Energy ~ last days of 2016

The main aspect of all the latest energy we have received for the last days is the ALIGNMENT with our newest self. To do this alignment we need to go through stages through which we can feel out of this world! if your new self is “landing” you surely can feel as if you are disintegrating, because a part of you is! the old you is leaving slowly, peacefully and the one is becoming more aware and you also are becoming more aware of what is happening! This alignment has to happen in all areas of your life, so you feel different from one day to the can go to ecstasy, to sadness, you can feel small in the morning and a giant the afternoon and at evening you might not even remember none of it. All is well and all is good because its part of a process of becoming TRUTH.
And this is the second important word of these last few days of the year: TRUTH. True alignment! Alignment with your true self.And one thing might be happening to you, which you might not notice as it doesnt bother you so much as it did before: what others think, what others send, what others look like… doesnt matter so much and doesnt affect as you are so focused on the future to come. And as you do that you do not relate with some realities which is one of your greatest accomplishments because part of what you saw on others was your own judgments about yourself. As you stop judging yourself, nothing touches you.
Alignment with truth means always seeing truth, instead of looking or focus on the lie, the illusion, the low the non-defined… you are defining yourself, resonating with your true self and that always manifest in the highest form on this holographic mirror of ourselves.
Many of you are feeling as if you are not walking on this world although you know you are. You are vibrating higher and that is showing in reality, just that. Its the new energy of your newest conscious self manifesting and adjusting to the earth.
Let it be as it is, enjoy the moment and the different feelings and senses. Ground well on earth and you will be able to go through this phase easily.
Also, what might feel as confusing thoughts are just new ideas finding space between your several layers. Ideas are calling attention from your abilities, powers, creative organs to put things in motion to get themselves manifested on your life. They are a product of your new self and everything is happening fast.
Slow down if you need or move on if that inspires you. What matters is that you know all is well within you. You are growing as it is supposed to happen. Life is being re-created all over again and even if you want to rest comfortable, know that you have asked this yourself. So there you have: an endless growing in consciousness- Shifting constantly, re-creating yourself a new non-stop!
Get ready for yourself in 2017!

Energy ~ last days of 2016

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