Disclosure, Aliens, Humans & fear

In this path of the so called Disclosure, and humanity`s fears about Aliens, my opinion is that E.T.`s fear humans more than we fear Aliens.
Our fear towards E.T`s comes mainly from a mental control program. It has been decided that it would be better to get the people to fear them, and then avoiding real information about the subject, it was decided that would be better if the people gave “clearance” to their governments to spend lots of money on protection. But the truth is that governments have been dealing with Aliens, they have been exploring, they have been hiding, they have been planing and building… they have not being protecting, as a matter a fact, they have been doing so wrong that they have not any clearance from Aliens to space travel freely due to the lack of human honesty.
Imagine you are not from this planet, but news about this earth life come to you. Imagine if you live on a peaceful planet and you know that on Earth, which is a very small planet, which is a self sustainable planet, there are thousands of people dying every day without any food of water; all the world knows about it, all the world could avoid it but doesnt, that wars are constantly happening, that we do not need to get out of our planet to be rude, dishonest, selfish, freaking liars, killers and rapists, we do not even need to get out of our house to do all of that.
Out of this planet, some kind of order is being built. If earthlings go out there, there will be no safety! so… they keep us here as they can. There is the need to evolve in order to get authorization from the ones that make the galaxy peaceful, that is my idea of what is going on.
And now… that our rulers mistakes have gone to far, how are they going to tell us that Aliens are not a threat? We are!!! We are being watched because we are dangerous! That is the raw truth!
In my opinion, there are more like us, because this is a duality universe and of course we would not be the only ones capable of this kind of behavior. But out there peace is being promoted, operations for making the universe a loving place are moving billions of being through out the space and there is no way we are free to do what ever we want!
We really need to change! we are changing, the world is growing in consciousness and we must keep going! this idea of monetization life is ridiculous and no one should pay to live. To live we need to inhabit a planet and it is freaking stupid to be paying to live on our own planet! we humans haven`t rented a planet, we were born here!!!
There isnt a place like this, therefore there isn`t a race like this one! We must, definitely,  stand up, be proud and be our best version! this is an abusive situation and  i know you all want to be seen out there as a sovereign, loving and trustworthy race without any shame of showing it self. this idea of power has to be put down once and for all! there is no power anyway, they know it, we know it! They are keeping us captive in a stupid matrix that has no meaning and leads no where.

Disclosure, Aliens, Humans & fear

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