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KRYON through Marina Schulz.
Direct channeling in Riga, Latvia 18.12.2016

Part 1.

Marina Schulz: Foreword

Hello dear friends!

I am pleased to welcome you to a New meeting with Kryon.

I greet with great joy that our team is assembled from the different countries. This is a great holiday for all of us.

A year ago, December 20, 2015, we under the leadership of Kryon took to Earth Fire of Sun Renaissance, which was headed by the family of the Ascension Fires. Then was born the Crown of Ascension Fires, in which fires powering each other in a synergistic manner.

I congratulate you on the Anniversary of this Event!

Today is strong energy day – begun period of the Winter Solstice. Once Kryon said to us, that the New year, a new evolutionary programs beginning with the unfolding of the Winter Solstice. This is the Zero Point, inversion point, when the collapsed old programs and the New one runs. And the work that we perform today is the launch of New programs.

When was preparing this meeting, as always, it was the Light Family, in advance to build around the building, where we are, and in our room, a certain Light design. It meets the requirements of today’s topic, is the translational structure through which information is transmitted throughout the world, and the Galaxy.

Now we will build a Crystal Light, as usual. I urge you to do this on a wave of Joy and Love.

Open at the cellular level, your own source of Joy. Feel the Joy, how it fills your body. Joy is the basis for the energy of Love.

We call cheerful energy of the Ascension – the Orange Fire. Its mantra is: EL-KA-RA. Joyful Orange Fire El-Ka-Ra! Let’s use it to construct our Light crystal. At floor level, around the perimeter of the room, will let Orange Fire. We let it flow from the corners of the room up, higher and higher. Feel as if your soul aspires for the Fire this up … We create a four-sided pyramid. Reflect mirrored it down. Now slip up and down to these fiery edges, along the edges. Feel how easy and fun this crystal today.

We put Earth in our Luminous Crystal. Covering Her with energy of joy. Look at a globe in our crystal. Here and there appear and shine lights, or flashing rays. Someone greeting you! It’s – different forms of life, who want to participate in our co-creation. They honk their rays, lights, and sending Joy. How nice! Mother Earth Maria also raised its internal flow of Joy, and fixed it at the heart each of you. Feel the oncoming flow.

Now remember that the Sacred Hearts of every one of you lives the flower of your Soul. Do not be surprised if this flower was different, or another color. This flower can be changed during our work. Ask it to blossom, grow in size, and strive to lower the top of our pyramid. There’s all the flowers are twisted into a tight spiral of flow. And this spiral of our flowers rises expanding turns of the base crystal. Flowers wink to each other, wiggle petals. Finally, the spiral began to climb to the top of the top of the pyramid. And around the Earth raced flower dance! There is our flowers, and other forms of life. Runaround much. They settled down and the equator, and the parallels and meridians. The whole Earth is covered with a joyful wave of magical colors.

And we, in the our magic crystal, will call to “Crown of Ascension Fires” – family of Ascension Fires.

Now, lets call for co-creation to Family of Light planetary, our Solar System, our Galaxy. Lets call our Higher Selves, our Teachers, Mentors, Guardian Angels, subtle Support Group, Core Elements of our world. The Magnetic Core of our Galaxy – ARHEIRAR.

Lets call for co-creation to Mother Earth, the Planetary Christ Melchizedek and Planetary Maria Maitreya.

We asking to be with us all the Lemurian Crystals.

Lets call for co-creation to non-incarnate, embodied, the Priests of the Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires. They now always involved in any Light work, because any Light work is connected now to Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires.

And we rejoice, today with us again is Kryon …


Good afternoon, my dear Angels! I am Kryon of Magnetic Service, I greet you today! I am very pleased that we are once again going in the same composition. I fulfill our workspace with joy of the whole Universe, the joy of all Galaxy, your Solar system and your planet Earth. This joy has no bounds. I want so much to have your heart filled with it. And so she led us today in our travel, our conversation, and the perception of those events that are happening today.

My dear! Today, is not only the anniversary of arrival on Earth the Fire of Solar Renaissance. Today, is the fourth anniversary from the moment, when we accepted your Galactic Alignment of the Earth, the Sun relatively to the Galaxy’s center. Four years have passed, and you can say – Galaxy sends more different energy; We changed the evolutionary programs and we are actively working with them. You are Creators of the New World! And now I am attracting a new hologram of the Flower of Space-Time in our workspace. Let it be with us. And let the bright energy of Love and Joy radiated them in your hearts.

