Special thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material

co authorship

by Svetlana Dracheva
Sergei Kanashevskiy
Marina Schulz


Dear friends, dear members of different directions of the project

In November 2016 project ” Ascension” had exactly five years. It began with the project “The Ascension of the East”, and over the years has passed several stages of transformation and fundamental changes in its development, actively promoting the process of Planetary Ascension.

We are five years successfully worked on various aspects of this complex process. And they went out on a fairly serious level of awareness of the process of Ascension and its components.

During the development of the “Ascension” project has seen many changes in the world around you, and the project has undergone a lot of different and organizational and thematic transformations. This is – a natural process of our advancement with you to the heights of knowledge and skill of creating a New world. We are going through is not linear, as we move up the spiral eventful. In this sense, quite logical adjustments to the project.

We went through several stages of complexity and at the same time simplifying the processes of activation Lemurian crystals. Parallel work in the West and the East was united into a single project, which immediately yielded positive results. And the project, originally appeared as The “Ascension of the East”, was the project “The Ascension of the East and the West”, and then – Project “Ascension”.

Intended originally directions of work in the project has received its development in the course of work on other subjects. Project Areas have become intertwined and mutually enriching. This is what happened with the project aimed at the creation of the Unite Multidimensional Genome. Its isolated, separate development proved impractical, since the topic of multi-dimensional genetics and the creation of multi-dimensional genome naturally received deployment in other project areas. In the first place, it became actively covered in co-creation with the Lemurian Crystals (crystalline Galactic Beings of Light).

This happened with the direction of the “Future World of Humanity” (the City of Light, Seeing leaving, co-creation with rehabilitation centers, traveling “4-5-4,” Planning for the future). This was originally conceived by yourself “project in the project” with a very wide range of tasks and thus turned, naturally, built in the direction of “Planetary work”, as well as in co-creation with the Lemurian Crystals in the direction of “Activation of Cosmic Fires.” Activation of Cosmic Fires and the creation of the Worlds Temple of Ascension Lights marked the beginning of a New dialogue with the Higher Worlds, not only of the Earth, but also of the Cosmos. And it is also associated with the construction of the future. As a consequence – information support direction for “Future World of Humanity,” as an independent direction, stopped, because the very wide range of work can be attributed to the issue of building the future of mankind.

In the area “Future World of Humanity”, there are several operating groups. Two of them work for the transition “4-5-4”, and one group – for Guidance of Souls, leaving from the fourth dimension into the fifth. Groups “4-5-4” continue their work, using the methods and achievements, which are published in the journal “World channeling: Spiritual Messages” (also one of the most active areas of deployment “Ascension” Project). In addition, they use the Spiritual information received leaders of the groups and their members.

Separately should be said about the group, which continues to operate under the direction of “Future World of Humanity.” It was originally focused on the transfer of souls from the fourth dimension into the fifth. This is – the work of the utmost importance. And it, in its complexity and fullness, has a distinct evolutionary. Methods and conditions for transition are constantly changing, improving. And to improve the translation skills have many LightWorkers. In each case good to be a professional. And such professionals today are those Lightworkers who have made this group. Spiritual curators of the project “Ascension” thanks these Lightworkers for the high level of professionalism in the work. And we hope that the group will continue its work and report it to the site of the project ( “Light Group” and “Magnets of the Spirit”).

Direction “Future World of Humanity” has not developed as a separate independent direction, and there are objective reasons. Once again, accent your attention: all the originally planned objectives in this field have their active development in the unfolding of the whole project “Ascension”. I inform you that the direction of “Future World of Humanity” in the project “Ascension” is minimized – due to the fact that these tasks are directly in line with the major works that are now performed by 19 Collectives of the Project.

The group is engaged in Guidance of Souls from the fourth dimension to the higher worlds, survives and acquires the status of an independent and self-organized groups of Light, working not only on the Soul Guidance, but also for the rest of the category on “Ascension” project, being the team that is moving in its spiritual development, together with the Project.

We are coming to you with New and interesting work that will help to increase the Light level of all areas of “Ascension” Project. Planetary Ascension goes to the Galactic level. Milky Way Galaxy with Great interest watching you, our dear Earth Lightworkers – participants of the project “Ascension.” Your contribution is important and very useful, as the pearl of the experience of the unique Ascension. It is with great enthusiasm to monitor your development and transformation in the creators of the New 16-Dimensional Universe. This process goes hand in hand with the processes of planetary Ascension of Planet Earth – with all the worlds and realms. The day is approaching when you will feel that the processes came together, that all areas of the project are beginning to bear fruit.

The time will come when we all will meet personally, in reality and be able to hug each other and say that WE DID IT! WE RAISED THE PLANET! And believe me, it will be a GREAT DAY !!!!

With love to you all, Lightworkers – participants of the project “ASCENSION”

Master El Moria,
The spiritual curator of project “Ascension”

January 18, 2017



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