Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material



by Tamara Knusle

Hello, my favorites! I come to you with great tenderness from the Heart of the One Family of Light! Dear people – Angels from the Great Central Sun! What an incredibly beautiful rich was, who transform your world events of the year you have lived on the planet Earth. You remember that 2016-th carried in their energy vibrations of the birthday of beautiful butterflies. So butterfly spread its wings and its information spread around the Earth, it sat down on the blossoming flower of Space-Time of the New Evolutionary Cycle, and their wings painted a rainbow of New energy. She waved her beautiful new wings and flew over the planet, shedding pollen rainbow in the water space of the Earth.

My dear, you take part in the work of birth of the Planetary New Water. Water stay different. And the coming year, 2017, declared itself of the Year of Birth of the New Water. Your water of 4th measurement takes New Elements into its structure, the water elements of 5th dimension. Ethereal Water of 5th dimension carries your water with New energy information. Water will be the first assistant in your work with your body, with all nature of Earth. Water will help the establishment of Harmony and Peace in the world, gaining more and more Light. And the symbol of the year 2017 will become a LILAC WATER FLOWER – of ETHEREAL WATER, awakening in all forms of life in your Space-Time of the Earth.

Beloved Friends! You are living in a remarkably Great Time! And we together with you are living in the magic that happens in the world. All transformation that amplifies Light in the world, is not possible without your active participation. The process of raising the vibrations of the planet and people lifting up speed, and Ascension is already underway, goes smoothly, almost imperceptibly in your daily life. And that’s GREAT! Everything goes on as usual. But you, dear Lightworkers, you know: what hard work is taking this comfortable way of improving CONSCIOUSNESS!

My dear! Family of Light with great pleasure Congratulate you on the New Year – the year of birth the NEW WATER! 2017-th carries a number of its vibration energy of the New Birth!

(Kryon on Codes: 2017 YEAR = 320=5 – “Getting a Multistage Process” – note from Tamara Knusle)

Let this year be the beginning of New Traditions, dedicated to WATER. We wish for all of us inspired Creativity for the benefit of the beloved Earth, for the benefit of all things on It, and in the whole Galaxy! Let LOVE and JOY are filled your Hearts, let your Souls sing the Song of Unity!

With Love and Joy your EL MORIA




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