And today we will travel. And will create New World of the New Earth and New humanity. I invite you to start our first trip. I am with you, my dear Solar Angels!



Hello, Solar Angels! Would You like to soak up the Sun rays as you will never be able to do this in any, the most beautiful beach of the Earth? Would you like to do to become a rays of Sunshine?

I know, I know, your heart responded to my call … Of course! Your Solar nature is always ready to break out of the constraints of dense matter … and soar into the Sky … Why do not fly, my Sunshines? Now we will commit a joyful Cosmic travel … Yes, yes, yes, it will be Cosmic! I invite you to familiarize yourself with your Solar system.

Imagine, that you are on the beach … the hot sun warms all of your body … Next to you is warm sea and waves of water, that you have just emerged … A light breeze blew you, caressing your body … A Sun draws … attracts like a magnet … you throws heads and to squint look at it …

“Thank you, beloved Sun for the love and affection! Thank you, Sun, for my life, and all of the world! “You stretch out your hand to the Sun and you think that it slipped in them a special beam. That Solar touch you never felt …

You look at your hands, and they really shine as a bright light. As much as bright that you cant see your hands anymore … you understand, that they themselves become a ray of light … And this ray with pleasure bathes in a large stream of gentle sunlight …

And Sun invites your small ray for its great Ray … forward … and up …

And you do not hesitate, given allowance of magnetic pull to your native luminary …

Just one moment – and you’re in Space!

But the Sun is not in a hurry to draw you closer. On the contrary, it proposes to meet with all Its home. You look around … in a loss … But what to do now?

A heart stops from the beauty and majesty of space, in which you have got … The dark abyss of the cosmos adorned with lights of near and distant planets … Stars of distant worlds are attracted by its diversity and magnetism … are allocated clusters of stars and nebulas …

And in your own Home stands out the Sun itself … And you, more than ever, comes to know the depth of its Fatherhood- Motherhood and infinite Love that it pours generously to its offspring – the planetary system.

Do you hear in your hearts its call:

“My Angel! My beautiful Ray of Light! Look how much light paths and tracks I paved for your trip! After all, it is necessary for our mutual acquaintance. My beloved Ray! My entire system is the body of my multidimensional. And each of the planets – this is an important evolutionary knot inside my body.

Look at the Earth! Do you recognize yourself in this beauty, covered in blue flames, the one that was recently hidden from the world in linen clothes elusive? .. Sped away into space, you highlighted the light path indissoluble connection with her …

Ray of my joy! Look how much light paths shines around … They flee to the far and near planets … They twist around planetary satellites and asteroids … And somewhere these paths intersect shining knots … And in all of these paths you can slide, my beloved Child, the Child of the Sun !

Choose one of the roads and rush off. But where to go? Everywhere the call is heard …

And the distant Pluto is inviting to look at cosmic abyss … And Mercury invites you to bask near me … And Saturn invitingly and iridescent zoom their rings … and red light poured Mars welcomes guests as the nearest neighbors … and you turn on the flow of tenderness … and see … Venus … and Why it does not aspire?

Which choice! And you want to go everywhere! Is not it?

My Sunshine Child! Remember about your multi dimensionality and multi spatiality. And rush at once, as a single pulse, to visit all! Did you tried? Did you?

Ah! You are already everywhere … and everywhere at once loomed your Ray! You ran up on all my bodies and merged with them all …

But what do you see? You receive a lots of rays. And all of them is by your side and run to all planets. And you realize, that this is all friendly family, which met today together, visiting Kryon … “

I, Kryon, very pleased with your light moving…

Funny dance of beloved Sunbeams fills the space … Each planet brings you their gifts … embraces you with its energies … And you feel that the whole system links the Unite Being of Light – the Sun … And its infinite Love fill all life forms of planets. It, Love sounds in your Hearts … and you feel as you are significant for the Sun, and all planets, and the Earth, and the Moon, and every blade of grass, pebble and every atom …

The Sun tenderness veil envelops you … .. and return to the beach … you are standing, arms outstretched … and realize how your life has been enriched after this trip.

Delve into your Sacred Heart … and find it in Love and Unity of all Solar Home…

Indeed, Solar Angels begin to remember their origins …

Your Kryon.


My friends! Today Sun Light

Jet loudly, softly and invitingly …

Responded to the heartfelt greetings of the heart,

And it was all around a magical, inseparably

With the whole family great. And joy stream

Now a spreading flowing river.

And a visit to us will go all right now –

And the joy we open the door to him.

When the soul singing nightingales,

And the circle of friends has expanded immensely,

Sounds Universe fire of Love,

And the heart expands infinitely.

