Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for this material

KRYON through Marina Schulz.
Direct channeling in Riga, Latvia 18.12.2016

Part 2.

And now I would like to talk about Proserpine’s symbol. Those who have studied astrology know what symbol is used for, Proserpine – two with right angles parenthesis that “backs” are facing each other and between them – the point.

In fact, this character is not exactly at the time was adopted. It is a symbol related to the period of your dual existence where there was manifested Proserpine as a conductor of the Divine Triality. In fact it is – the two membranes and between the sphere. In this area, the potential has been concluded, conserved, Zero Point exit to the Divine Triality. And this character is depicted in Figure 2.

Today Proserpine for us begins to show new symbol, and it is drawn in Fig. 3.

Membranes have started to move towards each other, and they had already crossed. They changed their color – blue steel, with one carries gold edging. And in this membrane, light blue with gold trim, signed new evolutionary programs that Proserpine will oversee and bring in the space of the Earth, including the program of New Children. And finally, the sphere between the two membranes, which has now turned out to be closed in a harmonious space, became a lavender color. It will change to pink-lilac color, until it becomes PINK. A membrane will gradually disperse until they come in contact with their sharp Ends. It will take many more years, but it is – the trend in Proserpine character. Why is that color inside the sphere? Firstly, it became Active, it began to really carry out the Divine Energy. It currently carries the same energy that gives Venus to Earth. Venus, refracting rays of Mother of the World, has become the first, at 9-th September of 2016-th, to send them back to Earth, to support this New Flow of the Ascension process. And this pink-lilac sphere inside two membranes carries too high energies of Love, Divine Love, Mother’s of the World Energy. We can say that this area, through the energy of consonance with Venus and her care about your planet. On the other hand, this symbol can be seen as the establishment of the Divine Masculine-Feminine in one Divine Triality. And as such, today Proserpine earned for the Earth, which means that for each of you, for your changing world, for the whole planetary system from all over the globe. It will change YOUR FRAGMENTARY IMPACT, their programs at the appropriate destination. But today it has earned.

I would like to introduce you with this Planet, with its light rays, with its vibrations. You do not have to strain, you just let the Proserpine you gently hug, send you in the heart of its rays. Believe me, it is very, very delicate! You will take a real pleasure touching this rays. Encourage all your heart with the planet Proserpine and get acquainted with Her …

Proserpine is the planet of Transformation, a Deep Creative Evolutionary Transformation. I have already said that, it is working on the transformation of civilizations, generations. But it works individually for each of you, too, otherwise it can not be. And will be good, if you will make friendship with this planet. The planet Proserpine is a very long time in each sign of the zodiac – about 42 years, sometimes a little longer. This means that now it is closely connected to the people, who have the Sun coincides with the birth of its position in the sign of Scorpio. This is approximately 15˚ of Scorpio. These people in particular it operates. These people are with it in very easy to get in touch with Her, to hear Her, to call Her. It can give a very rapid transmutation into those issues that you need – Complexes of Multidimensional Transformation Bodies, conversion of various destructions of the physical body. One thing you have to remember – if you are filled, having very close contact with Proserpine, some negative energies, thoughts, actions, emotions, the Proserpine may begin to act, transforming at the very lowest level. All the planets have an impact on different levels of vibration. So take Proserpine with joy and co-create with your Higher Self in joy. It can help you do this very quickly, it is very easy to responds to all the innovations, that is part of your life.

That’s just what you have spent a great job on the creation of New Water-Ethereal Water. This is only the beginning of a chain of similar works. And Proserpine was participated in it. You can contact Her and ask Her to help the speedy up transformation of the composition of water in your body and all liquid in your body. She would be happy to help you and will do it! Proserpine can a lot! Take it a New sign, its New Symbol in your Sacred Heart, making friends with Her and become with Her co-creators with your New World, a New Space-Time of your world. And at this time Proserpine will stay with you, She will not go away anymore. Your Higher Self will fix for you to link with Proserpine, and you will can always call out to Her and feel the quick response to your Sacred Heart.

