Peace versus Peace

Promoting peace can be a lie! it can be self-destructive as well as an over-protective behavior towards others, which ultimate doesnt help any one in the relationship!
Real peace is truth! Feeling good with ourself and others we love!
Do others actions and words make you happy? is that been analyzed by you? can that be a mirror? or is it really something others do that rob your freedom?
Most of all diseases are due to emotional distress, trauma, pain, depression… and all of that is mainly a reflection of what we shut inside of us as a way to promote “peace” around us. The effects of that silence on all parts of the self are amazingly high! you keep it inside and you grow negativity within yourself and that culminates with health problems.
If others actions or words are really disrespecting us, controlling, offending, or taking advantage of us in any way… it is best to speak out! First because if we do not do it, they will repeat it! second because it is better to let it out than to end with cancer! I often tell family and friends that if they get upset with my words they can respond back to me, thats better than me or them ending sick and it is also a proof of love because it means we still care!
However… there are those moments, when we and them, can feel so different for some reason that the best way is to be quiet, for weeks, months or even years… my own experience has given me those situations and it is always so good to see that after “time” solved it all, we can, again, let our lives get closer. For some reasons due to each person or each group ways of growth, connections must be cut off for a period of time and when lessons are assimilated and both parts learned with life`s experiences, both parts can understand better each other`s choices and love once again.
This can even happen with very close beings as beings that live on the same house. Usually these situations come when someone operated a life change, and both parts start living realities so different that they cant understand the other, they cant see reasons for other ways of life but the reality they have; they cant accept change when they lose the comfortable place on others heart, they get scared and confused. With time, as they acknowledge nothing bad happened, no one died or got abducted by aliens or went out naked…LOL then… slowly they start allowing closeness to happen.
Some cases are not serious, no one is being really negative towards anyone. The only way your silence doesnt end giving you diseases, is if you do not have any negative feelings about what you get silent about. When others do or say something that we might not agree with, but it doesnt affect us, we understand their reasons or we love them such a way it doesnt upset us in any way… we let things BE! this is unconditional love and a very advanced kind of behavior towards others way of being.
Usually men can easily have this behavior and we all should pay attention to men`s predisposition to accept others free will. Its a great lesson, the way men can relaxed and peacefully accept what others do or say! This isnt in any way a dis-respect towards women, but truth is modern women have a tendency to demand perfectionism around them, they want others to be able to act as super beings and very often they dont notice how much they judge and criticize. Just because we want to live 200% doesnt mean others have to do the same! if we arent happy we just stop serving them! not demanding others to work as much as us… just an example… Sometimes learning with others that are showing what irritate or upset us, is the best… others are mirrors showing us something!

Peace versus Peace

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