Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing this material

Energy of galactic synchronization 13:20

Galactic Calendar of January 31, 2017, day 150 – Karma, Tone 7, 10 Blueprint, Twelfth Wave of Seed in the Third Blue Castle of Time.

Wave of the Seed are Guiding Lord Sananda and Lady Nada / Mary Magdalene.


I gratefully accept the Seventh tone of the Source.
I’m balanced. I AM the Center of my Universe.
I respect and to attune with the mentality of the Earth and Humanity.

I calmly observe the world around me. When all is well, no one thinks about karma. We can not constantly be afraid to do something wrong and should not engage in self-condemnation for bad actions.

Rejoice when you feel good! Or fold the hand, when there is work to do! Live a full life, with dignity and in full awareness of who you are!

Lady Nada: KARMA

Greetings, my beautiful Angels, and I showered you with petals of fragrant roses.

I love every one of you, and for everyone I have a word of love and tender care. I love you such as you are – very different ones! I never do not set conditions, not to share on any grounds, and do not ask anything for you, that might restrict you, or to feel unloved.

Karma is reminiscent of possible harm to the Act every person and of personal responsibility for every word and every act committed by the free will of the space. And for non-fulfillment of this law will be severely questioned.

Personal karmic responsibility for their actions in the world has multiplied because of the current Earth is less and less suitable energy cruelty and violence. Under the authority of the dark or created karma will now look for other ways of its solution. Karma is not “written off” but will create opportunities in a similar situation to do things on the Highest Good of All.

Karma – it is not running in a circle, because the power to raise the bar higher and higher. It will be purification and transition to the next level. Accordingly, it will expand awareness, understanding, and a desire of perfection for those who will continue to choose for themselves gain experience on Earth.

Start with yourself – only own personal example of you can do a lot! Review your way of thinking and its attitude to many things. Maybe something already out of date and enter into your life fresh and vibrant energy of the jet! They need a lot of space. So open them the way, a New Beginning, it’s your world, your life, that you create and for which you are responsible only to yourself!

Author Rina

International Project “Galaxy”

We wish you good luck, Love and Light.


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