And now we’ll go with you on, on and on through the Solar system, but not at Proserpine, no, no, no! We turned around, sending Her kisses, and rush toward the Earth. You are flying! You are Solar Angels! You are rejoicing! Look, how your rays flashed everywhere that you left on all the planets! But here you have someone beckons – seriously and persistently, and your flight path to the Earth changes slightly. Do not worry! Nobody did anything wrong. On the contrary … hold on, slow down your flight, your run in this space! … And look: who attracts, who is calling?! Oh! On the horizon of your perception Mars appears. That is – the second participant of today’s celebration – MARS! You can either land on it, or fly around it, while I’m talking about Him. Or you can go back to Earth and see it from the Earth. Now you have a very, very close relationship with Him.

So, Mars. It also participates in the development of today’s Triality, Divine Triality of the Ascension process. Everyone thinks that planet Mars is lifeless. But we talked already about Mars. Remember! Once we had a fascinating journey through all the planets of the Solar system. There were also on Mars, and you communicated with the Planetary Spirit of Mars. It welcomed you, talked with you, and, like all the world, presented their gifts to you. You got them, and then they generously shared with all the other planets, including the Earth. And then, I told you that, on the Mars, there is no reasonable civilization – a civilization in a reasonable dimension, similar to your fourth dimension. Now there’s no civilization in the fourth and fifth dimensions. However, Mars, until now is a highly developed planet, carrying a very high civilization. It lives in the seventh dimension. And this civilization has long prepared the gifts, that are now presenting it to the Earth. This civilization gradually will give a RESURRECTION LIFE of Mars at all levels, in all dimensions. There is no need to fly to Mars, to colonize it, to plan the survival of people in the harsh conditions of fourth dimension of this planet!!! It has its own life, has their own civilization, there is their own evolutionary cycle. Mars has long been in a state of PRALAYA, but now it is beginning to emerge from it. And this civilization of Mars, higher dimensions is just ready to go into a state of MANVANTARA. But the connection with the Earth is steadily, it is the Earth’s closest neighbor. And always was between Mars and Earth a close relationship. On Earth, it has long been developing a lot of Martian Monads. Yes, there were landings, one might even say that, on Earth from Mars. When there are so changed the conditions of life, that some people (they will still be called so, representatives of reasonable humanity of Mars) Mars had to leave. Someone moved on the planet Earth, some went to other worlds. But there were those, who did not want to go to other worlds, and they are etched in the field of Mars in the form of Divine Monads. Now they are preparing for a New Evolutionary Cycle.

Higher Seventh Dimension of the Mars civilization has prepared a special program for the Earth. This stabilization process of the Ascension programs, at various stages in its various fragments. This is very important, because until now the Ascension process was not as stable, as we would like to. Note, that I’m talking with you about Triality, about Divine Triality of Ascension process. Did you know that the Ascension process began in 1987, the year of the First Harmonic Convergence. But how it went? It was going at different speeds, joined together with great difficulty from different fragments of different phases. Sometimes things do not succeed, something was broken, something went faster than expected. Now the whole process has become more stable, especially when earned the World Temple of the Ascension Fires, Fires of the Ascension; when we received the full activation of all Lemurian Crystals, and you have already moved to the activation of programs of these Crystals. They are aimed directly at the Ascension. And here Mars will goes, in the first place, the programs, which will stabilize all of these processes, to stabilize the different stages, sub-steps, fragments of the Ascension process, filling them with the power of the Divine Triality. That is the mission of Mars, and now He begins to send its rays to the Earth’s planetary system. You’ve already talked at one time with the Planetary Spirit of Mars, so I ask you again: connect to its beam, to the beat of His Heart. Mars really wants to meet you! Let for no one, He will no longer be a dead planet carrier tension and the threat! Mars is alive, evolutionary Mars develops, Mars is your nearest neighbor, which again goes to a High Level of communication with the Earth.

Now touch the beam of Mars … It, of course, will help you in many of your works. But ask Him for help, for the highest of level. Do not allow to Mars in your life manifested His low plans and low vibrations. And you will understand how Mars can help you create your personal life; how your life can change dramatically, if you will call upon Mars to help.

