We are the sum total of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Those main parts of the self have seven main representations on our auric field = the seven layers of our energetic field. All light you receive comes through your energetic field, it enters on your subtle self and is used by each of those layers; each layer is connected with a specific part of your being through your main seven chakras. The way you use the light, reflects on the way your chakras do their work. The better you understand the importance of balance and how self-power works within you, the better you can help yourself, all parts, doing the work they are meant to do.

It is a never ending cycle – you receive light, you use it the best way with the best positive attitude and that positive attitude shows it self in the work that is done inside of you. then that good work reflects itself on your energetic field, which can be a healthier one and therefore it can be in better conditions to receive better frequencies, protect yourself from lower energies, and do whatever it needs to do to help you being a much powerful and happy being. The subtle is connected with the physical in all ways and can never be any other way. The subtle is a reflection of the physical and the physical receives back that same pattern. So… improving one area is improving as areas!

These connections are done by each main chakra we have in our body. Because each chakra is related and works directly with a part of our being, whatever energy the chakra sends to the aura is a direct reflection of our state of health and therefore each layer gets larger or thinner, brighter or darker, with a more positive or negative color and frequency. And it gets better or worst conditions to receive light and to help us on all our parts, tasks… all our life!

The energetic field works in three ways:

As an autonomous energetic subtle body;

Each layer working with each chakra and its related part of the being;

And finally, all layers, plus all chakras, plus all parts of the self working as a whole, constant and dependent being – a full one self.

This being said, matters now to understand that the energy your aura receives from the outside is sent to your body through the chakras. Each chakra sends that energy to a specific area which can be physical or not. That same light starts working on you deeply! That light is intelligent, has a purpose and you start being healed, transmuted, changed at an atomic level. From your physical body to your spiritual self, nothing is missed, and everything is connected.

Now imagine… what light can do for you: your DNA is being changed, upgraded, plugged in on your chakra system; your sicknesses, whether they are genetic ones or not, are being healed, your nervous system is being shacked and corrected, both your past and present emotions, fears, patterns, wounds, traumas, repressions, conditions, low vibrations… everything has to be cleared. Transmutation and transformation is needed and to do so you must remember who you are, think about what you want to become here, feel all parts of yourself, analyze what needs to change and be healed …scrutinize everything!

And this is being done all at the same time! That is why you can feel physical and emotional pain, all at once! You get stressed because there is so much going on inside you that can be unbearable! That is why ascension can be so “hard”.

Anchoring on you, earth and the cosmos, is the first step to work with light, pure love and energy connections. Without this first step your whole spiritual work is compromised. If you want, really want to be a complete, happy, free, awake and conscious being in all ways… you truly need to pay attention to the daily rituals of a spiritual being.

Whether you are a healer or just simple an awakened, conscious being that wants to keep growing and evolving, the steps for a well spiritual connection with the self and the whole, is always important and vital!

The following procedures are simple and take only a few minutes; during the day you can do this when you feel the need and as you get used and comfortable by doing this, it only takes a few seconds; you can adjust it to your intuitive meditations and preferences, so feel free to change it. This is just an example of how to CONNECT WITH SELF + GROUND + CONNECT WITH SOURCE + CENTER + PROTECTION.


Get in touch with yourself. All your parts. Be whole, fully you. Recognize you as a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being. Feel yourself as the loving, divine, complete and loving being of pure light. Feel the strongest love for yourself; feel trust, self worth, confidence, strength, wisdom and intuition. You know you can accomplish everything you want, you have all the powers within you to be a sovereign, free and whole and enlightened being.


Connecting to heart is vital to have a balanced connection with your supra self and with the divine energies. That connection puts you in a place of security among the realms of the etheric energy. The best way is to spend time in nature, by feeling it… feeling and touching trees and ground. However you can do it by using the KUNDALINI PRACTICE, which gives you a full ground base and a connection with the above light energies. You do it through visualization, closing your eyes and visualizing your kundalini, as a chord coming out of your root chakra and spreading into the earth as trees roots. Keep it that way and concentrate now your other end of the kundalini going up and spinning around all the chakras until it reaches the upper chakra = the crown chakra.


Then connect a beam of light that comes from above and enters your crown chakra and fills down all your chakras, the kundalini and all your body. The color of that beam of light is to be white, yellow, gold or silver and very bright.


Stand straight, or visualize yourself doing it; your feet are on the ground and you see it as a soil fertile and strong. You are straight, your eyes are looking at the horizon (you can imagine the most beautiful horizon in front of you) and everything is perfect and beautiful. You do not bend, swing, fluctuate, oscillate or hesitate. You feel yourself having all your powers, abilities; you know you are aware, conscious of everything within and around you, you are ready to be you fully and completely.


You see yourself now being full of light! Now, imagine you are inside a bubble or a pyramid! What we are doing now is building a boundary so you do not lose your own energy, making you in charge of yourself in all ways including the invisible parts of your being. You are inside the bubble or the pyramind of light! Nothing and no one can take your light from you. be mindful about it. If you want you can ask for the protection of your angels, you can ask the protection of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and his blue ray; as you do this make the pyramid turn into a transparent blue color. The reason I tell you to ask for protection a the end of the exercise is because you now did your part of the work, respecting the universal divine laws: remember, you can do everything! You have that power!

Excerpt from the book: “BE THE RAINBOW” by Maria






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