Rules? there are no rules!!!

The idea that being spiritual means stopping all things we used to do, as Pop music, Television, Mass all sorts of things… and we start meditating, listen to different music, put way television, finding new friends that have nothing to do with our new self…Thats ridiculous! spirituality isnt a different way of life, it can be if we want but there isnt any rules at all!
In essence, we are who and what we are, always! We are just allowing to be controlled or not, we become what others want us to be or not… and when we become more spiritual we embrace other stuff but we do not have to leave behind all the things we enjoy. BEING SPIRITUAL IS NOTHING BUT BEING OUR TRUE SELVES. AN ENDLESS DISCOVERY OF LIFE`S WONDERS, A NON-JUDGMENTAL CITIZEN, A LOVING PERSON, A ASCENDANT BEING INTO LIGHT, A VIBRATION OF JOY, A FREQUENCY OF OPENNESS. If listening to Lady Gaga rises your frequency, do it! if going to a Rock concert makes you vibrate high, just go for it! if noise is your fuel, just enjoy it! Doesnt mean you cant appreciate equally meditation, soft music, nature and spiritual retreats!
What matters is that you always be yourself, respect others, enjoy life, grow on consciousness and work on your mission on earth.
THERE IS ONLY ONE RULE: RESPECT OTHERS FREE WILL! if you do that means you are unconditionally loving all that is! When we hear those expressions: “this isnt spiritual”; “that is spiritual”… its the same old control mind set operating. The old paradigm stepping into the new reality we want to build. To be spiritual is to accept, embrace, understand everything, appreciate all ways of healthy life that ultimately bring that frequency of joy we so much need at this time! If we still criticize, point fingers and be surprised how others live their spiritual lives, that is not embracing all free will. 

Some of us are Hippies, and there are several types, bless them all! there are suits, there are average people that we have no idea how spiritual they are, there are religious beings being so amazingly working towards light, it would make you go WOW! there are rich and there are poor… and i am using labels, which i usually don`t! just making a point here about the diversity of this new Era, kind of mind/heart spirituality that is embracing a free will way of life, creating something amazing, respecting life and seeking for understanding everything there is!

What ever you do, make sure you love it, but you do not need anything special, there isnt any bible about this path. However also make sure you create, learn, teach, develop, grow… and LOVE!



Rules? there are no rules!!!

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