And I’m asking right now Planetary Spirit of Mars to give each of you aspiration momentum in the future. And Mars will start for each of you to reveal the future and enlighten those faces, those aspects that will show how your personal future will be interfaced with the general evolution of the canvas of your world, your race, your people, your country. Make friends with Mars, study it. For this contact is the best assistant for you, your Higher Self. But do not forget about your Subtle Support Group, your Guides. In them, you know, a lot of experts. Some of you have several Support Groups. And they always have at least one specialist in contact with the Solar system. It is very, very important! Even without knowing it name, you can call on it and use it to adjust to any planet, interact with it. Build your life and the life of your world. Only start of the good for all, and then all your personal questions will be easier solved, not only by yourself, but also of the planet, which you call upon. The principle of the good for all remains mainly in the interaction with the Solar system.

And now I would like to tell you about the third defendant in our today’s extraordinary day. I said that Proserpine and Mars are directing their energy-flows on Earth. But remember, in our journey I told you, through the Solar system, and now just repeating it: “Earth and Moon are considered by us as a DOUBLE PLANET.” Therefore, the signals from Proserpine and Mars come to this double planet – Moon and Earth. Today, these signals taking the Moon, just the Moon. I think you are quite surprised by this. Because when you are talking about the Solar system, you are considering about any planet or any body in the Solar system, somehow forgetting that many have satellites, and this is very important. And next to the Earth has the Moon, and it is – a huge planet. Smaller than Earth, yes, but they are together. And you already know from beloved El Moria, the tremendous role played by the Moon, providing at the time life streams on Earth. From it is still very much depends on your life. You study the Moon phases and try to live in accordance with them. You learn the tides, you learn the people fertility by effecting with Moon. Oh, and a lot more! It means, that the Moon somehow manages people’s lives; not only people, but also the entire planetary life of the Earth! And Earth, in turn, controls the Moon. You just never thought about it, and you have little information about it. But it is there. Similarly, I told you, that Pluto is a Double Planet, and there are two planets in full collaboration exercise all developmental projects. One of the planets, Pluto is very often used to simulate the process of Ascension, including the Earth, so the double planets – it is always a special occasion in any system, any solar system. Now we will not talk about the satellites of other planets. Everyone has its origin, its purpose, its relationship to the main planet. In this case, we’ll dismantle a pair of Moon and Earth.

No wonder, that the Moon is called the Mother of Earth – this is actually right. And now the Moon as a caring mother of Earth, is included in the deification of the Ascension process on Earth. How it is implemented? Here I have also, perhaps surprise, but the fact remains. The moon begins today to receive a modulating flow. It comes from the galactic center, the Central Internal Sun of Galaxy. The second stream, and control nature, comes from the Arheirar, Magnetic Core of Galaxy. Today the Moon, taking these two streams, these signals modulates the flow of energy information coming from Mars and Proserpine. And yet adds its own effects. Note, again we have Triality, begun working three planets.

All of these energies is sent to the World Temple of the Ascension Fires. We are not in vain with you today urged incarnated and not incarnated Priests of Ascension Fires. And among you there are priests who are attached even to certain World Temple of the Ascension Fires, and work in them. Well, then, many of you are well aware that among the 25 Temples of World Temple have five special Temples. Very often, they bear responsibility for the receiving of a New energy information coming to Earth for its evolutionary development, and in this case – for Ascension. Therefore, the information that begins today to pass the Moon, the modulated signals from Proserpine and Mars, comes in five special Temples. It is in Dursupe, Latvia, it is the Main Temple; YAROSLAVL is a name of the Temple; The Temple is located on Lake Baikal, Russia – ORMANDUS; Temple of the coasts of Africa – OLI-MEIS; and Temple in the Canada – CENTRAL SATIYAR. All these Temples are endowed with very different characteristics, spatially arranged in different ways. They now begin to take the signals that come from the Moon and selectively impulsive. Each of the five Temples takes its own. Those who work frequently with the World Temple of Ascension Fires, see, feel – today this process is already underway. You can tune into any of these five Temples and see how in the solemn rite priests of the Temple, in the quantum presence, embodied Priests of Ascension Fires are taking the first impulses from the Moon. And what will happen next? Then begin a ritual that will lead the High Priestess of Ascension Fires, LEVITA MENYA and High Priest of Ascension Fires, RAMELIUS. Generalized signal of five Temples will goes on the Flower of Mother of the World, which is located in the World Temple of Ascension Fires, and through a special portal will arrive in Inner Central Sun of the planet Earth. Now in all the World Temples of Ascension Fires are solemn rituals to support this process. These special rituals, they have long time prepared all 25 Priests of the Temples, because they was waiting with impatience, when will be launched beginning of Divine Triality of Ascension process. And here we are, with you, at the beginnings of this process today.

