How to manage your energy consciously

The whole world is experiencing a turmoil right now! The high frequencies living on the planet are “demanding” change; it is inevitable this general feeling as light has a heavy density on the world. A lot of beings  are  “waiting” for events that can show real changes and that waiting is stressful and not in alignment with this whole mission. Others are still managing the new self as they have awakened among the several phases of this big shift. All situations are different, although we are all in the same path. For some is anxiety, others pain, some others still feel revolted and harsh; some feel nothing but energy and others are already starting new stunning lives!

One thing is certain, we all have moments we need to stop, re-energize, connect, find strength and align with our hearts.

I give you here several ideas that might be according to what you may feel at some moments. Let this inspire you and be free to change them to your benefit because your life and your moments are very unique.

When you feel anxious, nervous,angry, depressed, worried… first of all, try to find a bit of space as soon as you can, so you can regain balance. You also need to understand within you if that is recurrent or not. If it is, you need to give some time to see if you want to look for the cause of it or not. If you want, well… you need to give some time to the thing and look inside for answers, see what is the problem and how you can solve it. If it isnt recurrent you just need to connect with your self, relax, change scenery, re-energize… do that!

VISUALIZATION. Its not a joke, its one of the most powerful tools you have to help you in all situations. You must believe in it, though! As much as you believe in yourself, in God, in Source energy, in Sacredness… Yes, because you must believe in something by now! I truly hope you do, specially believing yourself as you are truly am alchemist able to use energies around you and operate miracles. The goal is to find balance, connect with your core and align with peace and trust. When you feel disturbed somehow, stop, find your ground place, visualize yourself standing strong, with your feet in the ground; visualize them full of light as they connect to the ground. You will probably feel the tickling feeling proving that you are doing it well. Visualize yourself inside a bubble or a pyramid of light, while you see a beam of light filing  your whole body and aura coming from above. Make sure the picture stays steady. Ad a sweet, peaceful color to that moment, such as pink. Let it fill you and surround you. We want you to feel peaceful and secure.

In case of doubts and lost of faith in your own path, look within and search your divine Christ essence; It is located inside your heart and it has a tremendous light! You can see it if you look deep, i know you can! Talk to him or her… open fully. Listen to what it has to tell you and how it can help you. It will bring you peace, will, confidence, power and security. It will restore your hope and trust. It is your own true self talking to you, guiding you, loving you, giving you ideas, assuring you that all is well and all is part of a big plan. You can also imagine that from your heart center a bright rainbow comes out and spins, filling your whole self.

Find more moments through which you can  meditate to the world, to the collective, if that is something that inspire you. Light candles, listen always to music that makes you feel happy. Find time to do things that you love and make sure you have plans and move forward to make them real. Dont give energy to sadness, give energy to creation, to movement, to happiness and fulfillment, to laugh and to the future.

If you like to read, read good, inspiring stuff; if you like to dance, just dance; if you like to watch movies do that; if you like to walk, just walk… do not give  excuses to yourself, stop that… yesss yesss its cold outside, oh yesss you have an headache, of course you have lots to do… please… stop! just stop! or you want to be happy, or not! please decide what you want to be and be that! everything is a decision, so chose and be responsible for that. But know that ascension, spirituality… is all about looking for the highest in ourselves, high feelings, high wishes, high purposes, etc. Doesnt necessarily mean you have to be excited and laughing all the time,it means you look for your peaceful, generous, loving, intelligent, subtle… self. It is all about being resonating with light, with our truth, with LIFE, because life is a high vibration by default, not what we are used to see around us… sad faces and angry beings.

Reach for help if you need guidance. There is always someone who can give a hand. Dont forget that you are always your ultimate guide, as you are the one who truly knows whats going on with you, so do not accept advises just because… see what resonates with you. Being open, ultimately, is being open to the guide inside of yourself, which usually is what we avoid. Listen careful to that master within.


How to manage your energy consciously

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