Trust your guidance system to grow on 2017

One of the biggest symptoms people are feeling lately related to this time of ascension, is mainly the pressure on the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA and on THROAT CHAKRA. At first these symptoms are not very noticeable, but as we see closely and pay attention to our body and how it is feeling things, we start noticing these pressures.

This year is all about changing our lives, as we moved further into our true self. Its all about acknowledging what needs to be really changed from within to the outside. No more “im doing things right, so i dont get why the universe is not sending miracles my way…” NO! You cant be doing things right, then! Something in you, which you know isnt according to your will, to your feeling of who you truly are, is still there… insisting in being complicating what is very easy to solve! You think you love yourself enough, already… you think your doing everything right! Sure you love yourself enough, sure you arent doing anything wrong! But are you loving yourself to the most of it? does it makes you respect yourself needs, will, wishes, feelings, actions? Does what you do, everything  you do, shows and reflects who you truly are?

When the opportunity comes, do you still get excuses to not going further? because… when the opportunity comes, it means you created it! you see? and what will be the answer you will give to the universe? because the universe will not only give what you want, it will send you on a package of challenge, related to your inner vibration which ultimately shows to the universe the amount of fear you still feel!

If you do not feel any pressure on any chakra, one of two options: you are perfectly where you are, feeling happy and enjoying your creation for the time being… or… you are not creating at all!

When you think about what you wish to see in your life, feel your body and see what chakra feels that fear of getting things started, of moving towards it! The chakra that is feeling the pressure is blocked due to the chakras below. on the chakras below there is where the problem resides. And then it affects the qualities of the chakra you feel is pressuring your senses, as well.

Look at yourself, your life, know that you can always love yourself more, respect yourself. Just because you think you are being a loving being by acting as you are, does not mean that is the best for the ones you are helping. That goes for you and others. Sometimes nurturing avoids growth! Sometimes help is freeing others, or freeing ourselves from comfort due to fear.

For your life to get amazing you do not need to leave everything behind… you can do it if that is what you want, but know that being a spiritual being has no rules at all… that is what we are here to become… so no rules… change if you want, leave everything if you want, but dont be that radical if you dont want! The goal is to feel happy and fulfilled, not feel any kind of pressure. The only rule is your own self and its wishes! It is ok to want to be comfortable so we can have a security life so we go further moving towards other objectives, ok? No need to abandon others (unless you want…), no need to leave your job (unless you want, and/or can do it right way!)

You are in control of everything, that is how this whole process works! and do not forget this!


Trust your guidance system to grow on 2017

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