Now you can be in the quantum present of the five Temples. Or 25-es, or soar above the Flower of Mother of the World, over Her Fiery petals. And see how the first streams rushed five Temples in it; and feel the vibrations of these streams, that you have received from Proserpine and from Mars.

Oh my God, I forgot to introduce you with the Moon, how I missed this! It seemed to me that you know her well, but now I look at you and I see some of you are very aloof receive information about the Moon. It is wrong, my beloved Angels. Some of you are the life streams, that Mother Moon (LUNA in Russian) gave to the Earth, and all of you are very, very dependent on the Mother Moon. To begin with, that each of you was born on a certain phase of the Moon, and you will do not argue with that. And this phase for the rest of your life will be very familiar to you; at this stage you can do a lot, including to receive assistance from the Moon. But if you are a man of this phase, and it helps you in life, then stay as a man of this phase. Just know – you are a “people of Full Moon,” or “people of the New Moon,” or any other phase of the Moon. This is extremely important, and then the other phase will not affect you. Mother Moon will always maintain the energy of this very phase, because She gave birth to you once, and it is in this moment. Therefore each of you is very closely linked with Mother Moon.

Freeze for a moment and try to resurrect the phase of the Moon in its Sacred Heart, where you were born. And I will say even more precisely – which were born your body, because the Spiritual Substituents may be in your midst. But the physical body – is the support of the Whole Multidimensional Complex of Bodies, and this is very important. Feel like Mother Moon fills with Love and Joy unspeakable space of your Sacred Heart and shows you in the phase, where your body is born. And then see Her glimpse in any way in your Sacred Heart. See it, the Moon, a beautiful planet that goes around the Earth to Her daughter, as if guarding it, gives life to many forms, supports the Earth, helps Her in crucial moments. No matter how you see it in your Sacred Heart, look – She just joyful laughing! She laughs wildly and fervently, and tells you that you don’t have to be afraid of any of its phases. You are winged Solar Angels, and you can with a great mind to use each of its phase. Just invoke the Mother Moon and ask, each phase will help you to do something: maybe recover; may be something done in the social life; maybe change something in the relationship with people. These Moon laughs, let it stay in your heart. She is still smiling from the sky every night, especially during the full moon, and many have noticed that once changed the expression of its “face”, it clearly was different, but the main thing – what is it in your Sacred Heart.

And here, in this company comes Proserpine. Oh, fine, slender beauty! She embraces the Moon. And there is Mars, a gallant gentleman! And now all the trio are living in your Sacred Heart, which means that you become direct participants, can say parents, the process of launching Divine Triality of Ascension, because everything is in your Sacred Hearts. You can even feel or see how today interact Proserpine, Mars, Moon or Earth. Skip it all through your Sacred Heart, it is important. Feel the energy and flow that sends Proserpine; as well as the energy information that comes from Mars. You may feel signals, that goes to the Moon from the Galactic Center and from Magnetic Core – Arheirar. Now everything is in your Sacred Heart, and it is boundless, it contains not only your structure, your consciousness of this level of development, it includes the entire Solar system, the Galaxy, the whole Cosmos and you are not alone in the Universe, all lives in your Sacred Heart. And if you now have experienced it all, we realize, you know – this is Proserpine began to change your mind! And if you want to travel in the Cosmos, call Proserpina. She will make it more exciting journey, and you will have the opportunity to compare your previous travel with New, because so, Proserpine could change your mind, your perception of what you’ll see in a New way, to feel in a New way, to interact in New way. And most importantly, you will open up, dive very deep – the basis of what you will be touching, or where you will aspire.

