Galactic Christ-Melchizedek

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to provide us this material.

by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz.


“Earth and Humanity is changing
to a new way, to live
a New Evolutionary Cycle.”

Hello, my Children – Children of the Earth, Children of the Galaxy!

The Ethereal symphony of fifth-dimensional programs brought the harmony of water in the planet Earth. The Earth’s water, enriched with the energy of the higher worlds, began to change. It is now truly becomes Polymir (multidimensional world) with connecting different worlds. Our common goal – to help this process. Changing the water, you evolve, the world enters a New Evolutionary Cycle. In this New Cycle, is changing all forms of matter. And the water is an important basis for these changes.

Today we will talk about Water and Time. It would seem that these concepts are not very closely intertwined. However, you often likened Time as a running water … “Time flows like water” – so people say. And yet you have created a beautiful image: The River of Time. And that means water and time have already merged into your consciousness.

Time is Force of Space, Universal Element, which is involved in the creation of a different matter. It forms the worlds of space and ensure their development in conjunction with other Cosmic Forces. In many worlds, Water is a special intermediary between Time and matter. This is an important manifestation of the Time, its representative in the process of development of matter. The surface of your planet is covered with water by two-thirds. Here is no coincidence. Earth is designed to actively change, develop their material via the Time. At this stage, the intensification of its evolution. And Water acts assistant in this difficult process. Here is no coincidence that the human body is almost two-thirds consists of water. Time changes a person, since it is also intended to actively evolve. The evolution of human, as a spiritual and intelligent substance, is its main mission. Developing, humanity are not only discovering the Universe, but also becomes a Co-Creator with it. Humanity participates in the development of all forms of life, in the birth of new life and new worlds.

My children! You’ve already performed light practices aimed at uniting the Cosmic Water and Cosmic Fire. Fire and Water merge together to create the vast planet. New Water enriched with essential fifth dimensional programs, included in your fiery body, helping them be transformed. Similarly, New Water enters your Temporal (time) body, which are now beginning to develop for Light Workers. And in the New Evolutionary Cycle, a similar process will take place for all humanity.

Why is it so important that the New Water programs is included in your temporal body? Time creates New matter. It weaves its threads of the “Cloth”, creating a canvas of the New Age, and consequently, a picture of the New World. Time creates the conditions for the operation of the new law, according to which there will be, developing matter. When New Water programs will be included in your Temporal Body and will develop them, you yourself will become the Creators of New Matter in your world. Thanks to your Temporal Bodies begin to radiate energy-information field, contributing to the formation of New Matter. You will be vibrating in a new way, creating the necessary vibration frequency for your New World. You can change its intention, not only the density of matter, but also its structure, creating a New quality. Thus, changing the world, humanity changes itself. Physical matter, from which it is composed, it would be different. Biological human body will get new abilities, which will become possible thanks to the full rehabilitation of human. Created a harmonious “Cloth” of the world, humanity are creating a harmonious “Cloth” for it own Multidimensional Complex of Bodies. In the course of evolution, people get advanced recovery capabilities of the physical body. And it means – in your world, no one will never be DISABLED. Everyone who came to this world or are already living in it, will receive the absolute right health and a harmonious life.

People are accustomed to thinking of Time as a force that changes the matter. At the same time often associated with the aging process, which is not very pleasant for the human. From here, the domestic terms, humanity develops from inside rejection of time. Yes, yes my children. If you look deep into your hearts, you can find a very ancient humanities feelings of rejection Time. For people on an unconscious level TIME – IS THAT GRADUALLY TAKES AWAY THEIR LIVES. If we approach this phenomenon from the point of view of a person of your world, who believes that death is there – it is true. But as soon as a human, developing spiritually, he understands that there is no death, and there is only a transformation, through which it passes from one world to another, by means of which simply converts your forms, your body – related to the time change. Then comes an understanding of: Time – that is what brings a human to the New Life. Time – is the path to a Higher Level of Being.

It is very important relationship with Time as the Creator of matter. Time creates matter, supports its existence, develops. In the Time, therefore, contained in a twisted, archives of all forms of matter, all its structures and programs. Ethereal Water of the fifth dimension, which has come into your world at the end of last year, just bear New programs for the New matter. And so you can take these programs, you should develop your Temporal Body, prepare them for the reception of those same programs.

