1.1.1 There`s a shift going on!

This is an energy of fulfillment and accomplishment. What is you want? be that consciously! you are very powerful now. Use this well!

Each nine years, the first of January works as a powerful elevation fuel. For the ones who understand what ever is happening to them at this day, the shift is inevitable.
If you feel angry, look at it, maybe you will notice you really need to be angry so you clean, do some closer on a specific subject which you have been trying to close! so let it all come out, take decisions inspired on the love you feel for yourself! once and for all.
If you are having some lack of energy, analyse your body, what are you missing or what should you stop or start doing so you get healthier. It can also be about emotion or mental inertia – do you have any plans for your life? do you lack faith on yourself? change by taking care of yourself in all ways; also do whatever you need to start having goals and believing in yourself and in the universe!
if you feel like sleeping, you probably need to connect further with your true self in order to find what are the right movements so you keep going further. Sleep then, you can also meditate some or enhance some dialogues with yourself, they always work!
If your mind is very active and you feel great, means probably that you only need to focus and look at priorities. Schedule things so you do not get lost on so many things you want to do for your future self.
On the other hand, if you are feeling a lot of thought/mind activity but you feel discomfort in some areas of your body, that probably means your emotional self is sending messages to your mental body so you give attention to problems you still need to solve within yourself, and consequently on your life.
Pay attention to the way you feel during this first week of January. see things as signs, messages you are sending to yourself for some reason.
These are awesome energies, just use them to your growth. Help others if you need that is your moment. Whatever you do, do it with clarity, consciously and with lot of love.
Do not feel annoyed, angry, revolted… just because! you are manifesting it! be aware that you are a creator, you control energies, your energies, your life!
It is important you know that your inner energy is intensifying and everything you think and feel manifests rapidly on reality. And other vital aspect – as you ascend, as you shift your energy you need to understand that every day is a brand new moment of existence, your existence! And its sacred! Each day is a whole world, through each you learn, evolve, create, love and change your reality! Reality is speeding up because you are speeding up, fast!

1.1.1 There`s a shift going on!

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