments i`ve been, i always looked at the future and all the things i still want to do. And that gives me calm, patience and joy.” His strength came from not looking at what was nasty, but creating a inner vibration which allowed him to bare the pain and build the future! He`s been doing good, created everything he wanted and still does it! never complains, never stops, always keeps going. His eyes never look to much at what is, they fly to what will be! He is a pure Sagittarius!
Im telling you this story because, considering we have the Sun in Sagittarius, had yesterday this New Moon in Sagittarius and also… we had a very powerful month, it is great if we can focus on this strong Sagittarius energies, absorb all is positiveness and connect with our highest; plant seeds of worthy creations, look at the future brightly and energetically and move forward! Warp speed! light is ahead we just need to keep walking and get to where we want! Sagittarius reminds us all that life is an endless fountain! there are so many things to do, to reach, to build, to create, to dream, to see, to love… lets do this!

The Expansion & Positiveness of the Sagittarius New Moon

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