The way to abundance is happiness

The only way to get what you want is to flow with ease, not wait, not wonder, not focus… the only way is that feeling inside that gives you happiness, the only way is to BE.

The only way is to be happy before you get it, by knowing, by feeling it! Never wait for something so you can be happy, because first of all waiting doesnt exist, second happiness is your natural way to BE.

How can i explain the miracle of receiving miracles, the happiness of being happy, the joy of laughing, the ecstasy of life, the easiness of solving problems, the softness of creating everything… when there are no words, no words at all that to describe, as words are made by disappointed, tired, un-faith, non-believable beings… how can i transform this into words that are magical, real as life really is! no matter the illusion-airy world we might live in, no matter the force of gravity that prevents us to fly, no matter the tears and the pain…
Just listening to the wind outside and feeling the cold in my arms; tasting the coffee and chocolate, imagining sceneries and goals on my mind, walking and smiling, smelling the sea and touching the sand, lightening a candle and watching its light for a first time, always… the softness of clothes,the touch of water, each face i look at, each accent i listen to.
The higher feelings and vibrations are as magical… never more, for earth is the magical realm, the expression of our dream heaven… we just do not see it when we are here… the color of the energies, how they move, how they smile as they fly towards someone in need… everything is so magical… the thinking of someone who is thinking of me, the i have an idea and the idea materialize, the i go buy and i receive a present, the i offer and i know it was important to do it… the i love you and i love you more… the one who is in pain and offends us and we give time and space… and time and space always work miracles… the acknowledgment that when we do not focus on anything, everything happens… we just need to move in life, never stagnate, never stop, always create what we love, and love everything we do as it is the first time we do it… the change when it is time to move on forward into the future, bring future to our feet and hands… smiling always to what we do not desire anymore for it was so great, so great we cant have it anymore! hahaha yes! the walking, the moving… as well as the rest, the enjoying everything with large breaths… the WOW when we just noticed mistakes we are doing for so long! it is a wow yes! because we feel grateful for so many bad things coming our way, for we saw the truth! our truth! wow! yes! now i see a bit more, now i can change, now i can imagine other life that isnt only this! i can go and do something different, maybe by doing something similar… it doesnt matter! what matters is that each time we look closer to ourselves we grow! we love more life, we are more life and we create more life!
O LIFE! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING because everything was I, everything was me showing things to my self waiting for things to be seen clearly! As we align truthfully with ourselves, nothing is impossible… O how can i explain it, how can i show you… it is so beautiful we can explode! it is so perfect i just want to tell you… but i do not know how! i do not know how to do it… it is a feeling… no! it is a knowing… NO! It is being, BEING! JUST BEING WHATEVER YOU ARE, YOU WANT, YOU WISH, YOU FEEL, YOU DESIRE, YOU DREAM… O i just want to find words to tell you how easy it is to do what you look for…

The way to abundance is happiness

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