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Back to history, to beginning of the “Great Experiment”, of the Duality, called also confronted polarity of energies… Where, why and how WARS begun on the Gaia, on our beloved planet Earth,… where, why and how FIGHT, HATE, FEAR, DESTRUCTIVENESS begun in us…? One Wise man said, when You would like to heal the past, once again go trough all with Compassion…


coauthorship – KRYON from RUSSIA
by Sergey Kanashevsky

Part 1. How did born and disappeared the Bermuda Triangle

Hello my dear ones! I am Kryon from Magnetic Service.

We did already a lot of talking about Lemuria – a beautiful, harmonious civilization, which began to actively develop 52 thousand years ago. 35 thousand years ago, it reached a high level of development. The representatives of this civilization continued to live on the planet up to the so-called the ( Great ) World Flood, which occurred 11 thousand years ago.

Now let’s talk about another civilization – ATLANTIS. Those who came from the depths of time, information on the two civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, scholars of ancient Egypt, and especially – the Ancient Greece and Rome, are often confused. And this confusion persisted up to the present day. The great merit of Lemuria, its high spirituality and harmony attributed Atlantis until now. It is time to be clear: Atlantis was a colony of Lemuria, which became completely separated from it about 18 500 years ago (the exact date has already been reported:.. In 16426 BC – Note of Sergey Kanashevsky, later (SK)). The island of Atlantis was very large, so it is sometimes called the continent. But still Atlantis – it existed in the past, a large island in the Atlantic Ocean, off the South-Eastern coast of North America.

Atlantian colony quickly lost Spiritual connection with its ancestral home – Lemuria. If Lemurians were in their Souls Light and goodness, it can not be said of the Atlantians … Of course, we should not say that all the Atlantians were keepers of evil. There, in Atlantis, lived a lot of good, beautiful people who were opposed to the last days of the dark forces … At that time lived the vast majority of you, my dear Lightworkers … That’s why for many Atlantis is very close to the hearts … It is a Spiritual response in your hearts … But anyway with Atlantis begins the history of wars, aggression, treachery, hatred – if we talk about the historic “segment” length of the last one hundred thousand years. And exactly about this interval of linear time I am telling you. Because the specified period of Earth’s history – your “historical play”, which sheds Light on the present.

Atlantians first showed aggression – from representatives of civilizations your “historical Play.” Earlier, in the civilization of Lemuria, the active role played the Feminine Beginning, Spirituality, in the first place was the desire for harmony, beauty, art, valued equality and fraternity between people. In Atlantis, in the first place became the Masculine Beginning, hard logic, the desire for aggression, suppression of identity, inequality, and as a consequence – the division of society into rich and poor, aristocracy and servants, owners and slaves.

Initially, all of Atlantis was divided into four parts. In the North-Western part of the island settled by those who founded Atlantis, and later they became the aristocracy, the nobility, the management team. In the North-Eastern part of the island rules by those who may be called as scientists, researchers, inventors. In the South-East – settled artisans, workers, workers producing food. Here flourished agriculture, marine fisheries.

Especially I would like to talk about the South-Western quarter of the island… When to island, future Atlantis, came first Lemurians, it was already inhabited. In the South-West, in the mountainous region, people lived already. They had no genetic relationship with Lemurians. They can be called the natives of the island. You know, dear friends, that even in your twenty-first century, along with the civilized peoples still live, those who are far from the benefits of modern civilization. The so-called “wild tribes” are found, for example, in remote parts of Africa, South America, some Pacific islands … The same pattern was observed also 18,500 years ago. In addition to the civilized Lemuria lived other people who can be called uncivilized. We will call the race of people, who lived in the mountains of Atlantis,- MUNGALS. Mungals earn their living by hunting, perfectly possessed bows, stabbing and cutting weapons. Arriving on the island Lemurians (future Atlantians) came to the Mungals in trade relations. Acquired in exchange for meat products and animal skins.

Gradually Mungals have learned from the Atlantians. And is formed on the island of their autonomy – state within a state. When the Atlantians decided to subdue them – nothing happened! In a “perfect” moment realized that grew under the nose of a powerful enemy that was not going to not only obey, but also occasionally showed strength, dictating their conditions! After about one thousand years, after the settlement of the island, Mungals civilized people were not armed with bows and arrows, and powerful weapons. They had an army that could withstand the army of Atlantis. The military arsenal of Mungals had already flying machines, armed with powerful blasters and laser-beam weapons.