I invite all the planets in the dance,

That would be signs of the times.

Let sings soul, and the Spirit is calling

Fly forward to space achievements.

Today – an extraordinary day.

Its vibration compose songs.

You call her sing in rhythm changes.

And make the world wonderful!

My friends! Today we have a day of celebration! It carries a special vibration. It is no coincidence our meeting scheduled for today, to use its extraordinary energy information.

In addition, beginning Winter Solstice. And the imposition of these two factors will bring the results today, which planned the Family of Light.

I would like to remind you, before we are talking about today, about the work that we had performed in the month of September, the vibrations of 9-9-9. Then Master El Moria took you by itself. Yes, indeed, everything is connected with the Ascension process that is gaining power on your planet. Ninth in September of 2016-th, you have completed the work and helped to come to Earth the energy information from the three planets of the Solar system. Three Rays came to the Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires. They were sent: Distant planet Pluto, Jupiter and Venus. And they operate three energies, three flow of the Ascension energy, which entered through the Flower of the Mother of World at the Worlds Temple of Ascension Fires in Central Inner Earth’s Sun, became as One synergistic flow. Earth previously worked on her own single energy flow of Ascension. After this day, the situation has changed. Today we will, with you together, assert our hearts, our hands, our wings (you are Angels!) in another innovation in the process of Ascension.

Let’s get back to today’s vibrations. Look, it’s – 9, 3 and 9. This is – three, because if we put numerologically these figures, we get the number 3, which speaks of a triad of Triality. If on the day of September 9-th had three nines, and as they neither add, they still gave nine, ie, we talked about the Ascension energy. Here, on the one hand, we see that the numerological number tells us about the process of Ascension: 9-3-9; On the other hand, is the theme insistently Triality. And now, indeed, an extraordinary day! It is linked, of course, with the Zero Point of the Winter Solstice, after which the inversion, the New programs begins. And today we can run the program of Triality in the Ascension process.

Maybe some of it will surprise you – why Triality of Ascension process? And what was it? It was not even-Trial, although its potential is naturally carried Triality. Many may wonder: “Why are we talking about the process of Ascension, based on the Trial of it, as if we are talking about a Being of Light or some form of animate life? It’s just a process!” My dear Ones! But you all are Trial. You know, that each of you have a trial basis of the Divinity. But you, as human beings, are only a fragment of the process of creation of the Creator. Similarly, the process of Ascension – it begins to take a form and the inner content of the spiritual essence of the triality. From today begins to emerge Triality of Ascension process. And whatever you’re doing, creating the process, developing it, expanding and moving it further, not only today, but also in the coming years, decades and even centuries, you’ll be done within the Divine Triality of Ascension process.

So, today is a very important evolutionary novelty for your planet. And I with great joy want to present you the main participants who run this Triality, Divine Triality of Ascension process.

I just reminded you of the day on September 9-th of 2016-th, vibrations of 9-9-9 from the three planets, which is very important for the Earth, – Pluto, Jupiter and Venus, which launched three streams of energy of the Ascension. And today I’ll tell you, and even introduce you to those planets that occupy key positions today.

So, we are again working with the Solar system. You have just been there, visited all the planets without exception, because you holographically multiplied and were able to go anywhere and everywhere, leaving your footprints, your own holograms. This means that all of you are equal value and equal citizens of the Solar system. And you can always resurrect experience of this state, you can re-live it. You can finally understand how deeply you are connected to the Solar system and are not merely observers of it, as sometimes seems to some inhabitants of the Earth, as active participants in its creation, its life, its development and, most importantly, that the most important for you – its relationship with the Earth, its sisterly and brotherly relations with your planet.

Thus, the first member today of the process, I call the planet, located far away in the Solar system. It is located beyond the orbit of Pluto. Scientists are looking for it; sometimes they say they have calculated it, seen, and then it disappears again from the field of observation. But it exists. The ancients called her Proserpine now also call her and astrologers. Well, then, you can explore the mythology of this planet, why it is so named. And now I’m talking about the planet, and not about the asteroid, which officially has the same name. Today we are talking about a planet that is on the very edge of the Solar system. What is special about this planet? In exactly the same way as Pluto. These two planets in the Solar system belong to two cosmic structures – to your Sun, and another system. The orbits of Pluto and Proserpina calculated provisionally, because the Earthly observer has never seen from your horizon, that the planets went around the sun. But it is not what we are interested, but about that they are adjacent planets with the Solar system and keeping in touch with far-off worlds. That’s very, very important.

