Sacred sexuality and the scriptures

The Gnostic Codices of “NAG HAMMADI” have been an enlightenment concerning the origins of Christianity and the studies of God. Those documents found in Egypt last century still amaze us.
One of the mysteries we can find on those scriptures is the sacrament of the BRIDAL CHAMBER. It talks about what we were taught to be forbidden and sinful.
It is said in scriptures that Jesus practiced that sacrament in order to attain enlightenment. There are references on the Gospel of Thomas and Philip: “As the means to attain Christhood”.
Jesus at his time, was already teaching the mysteries about the male and female sacred union: “The kingdom will come when the two are one, and as the outside and the inside, and the male with the female neither male nor female.”
There are several references of explicit sex on the scriptures, although the studies appointed to an allegorical meaning only now scholars are beginning to believe the union between Jesus and his bride had a teaching beneath. It is believed now that the changes performed by the church to the sacraments (in this specific case – the sacrament of the Bridal Chamber) were done to erase the idea of a sacred union between men and women.
Some studies appoint to the fact of a use of sexual rites to a spiritual connection between male and female to create superior beings and not just procreate as simple humans – the holy union for an immaculate conception. Others think the sacred sexual connection was just a way towards light.
We can read on the Gospel of Philip: “all those who practice the sacred embrace will kindly the light, they will not beget as people do in ordinary marriages, which take place in darkness.”
Several studies conclude that this sacred union, which brings the sacred conception was all about giving birth to the Christ within, which ultimately brings the enlightenment state of humanity in which God created us all.
In the Gospel of Philip: “If someone experiences trust and consciousness in the heart of the embrace, they become a child of light: If someone does not receive these, it is because they remain attached to what they know; when Eve was Adam, there was no death; when she was separated from him, death came: If she enters back into him, and he accepts her, there will be no more death.”
In the Gospel of Thomas we can read:” What is the Bridal Chamber, if not the place of trust and consciousness in the embrace? it is an icon of union, beyond all forms of possession; here is where the veil is torn from top to bottom; here is where some arise and awaken.”

Sacred sexuality and the scriptures

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