New sub-collectives creating a new world

Sub collectives are at this time growing everywhere. We might think that to merge into a ONEBASED society, collectives are a form of separation; But in fact is exactly the opposite. The simple fact that i am communicating with you all on social media networks, is an example of this constructive sub-collective reality that is growing globally!
In order to maintain our level of frequency, grow it, and sustain the spiritual connections that allow us to spread the love and theLIGHT, one needs more and more to move into a positive chain effect of give, receive, share and promote. This is a high advanced form of power, which does not necessarily mean negativity, in fact, it is highly positive!
Groups of similar vibrations always had been built, but that idea was some how lost due to modern society, which values the individual way of life. Ultimately, people need to connect to the collective, it is a human genetic condition that we do not even notice; we meet on large places to do shopping, not because is easier (sometimes is not easy at all to get there) but because there is theCHAIN reaction calling; with this expression i mean, the calling of connection, energy connections that humans are in need, the human BOND! Throughout history we understand that humans had to join so they could support each other, because they knew only being there for each other they could survive. Loneliness is causing a lot of disturbances on people, they might not even know what is happening, but they sure feel the urges inside calling them to unite; they might also run away from groups and collectives, even run from family bonds but inside there is that call – the heart, that knows one is not here to walk alone upon sand and stones.
With beings as us that are awake and perceiving a spiritual path the feeling is probably even more intense! We know that it is our vibration that helps profoundly the planet and the world we live in, and we know united things can become a lot easier, not to mention the pleasure of such connections; the prospects of being able to manifest bigger projects for the world, the learning and wisdom that grows from a life in a close community is a wonderful fuel and balsam for our souls!
All the groups that are being created, are a manifestation of the life dream we all have. And a lot more will be built in the future. Pieces of land that will be turned into cities, villages… it doesnt matter the size, really… It doesnt even matter the size of the group itself! What matters is that, at those places the beacon ofLIGHT, the candle that can be a supportive giver and receiver for more light, grows! we are all beacons of light, so imagine the effect, the power of these type of groups spreading all over the globe! The learning between each other, the sharing of experiences, the goals, the dreams being exponentially exposed out of the inner dreamer! the possibilities! amazing right?!!!
Although it might seam we are becoming apart of the world we always knew, we are in fact building the foundations of the new earth!

New sub-collectives creating a new world

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