So, Pluto has earned by the programs of the Ascension of your planet in the month of September, the 9th of September. Proserpine today is walk in. But she, like the rest of the planets, which about I will talk today, is not send their energy flows that support for Ascension. They have different functions – they now include Divine Triality of this process. They include very different programs, different methods. Sometimes it is not clear the depth of their impact is not directly visible. But they really show Divine Triality of Ascension process, because this is the turning point is the launch of their own programs.

Let’s talk more about Proserpine, the more of it you know very little. Why is it that your scientists can see it and does not see? It -an amazing planet has unique properties: change the pulse density of its matter. Sometimes she is a greater percentage of rarefied matter, or, as we say, a matter of higher vibrations. Sometimes this matter is sealed, and then Proserpine manifested in the field of observation of the Earth by your telescopes and other means of exploring the cosmos, which has science. But it is not even important for us today. I just explained why it is as if there is, it seems to disappear from view. But astrology – it is, indeed, the highest science! And those astrologers who penetrate deeply into the essence of things, sometimes calculated in the space of the Solar system in terms that are not recognized by scientists, but still works as a planets. You can call them factors, you can refer to them in some other way, but they do exist. I told you before that you think the Solar system consisting only of those planets that you can see. Actually is more of them. And Proserpine, of the visible, – is the Eleventh planet. And then there are the invisible planets, that never for a tight your views were not manifested. But all at the time! And you even will know how rich is your Solar system, your native Solar Home.

Thus, the planet Proserpine. Proserpine is on the verge of the Solar system and another world, which for you also still very little is known. But she is the conductor of many programs, codes, energy necessary for development of the Earth, for its current phase of the Ascension, for New evolutionary programming not only in your world, coming out of Duality, but also all the other worlds. Proserpine, how to claim some astrologers, is a planet, affecting the generation, on the whole civilization to the people. But the fact that it affects not only the development of mankind, it affects all forms of life on your planet. It produces a deep level of change and contributes to their development. PROZ eR PINA – look, what is the root of the name. INSIGHT. And you begin to see clearly under its influence many processes, many worlds, many forms of life, new laws. It says that Proserpine effect on the consciousness of all life forms, and of the consciousness of people, too. On the basis of deep transformations in which it is a great helper of the Earth, there is a change in consciousness. And it will be done with the help of Proserpine. And it is – a sign of Divinity and the Divinity is Trial.

Proserpine becomes the factor by which you will enter the New world of Space-Time. And its inclusion in the Ascension process takes place at a time when it is already, the New Space-Time, begins to unwrap it. First, the ground was prepared and then was carried Triality, energy flows for the Ascension process, and now switched on Proserpine with her, truly Divine possibilities.

Proserpine currently becomes a guide in your world of the New stream of children, whom you have already called Diamond Children. These children are going exactly through it. And you will soon receive information about how the different ways they will come into your world. Of course, I understand, in the first place you are interested in your world, but you have become accustomed to the realization of Polyworld (multi dimension world) to real life in the Polyworld and its terms of cooperation. So you will know that they will come and in other dimensions and other worlds. Now Proserpine guide them in higher dimensions, for the most part they are stopped until in the seventh dimension, partially in the sixth, in harmonious worlds, and in the fifth dimension. But the first birds have visited your world! And their godmother is Proserpine. Proserpine impact on many processes of their appearance, their adaptation in your world. They will come, as I said, in different ways. Someone will come through the birth, the usual method, that is for you. Someone will come by Spiritual substitution, and you are aware of the Spiritual substitution, of what it is. But now more and more you will meet with an entirely New process. We can it be called “resurrection” – temporarily, because soon it will be called by its true name. This is the process when Soul coming to the embodiment of the mission will immediately receive the required for her to perform Complex Multidimensional Bodies. Such embodiment will be engaged in a special service in the Fifth Dimension. You are performing a lot of work on the Project “Ascension”, practically paved the way for the Diamond Children and their unusual manifestation in your world.

Now there are only a few Diamond Children, but soon, this process attains power. You understand how important it is for children to come immediately Diamond Adults and have already been defined for the implementation of the program. Know how to implement them; know how to help you step out of the world of Duality. And this process is quite long, it is more stretched in time. They will also know how to help line up the New Space-Time, the process that is running now for your world, and for the whole Earth. It will be an interesting stream of New Children, this will be an interesting flow of New Teachers, New Employees, New Angels, Solar Angels. And Proserpine is their Godmother and Mentor.

fallowing Part 2.




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