Make friends with those planets who have come today to help the Earth. It’s very, very important. You are, indeed, the founders of this New Phase of the Ascension. Dear Solar Angels, at the beginning of our meeting, you have traveled the rays of the Solar system, the Sun rays, and you have been very easy, joyful, moving and instantly everywhere, as I told you, you left a hologram on all the planets of the Solar system. Now I can say that you and Proserpine also left its hologram. Now connect the rainbows, your presence with distant Proserpine, with presence on Mars, from Mars through rainbow on the Moon, and from there – in the centers of Galaxy. And from the Moon to Earth, direct your rainbow in the World Temple of Ascension Fires, to the Flower of Mother of the World. And you can slide on all these rainbows and rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! See the rainbow becoming more multi-colored and multi-dimensional. And soon you will be able to recognize the rainbow from Proserpine to Mars, the rainbow of Mars to the Moon. And why would not you choose a rainbow from Proserpine directly to the Moon? Again use your multi-dimensional skills. And let us continue our journey through the Solar system. Again – you are Sun Rays, and you glide trough all rainbows. And the Sun is smiling, Sun is happy, Sun blesses His Children …

How did you like this tour? Strive to the Sun. Each of the planets throws back its rainbow bridge, and you rush from all the bridges … and directly at the Sun. And you know very well, that it does not burn, but if it is very annoying, remember that you have there the sun suits, quickly wear up them. And now I invite you in a cheerful dance, you can dance on the Sun, you can dance between the planets of the Solar system, or at some of them. You can engage in a circle around the Earth, but you know that you can participate in absolutely all dances at the same time.

Rapidly swept planetary voice.

Responded Family of Jarilo – Sun.

And on the surface of the home planet

Multicolored opened the little window.

Of those little windows stretched thread

To all the friends – close friends, and distant.

The rebels, with unearthly splendor of the monastery,

Planet Proserpina. And personally

To see the world, the Earth is in a hurry, playing

Rays of those worlds that are hiding behind it.

Oh, Proserpine, we know,

How dearly you love your children.

The Moon does not surprise you sometimes.

But where is it to find the area

In the hearts of the people, filled with love,

In which the memory of the Moon lives?

Once again, Mother Moon raises the Earth.

Again, they are together – daughter and mother.

There have energy, and earthly world accept

Symphony setting Stargate.

Ruby scarlet Mars covered the Earth.

I came the turn to him, to return the love of his sister.

And show the same flow

The rise of the Earth to the heights of beauty.

Sun rejoices! Round dance fun

Started all inhabitants of the planet.

And your name be transferred to the North Pole.

At the terminal, on what? Sounds answer:

Trials world. Trial you. And now

Trials Pole life within you.

Take the middle ground,

Where I am now the torch flares.

The fire stream will enter boldly, clearly,

And let’s heart highlight love.

And immediately the Holy Spirit within recalled,

And you will find yourself … Among the brightest stars.

Includes dance boldly, and with a smile,

Take the rhythm of the Sun and planets.

And give the entire system of the heart fervently

And Mother Earth – Space greetings!

You – the children of the Sun. You – the Moon baby.

You born from nurture, Mother Earth.

And the whole system of the Sun, is not a joke,

As you all dearly and loved

Catch heartbeat going on a date

The diamond light spray of those children,

What shall offer the earthly creation,

And decorate the Earth series of undertakings.

I, Kryon, I embrace you today

Delicate with wings. You – my Angels!

On Ascension I bless all

In the name of Peace, Happiness and Love!

I am happy, happy, happy with the sparks of Flame, sparks of Fire that filled all of your structures. Ah, how is burning your own Sacred Heart! This is – your own Ascension Fire. Take care of it. Enjoy it. And remember that we were today involved in a great sacred event – we have given life to the Divine Triality of Ascension. It is so true, my dear ones. And working on planetary Ascension, remember this. It is important to be aware of it. Divine Triality of Ascension is now in your Hearts, in your Soul, in your Spirit, in your Consciousness. It was distributed to all aspects of your bodies. Now you are bearers of the Divine Triality of Ascension. I am very glad that today we are together with you, have done, co-create it.

Your Kryon,
with a Great Love for the Solar Angels!

Figures 2 and 3 drawed: Sergey Grishchenko and Elvira Kanashevsky

Technical support: Natalia Sapko, Galina Shabashova


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