Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for this post

Guided by beloved Masters of Compassion Quan Yin, SaRa, Miriam, Mother Mary

Once upon time in a distant Galaxy…ha-ha… No!…, this story happened here on the Earth in my daily reality… So, one day in my daily reality came very “negative person”, as I would call him “dark passenger”. He was so brutal, swear one word after another, if can cut them out, then you can’t will understand from that left words, what exactly he was trying to say. That situation was banal, none logical and I felt, that person is sent to me as my teacher, but I cant understand why exactly this person came in my life and what he is trying to teach me. I ask to my Guides,
-Why exactly HIM, what that kind of person can teach me? Is he my mirror of my created energies?
-No…says my silent inner voice.
-Than what he is trying to teach me?, I continuing my inner dialogue.
-Let it be and watch!, said my silent inner voice.
Nothing happen or can say nothing change in that persons attitude to me… I start using deep breathing technique to calm down my emotional energies, which was starting get in the little storm in my belly, situation was really weird and destructive, I felt very heavy energies in the air. But situation still continued in the same way of that persons attitude to me. Before I had trained myself of passion, so I kept calm myself, try my hard to be nice to this person. Sometimes it is very hard to stay in inner balance and I knew so well, that one my mistake, wrong sound and situation will goes under control. I knew very well that person was trying to involve me in his created reality. And I asked again to my Guides,
-Tell me please, beloveds, what exactly this person is trying to teach me, I cant see it?
Deep breathe techniques help me to save this situation in peace and also kept me in inner center, so I heard an answer from my Guides:
– Look at this Angel!, said my inner voice.
– Sorry, but I didn’t see in HIM an Angel!, my mind protest to given answer of my inner Guides.
– Look behind HIM! What do You see?, my Guides was so peaceful.
I try to go deeper in my inner peace, in my heart center and I saw sent picture of Golden Angel in my inner screen.
-Can You see this Golden Angels face?, continued my Guides.
I concentrate my inner sight on that picture sent to me by Guides and … yes, I saw sad innocent beautiful face of Golden Angel, His beautiful eyes fulfilled with tears, it look like He asked me to not judge His dependent…. I felt in my belly lifting up to my heart center different kind of energies… Those was energies of Compassion, nearly I get in tears from that vision, but outlook stay strong…
– Send Him Your unconditional Love and Light, softly told me my Guides. And I did straight away without any delay, sent Him my inner Love as much as I can. After few seconds happened something, that is unexplainable… That person stay confused, stay silent, turned around and went away in his own confused silent thoughts. I get A-HA moment, my learning for that day was, not judge anyone, whatever reality looks like, always stay in inner center and try to find out in any being his Golden Angel, his Essence of Light, Prime Created Divine Light, that Divine Love is in any particle of the Multiverse. I was so thankful to my Guides for so great teaching, one of best teachings in my life. I was so happy of my experience and my awareness, also that I have the best Spiritual Teachers in the Multiverse. I blessed that situation, that person and blessed my past creation, one of my past circles was transformed back into Divine Light…
After that into my memory came Kryon’s words, – Who says, that will be easy, Your incarnation, beloved ones… And beloved Jesus words, – Love each other as Yourself… Yes… is not so easy sometimes to keep inner peace in the center of storm and at the same time lift up vibrations of surrounding field. This is real Spiritual Mastery, to Love all God’s Creation without your own attitude. This is so Angelic to see in any being Divine Prime created Love!
I wish this my story will helps somebody in his or her daily reality to find out inner peace and find out in the darkness that golden Prime created Sparkle, that Golden Angel with beautiful innocent children eyes. I wish You will send Him Your true Love and it will creates one more space of peace on Earth … By the way, that Golden Angel afterwards sent me His wonderful smile as gratitude for my Compassion. And I heard silent voice from my heart, – Thank You so much! We Love You so…!
Blessed be everyone and fulfilled with Divine Light and Love!
And so it is.


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