Atlantians led an aggressive foreign policy. The continent of Lemuria 17,500 years ago, has almost ceased to exist, having plunged into the water (immersion took place gradually in several stages, Final date of continent dive under water -.. 15519 BCE -.. Note SK). On the surface, there were only some Lemurian islands. Former Lemurians scattered around the globe, settled in different parts of the world. Most Lemurian colonies, which were very weak in terms of military power, the Atlantians quickly conquered – in fact, apply to the settlers slavery. But such Lemurian colonies formed and have become very powerful. Lemurian scientists and inventors, realizing the danger posed by the Atlantians (and not only them), converted peaceful machines, gears, aircraft in military equipment.

Dear Lightworkers! About Hyperboreans, Atlantians, Lemurians you’ve heard, you know about them. For many of you it is not surprising that to our civilization in the world there were other highly developed civilization. This is not science fiction. But now I’ll tell you a story that may seem to some of the Lightworkers fantastic … What is amazing and fantastic happened in Atlantis, which you will be so surprised?

In the Atlantis was INVASION! But invasion was extra ordinary. Insidious enemy penetrated to the center of Atlantis itself. A proud and arrogant Atlantians did not even notice it! AS SUCH COULD HAPPEN ??? Oooo!!! This is a very surprising and instructive story. Unusual is that the body began to infuse the Mungals, with NOT QUITE HUMAN SOULS (Kryon smiles) … Do not believe me? We are talking about those Souls who are not “registered” in the so-called Cave of Creation. They are not Angels from the Great Central Sun like you and not the Authors of the “Experiment”. Their appearance has been admitted … The newcomers supplanted the soul and the consciousness of the Mughals – aboriginals of the Atlantis island. You have already understood, why is it happen? Yes!… These were the dark entities who arrived on the planet with an aggressive goal. Since aggression, darkness lived in the hearts of the Mungals themselves, they vibrate at the same frequency with the new arrivals on the planet. This allowed them to capture a dark body. After that, the Mungals power has increased several times. Why? Because the fore is not powerful aircrafts, not blasters, not other laser weapons, … is a BLACK MAGIC. Dark souls, settled in the Mungal’s bodies, knew how to use it well! Oooo! They had a great experience with black magic! They possessed telepathic abilities, and received instruction from it black teachers. In our galaxy, the black teachers and their followers are known as the interstellar Order of the Black Cassocks also called Order of the Panakteon. This Order has repeatedly confronted the Forces of Light on the planet. And even now the opposed, vainly hoping to win, where this is not possible …

But let’s back to Atlantis… So, in the bodies of the Mungals moved in the dark essence, representatives of the Order of the Black Cassocks. Using black magic, telepathy, deceit, secret diplomacy, driving wedges of discord between the ruling circles of Atlantis, Mungals came to power – and through official channels! Their representative won the election! In Atlantis still existed formally democratic rule, when the government supposedly elected by the people. Using this system, Mungals nominated a representative. And then it went in telepathy and black magic. And once Atlantis woke up in a different society. Those, purebred Atlantians, began to manage Mungals! Empire appeared instead of democratic governance. Country rules tyrant and his faithful servants. There in Atlantis began to close the temples that kept the ancient Divine Teachings. In these churches, just at the point of the sacred rites, were bloody sacrifices. Darkness looked up in Atlantis, and covered almost a whole civilization. But there were those who did not submit to the dark power. Order of the Black Cassocks actively opposed by the priests, the priests of the ancient Divine Teachings, who carried the light and gave hope to ordinary citizens of Atlantis. Especially stubborn resistance had spiritual priestess of the sacred feminine Order- ALORA. Country shuddered when they heard about the terrible massacres and bloody sacrifices committed right on the altars of the ancient temples …

Make attention on the interesting fact … When Mungals only just seized power, they were called as the Order of GRAY Cassocks. And only then, when almost the entire leadership of the Order of Grey Cassocks was destroyed, become a new structure – the Order of BLACK Cassocks. Anyone who knows the story, immediately notice the striking coincidence with the events that occurred in the 30’s of the last century in Europe (Kryon draws a parallel with the history of the coming to power of Hitler in Germany, when the Fuhrer and his supporters came to power destroyed the “Gray” Rem storm troopers in the so-called “night of the long knives” – note, SK). There is a pattern that has already seen with your historians and philosophers … Where it becomes much dullness, dark come to power …

Of course, with the new government could not accept other notable Atlantians, who themselves were deprived of power and wealth. It began bloody, very long war, which lasted for many years. It then flashed, then subsided, then it flared up with renewed vigor. The war was not only on the island of Atlantis, but also on other continents.

