The divine water meditation for March

March is ruled by water energy. Next month is under Pisces energy and nothing better than water to balance the eclipses, the huge energies we received last month and also the fire influences at 20 of March when the Sun goes into Aries and Aries New Moon on March 27.

The Eclipses are still here working, one of which will stay until post equinox and the last one will stay longer, so it is good to work smoothly within ourselves to better use the energies. We are used to these blasts of celestial events throughout past years experience and we know we can always improve ourselves during these phases. Each year that passes is a learned year of self knowledge and therefore of gained wisdom.

As always, there will be days through which we do not feel like talking, working; There will be phases we wont know what to do with ourselves or even understand what is happening… So, the best thing is to acknowledge that those things are part of life as events of inner healing, discovery, growth… and worrying doesnt help a thing.

It is imperative to understand that the more you grow consciously the more you will receive, from parts of yourself, messages of healing needs. The ascension is a process and it cannot happen fast; your subconscious self knows it therefore you will be asked to work bits as you go. This is how it works and this way is safer, you would not be able to do it any other way or you would endanger yourself.

This doesnt mean that next month will be a difficult phase, on the contrary. It is a strong month but with different energies we have experienced the last two months. Communication is in order and expansive personality is required, so lets move on, stand up, stand out and show ourselves to the world.

The divine water meditation

If you feel you need some soft, calm, energized energies you can use the water visualization. It works the same way as flame rays energies except you want to visualize the water always moving; Invoke the water divine energy as you would do with any other flame.  Visualize it entering your crown chakra and you will start feeling as you are having a shower on your bath tub. Imagine it fills all your body and specially inside your body. All your organs, bones, sells re being cleanse and all negativity are being washed away for good. Use affirmations like the previous sentence to make the exercise stronger. Visualize it moving like small waves, or spiral movements but always from up to down feet chakra, do not forget to visualize the water energy entering earth soil below your feet and always thank mother earth to receive your energy and transmute it. You can keep invoking from the source above as many times you want. However the last time i wan you to have thoughts of water energizing you.

It will be greatly powerful if you invoke at the end an Angel with a jar of divine healing water and ask the Angel to let it flow all over you. Visualize it and be grateful. You will probably see glowing dust on that water which is normal and fabulous.

This energy exercise is excellent to cleanse negativity, calm you down, balance your emotions and your mental self and to energize. It is awesome after a stressed day or moments you felt you have lost your vital energy.

I wish you a great March month full of inspiration, communication, creation and improvement. Feel blessed, be love and stay in joy.



The divine water meditation for March

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