The changes of consciousness will go on! Definitely!

You all know i do not communicate through predictions, however i am pretty much aware of all my fellow brothers and sisters who do that, and i am very grateful for their work! Every once in a while i make some but i do it in my own way, never considering the events that manifest on the world, but always concentrated on the density of energies we receive on the planet.
I want to give you my opinion about the truth or non-truth of the predictions that other “light-workers” make! I want to do it by explaining a bit how this whole energetic stuff works on the several dimensions that co-exist on this realm. This subject came out as i did read an article which was touching the subject of the late years predictions, explaining those predictions were not seen by any of us
First of all .as you might have noticed, when some predictions come, they come from several sources; This is not due to the copy of others ideias, is truly because as light-workers channel a lot of information, is common to have several galactic family reaching for us so they spread messages. The messages come in through different ways and that happens for two reasons: one is related to the entity that is reaching a human vessel and the other one is the level of spiritual work the human is at a certain moment, as we all have lines of work that are unique and we all have different frequencies we vibrate at.
No one can say the past year or two havent show any results, unless you truly believe that change happens fast in a world made by a complicated system, more… a world which has inside it self several systems, several levels of consciousness, lots of different mind sets, immense religions and religious machines working, a world that even on a single country we can find several levels of what i just mentioned… as i am here online reaching to all of us, having a comfortable life, there are millions of beings that still cant reach internet, write, read, laugh, b what they want! there are two year old children working at this same moment, that think all other children in the world are doing the same they are. If they build bricks, they think all other children are building bricks!!! this is just an example and if you think the world you live in is the same world of others… try again and give a good attention, because this is a very small planet with realities so different that when we think carefully about it we can even get crazy! it is out of anything we can imagine!
Just because things arent as we want them to be, meaning: the new earth is completed set up, showing in all its levels, all places, all consciousnesses… it doesnt mean things are not moving further!!!
We live in a world that got even more messed up and confused through all this ascension process! yes! and we did it! The amount of light density is getting higher and higher, the planet and all things are vibrating so much higher, we entered on a fifth dimension level, which brought a lot of change within and begun a hard core “war” both at a etheric level as well as a world/civilization level. from a self-destructive world of third dimensional frequency, we could bring the fifth dimensional reality. We just need to keep going and make the whole world vibrate at that level. The planet vibrates it self at the fifth dimension but we know as a collective we do not! There are complicated sub-collectives which light could not filled its spaces and consciousnesses. Its like closed bubbles of negativity and controlled environment. The secret is not to focus on that, please do not! it lows our frequency and our ability to do our part of the game. our heart is every whdere but our focus is on our own vibratory state and the sub-collective we feel we resonate with, ok? keep doing your part and i assure you we will get stronger and stronger and light, which is information, will get everywhere.
Things are moving on, oh yes! and each phase of ascension make its goal! each time a big phase of predictions come, believe it that it surely makes the different and more people awake, more events get done, more light reaches earth, more levels of consciousness you and all step into!
I am blessed for being part of a huge community made of millions of beings channeling, giving the world information, changing the world, creating a better enlightened planet, making every one jumping from one level of awareness to another, giving hope, bringing light, guiding through faith, empowering the planet so we all join as ONE! Blessed be all of you for you are divine!
Another year is coming and with it more work will be done towards freedom! this isnt over and there is a lot to do for the next decades, so lets keep moving forward, with no doubts, concerns, with only confidence! much love to all

The changes of consciousness will go on! Definitely!

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