Climate changes and Consciousness

Maybe some will not read it as they do not want to low their vibrations, some others may want to keep focusing on all the shopping they want to do tomorrow, others might feel tempted to listen to vip trols that want to keep filling their pockets… either way one thing is certain: bad vibes will keep coming, shopping might be something you wont be able to do unless you get a boat to go to the moll, politicians come and go and some should really go!
If we want to remain blind or worst: stupid, is our choice! but whatever messes with the life of the whole planet, has no private stupidity, that simply cannot be allowed!
When a country has candidates that, publicly, make fun of a subject that belongs to the whole world, but as if it belongs to their house… when a country has politics which make laws preventing people from touching this subject as if they are kings… when a country such as U.S. and China as well influence life on the other side of the globe… how can we be quiet, watching and listening to blasphemy!!! If you do not consider nature, consider your human life, for this is slowly be taken away from you! it is not about nature any more, although to be honest, between nature and human (which i am part of) i always chose nature, even that i lose my life over this subject for some reason, because we do not deserve life as much as an ant! thats the plain freaking truth!
All countries and special the major (China, U.S. and India) countries contribute to this disaster we are starting to see, and i listen in television that no one used to talk about climate changes, Really? i hear about this for over 30 years!!! … When will people wake up? i imagine young ladies parking a boat outside of shops to buy stupid make up, bags and clothes; i see men with ties and nice boats discussing brands, i see restaurants on top of buildings… and i see, for example, Philippines, which do not contribute for this problem, starving for they ran out of food supply given by the see (which is already happening). thats just an example…
What can i say?! i just say that i always have hope on humanity and sooner or later everyone has to wake up, whether they want it or not! its not an option, anymore because we have closed our eyes for so long… so… the question is only – How long?
Politicians used to be different – they used to have an orgasm each time they thought about their family lineage continuing the richness they created, but now… they dont even care about their family and children – seams like they are loosing characteristics! well… life always knows what to do! that is the plain truth we do not like nor agree with! so lets just wait and then, after things get to a stage we cannot solve them… we will find a solution! we will get water from mars for sure!
If we are on this process of ascension, shifting…  we really have to find a way of talking about this subjects! I am not lowing my vibration, because that is my choice, however there is great concern, of course! We have to find ways to maintain balance within but if we really love mother earth we must refuse to close or eyes!

Climate changes and Consciousness

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