what do you prefer: PREDICTIONS or POSSIBILITIES?

We all know the search for prediction through out the year… but when a new year comes, that search rises! the thing is, although some predictions are quite good, you probably notice that it never comes when we are expecting things to happen and when they happen we always get surprised! this happens with our personal life as well as the collective. As predictors usually channel their information, the time factor is never easy to be on target due to the difference of dimensional vibrations and their “time” energy being so different, or even non-existent! other aspect is the fact that often things are really happen and we do not get the news confirming it!
When you listen or read about predictions, specially if different sources tell something similar… believe that something is happening, but maybe behind the scenes!
I find this subject really amazing! but what i want to tell you about this all is: there is a negative aspect that most do not notice – the waiting for things to happen, the laziness, the non-movement! life is to be lived and to be created by everyone. you might think you are in no position to stand up and do something; that is a wrong perspective that puts you on an observer situation, preventing yourself from using creative energies to build!
While you think about wanting to know what predictions might be floating around the world, use your multiverse nature to be yourself as a fully conscious and creative being! never wait, just live totally, fully, completely! what ever predictions you see and read, remember that they are possible because of the energies that enable them to happen; so… use those energies full of possibilities to do something as well! every energy is here at our disposal and when important energetic moments come, they come for every one.
If you think events come only for some… think again and get in touch with your true self, then call all your parts to be present and be fully engaged with life so you can create. Remember: it is all about choice, so… what is your choice? it doesnt matter what job you have, how lonely you feel, how much money you have… dont you realize yet that life isnt only about what is happening in the world you see with your physical eyes? and even that world, you think is put in motion with what? hands, feet and brains? no! there is so much more about life… there is so much more about everything! and maybe what you are doing now is exactly what you are supposed to do, and maybe  where you are is the right place! and if it isnt… well, seams you have a lot to dream and plan, then! right?!
There`s another level of energy, another level of consciousness – the one that you use to speed up life when you read or watch about predictions; The one, predictions will rise you up, will make you engage with life, with the world, with whatever you are meant to be! use those possibilities of divine momentum! they exist for you as well! they are you! go live, go do, go be, go love!

what do you prefer: PREDICTIONS or POSSIBILITIES?

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