New Moon in Capricorn! Fully engaging!

This is a very special New Moon! I see Capricorn as a very practical sign but as well as a dreamer who never stops believing; but it isnt a common creamer, the strength of Capricorn is really that ability to dream, it dreams so much that life becomes a dream, hard to see in a daily routine what is a dream and what isnt! that is what Capricorn really is – believing in what they love, whatever that is, is what makes life worth living!
Its that stunning characteristic that can help you heal and at the same time it will help you believe in yourself! Capricorn is super strong due to the old goat`s wisdom and that childish dream ability. This is a powerful combination that makes one to live longer, to prosper and be loving in so many ways!
Capricorn has also a refined ability to see itself mirrored on others but can forget to look at it as a mirror; so it can judge a bit… i say a bit because Capricorn can later understand the mistake and learn what lesson it needs. so, my advise is: do not forget everything is a mirror for some reason; everything is trying to tell you something, even that the message isnt clear right away! The strange mirrors you can be faced with, might be related to self-conflict within yourself, which arent solved yet!
Happiness is very important to Capricorn! be sure you enjoy your journey and what you have become during 2016! those emotions work as fuel to the year that is almost starting and to all the plans you have been dreaming about.
The most important aspect of this Mew Moon – Capricorn is a sign that has the need to manifest deep dreams which are part of daily life and without them life makes no sense… to a Capricorn, manifesting their dream, illusion, visions, its their purpose. for you – doing that work is super! Understand that that is what this moment is all about: making your dreams tangible!!! its the foundation to your 2017! Rising our frequency is what allow us to look at dreams with a higher conscious awareness!
These last days of December are giving us a lot of celestial connections that strongly tell us to LEAVE THE OLD BEHIND, so we can watch our seeds growing! It tell us also to RECEIVE LOVINGLY ALL EMOTIONS WE HAVE BEEN AVOIDING so we can heal, feel lighter and lose fear of the new; other connections give us PRECISION, CLARITY so we can better connect with our higher self; others give us SILENCE so we can listen within; some more energies send us vibes of TRANSFORMATION, PROGRESSION!
Some energies will be felt as rough ones, but they exist to a purpose, to awake, propel, shift towards progression! Because life isnt a stagnate energy, needs movement, shift, change, innovation and renewal.  This New Moon is here to remember that WE do that change, growth, shift! that we have the power to become a miracle worker and manifest our lives fully!
Be an Capricorn Alchemist! look inside, at your dreams, listen to you wisdom, feel your power and let  beginnings to bring you new outcomes of divine grace!

New Moon in Capricorn! Fully engaging!

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