Religion versus Creation

There are lots of religions in our world and it has always been this way. Ancient, strongly ruled practices were religions as well because they had rules made by humans. There must have been some practices that were not meant to control others therefore had no rules just as today there are some esoteric practices that are not originated on the will to control other beings. However this is not an article about practices humans do out of desire, love, communion. This is about mental, physical, emotional and spiritual control… using the desire to understand GOD, Creation, the self, the world, the unknown, the whole universe and life itself…
Religion was always the easiest way to control humans due to the unknown factor of the divine creation, so they have ruled creation, God, the universe and humans; everything had an explanation and still has. Nothing is unexplained by religion. FEAR was and is the best way to slave and kill sovereignty so you always stand besides the father figure of society.
With all the respect by ancient scholars which did their best to perpetuate their knowledge of the laws of the universe by hiding them on symbols, tales and other means… most of the wisdom and glory of religion is untrue.
There is no sin, there is no hell, there is no heaven, there is no God watching every movement we make. WE KNOW NOTHING! WE ONLY KNOW THE SYSTEMS OF MEN! The system through which they have control others through ages, preventing us from being responsible for ourselves!
The is no Father or Mother that is watching our good or bad behavior so He or She can reward it or punish it, there is no mistakes against a divinity out of yourself or out of your brothers and sisters, as you are part of a whole!
There is and will always be the search for that GOD which is sublime, free, loving, joyful, abundant… but that God is not your ruler or your Master, your teacher or your provider. Because religion is not God and God is no religion. Every religion claims to be the true one. Really? so… is God Christian? or Buddhist? or Muslim? Religions defines God when they cannot even show themselves through a highest way as institutions which speak God`s Word!
We are all responsible for what we do, no entity is responsible for us; We are all free, nothing but humans can take your sovereignty; we are under the laws of the universe, the laws of our solar system and men`s laws. What about your own? What about loving God with no expectations about rewards? or fear of punishments?
At this times,at this moment in which we are all changing the world, calling for everyone`s hearts to wake up… we surely want to love unconditionally and that is starting by loving God in the most natural, unconditional way. How can we love all creation if we do show love through fear? to show our “Prime Creator”, who and whatever It is, that we love so we can go to heaven…
Being a religion being is a choice, of course, and has a new meaning nowadays, through which we show to the institution we are part of, that we no longer accept domination, threats, control and lies. Being a religious person at this time is being sovereign, transparent and proud of being part of creation! And that starts by accepting responsibility for ourselves in all ways!


Religion versus Creation

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