Events, which now tell, there were 12838 years ago, in 10826 BC. In order to win the long war, to destroy the “pure Atlantis” and priests, Black Cassocks decided to develop a new superweapon capable in one moment to hit all enemies. Special experiments were conducted in secret laboratories. Artificial crystals grown by means of which it was possible to transmit over long distances deadly radiation. In addition, the ruling elite of Atlantis became known that deep underground there are some “ancient miraculous crystals”. “Black teachers” said that it is necessary to send to these crystals special energy. Reflected from them, is able to instantly convert the energy to hit any enemy. So, the military developed a powerful weapon, not realizing that by doing so are doomed to death. “Black teachers” was commanding from another dimension, while remaining in complete safety, was the mortal danger of living on Earth. The impact on so-called “underground crystals” (Planetary Crystal Grid, which is including and is located under the ground) could stop the lives of all people in the world, to change the level of energy vibrations. Then, in fact, the further evolution of modern human species became impossible. The human race could simply die out. Which was the secret purpose of the interstellar Order of Black Cassocks.

In the same year, which named above, Black Cassocks organized a secret expedition to island of the Indal, is located in 37 kilometers from the North-West coast of Atlantis. Deep under ground of the island were the Planetary Crystalline structure is very important for life of the world. This island can be called a place of sacred Life Force. That was under it, deep in the planet, was born a mysterious Female Energy, which is fed in a special way the plants, animals and sentient beings of our planet. With the grown crystals secret expedition planned to send its artificially created destructive energy in the vital centers of the planet. The Supreme Council of the priests, knowing the treacherous plans of Black Cassocks, retaliated. On the island of Indal held military clash of opposing forces. Black Cassocks was not allowed to destroy the planet! However, participants in the secret operation were able to activate two artificial crystals. And dark energy after all rushed into the ground, to the sacred, vital centers. But these centers have a very, very reliable protection! Dark energy could not break the “power of armor”. After being reflected from it and returned to the surface, near the Southern coast of Atlantis. And there … a powerful energy punch and accepted softened two ancient pyramidal complexes, “masked” with time under the mountains. Construct these pyramids even more ancient people – in previous Lemurian era. The builders of the pyramid complexes was representatives of HORAYON civilization.

After that, the energy of impact on the island of Atlantis began a very strong earthquake, of volcanic vents threw black smoke from the fire … As a result of disasters island was split into several parts, the land quickly became submerged. For seven hours the island of Atlantis disappeared. While the civilization of Atlantis itself continued to exist even more than two thousand years – until the next great natural disasters that occurred 11 thousand years ago. After them the descendants of the Atlantians were still lived. But that is another very interesting story. Some of the information of this, we have already given. Something will tell later …

And now let us return to the very two, very ancient pyramids. They received not only physical damage, but also very negative energy. (More than once we said and have to repeat again: the pyramids play a very important role in ensuring our PLANET with a Special Energy, in the planetary energy exchange have very specific functions which your scientists will learn in the near future..) This damage affected the specific field. Thin energy field structure “got holes” … As a result of the negative impact on the crystalline grid in the area was disrupted SPACE-TIME (fragment of Space-Time Continuum).

So, you guessed it, where was the island of Atlantis? The area of the Bermuda Triangle – is its Southern coast. A kind of “fault” in Space-Time Continuum was really the cause of many accidents and disappearances of ships and aircraft.

Well, now – good news! After 1987., after the First Harmonic Convergence, New Energy of Light, which becomes in the world more and more, made it possible to fix the damage in the fields of energy, heal the same fragment of the Space-Time Continuum. Thus, the Bermuda Triangle is no longer the “Sea of Devil”, as people called this place before … Ships and airplanes are no longer the victims of an ancient tragedy. The energy of Light and Love did a good job here, my friends … Many of you, Lightworkers, took part in the healing of this Space-Time Continuum wounds. Is it because, my friends, do not hurt anymore the spiritual wounds that troubled you so long? (Prolonged Kryon’s smile).

Now the question I hear from many of you. “Kryon! So, Atlantis is just the island?? For sure, not the continent? ” I have already answered: ” Yes. Big Island”. But should be a fallowing second legitimate question: “Why the future Atlantians settled on the island? If they are so powerful and aggressive, why they were not easy to take a place in the sun on any continent? “

To answer this question, I will tell a different story. It is also part of our “historical Game”. Dear Lightworkers should know about it…


25.12. 2010 g.

Message received by Sergey Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novokuznetsk

* All rights reserved. Communications cycle “KRYON from RUSSIA” can be freely distributed and published only without cuts and changes.

Created: December 25, 2010

to be continued part 2. and 3.


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