How do you imagine your Temporal Body? You have difficulty to imagine what it really is. Humanity are still not fully explored its physical body, a biological organism, although they can see it, touch it, to investigate with the help of various devices. Your Temporal Body, you can only feel and see partially by an internal view. But this does not mean that it is less real than your physical body. With multi-dimensional point of view, from the level of the infinity of life, just the temporal body is more real than the physical. It does not decompose into atoms as the physical body – that is to say, does not die. It accompanies human from incarnation to incarnation, helping it to be built each time the reality of a particular embodiment.

Now, many are able to see your temporal body with inner sight as a sphere, like the Sun. The Sun itself is blue, and it emits bright rays. Around the Sun formed irises … Rays, twisting into yarn, weave structure, which you know as the Zero Point 20. The peculiarity of this structure is that it allows you to harmoniously carry out energy information exchange between the three centers. Moreover, these centers may be at different levels of being, in different layers of space-time continuum.

Zero Point 20 consists in three energy-bases. First base – center, where there is very blue sun, emits bright rays. From the center to the two sides come iridescent yarns, which are special energy-channels. They form two spirals at the top and bottom. These are two other bases. Inside the top spiral – a Mobius strip, forming a structure which we are identified as a Crystal of true Time.

What is real time? This is a reference time, which contains all the matter of development necessary for the evolution of the world in your reality. This is not a program for the development of matter, but generated parameters, forms, matrix. It is Great Source of Time, from which can get everything you need to develop your individual Temporal Body, the body of your personal time.

In the center of the lower spiral it is what can be called TIME-ARCHIVE, Storage of Time and energy information, PAST TIME. Here it is concentrated the whole Temporal Matter, which has become a part of your experience. It, in terms of your linear time, is gone. If you carefully observe with your inner vision, you will find here … the Sun! Yes, at the bottom, as in the most central part of the Temporal Body, which we will now examine with you, the Sun is blue. Its disk is woven from strands of rainbow. However, this feature of the sun such that it does not rush iridescent rays outward and inward. Here is the Sun, which sends its rays inside!

So now we’ll create an outline of what can be called a part, a fragment of your Temporal Body. It is Zero Point 20. In the center of Zero Point 20 is blue Sun, which radiates bright beams. In the middle of the top of a spiral is Crystal of True Time. In the middle of the bottom of the spiral is blue Sun, which radiates bright beams inside.

Temporal human body on the device much more complicated your physical body. These bodies are, of course, do not look like each other in many respects. However, there are some similarities. What do you think, what can be compared to the fragment of the Temporal Body, whose scheme we have done with you? With the Solar Plexus! From the Solar Plexus your biological organism, like the rays diverge “thread of nerves” to the important organs of the body. Solar node is also called as your Solar Plexus, associates many human organs to the central nervous system.

Temporal “Solar Plexus” associates its “temporal threads” together all the human temporal matter, organizing its activities by means of Higher Mental matter, with the help of your Higher Self. Currently, it is essential that Lightworkers activated in their Temporal Bodies that “Solar Plexus”. About it was known in ancient times. Atlanteans called this piece “Node of Time,” Lemurians gave to it the title of “Heart of Time”.

So, my children! To begin with pure intent activate in your Temporal Bodies Heart of Time! Let it serves you right in the New Evolutionary Cycle, taking significant time programs, which are now spilled on your planet like a streams of stellar rain. Take Heart of Time in its Sacred Heart, which is the Great Center, which provides your life as multidimensional Beings of Light. Send to it your Love energy. Call for co-creation Water and Time Elemental. Let TEMPIONS (Time Elemental) and AKVIONS (Water Elemental), for you will be loyal assistants in the process of development of the Heart of Time.

Heart of Time is now preparing for the adoption of new programs in your Temporal Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. But before you are called to get release of those old time energy-accumulation, that has hampered the development of your temporal matter. Among them – the dual implants, which limits your multidimensionality in Time. In your Temporal Bodies live setting on the old frequency of Time: 12:60. And you, as the Beings of Light, is already fixed on the New frequency of Time: 13:20. Many older temporal matrices within your Temporal Body set up you only for linear co-creation with Time. And your heart has been long calling for you to co-create with the Sphericity of Time. It is time to cleanse your heart from the time that can prevent you to live in a new evolutionary cycle, which limits you as a multidimensional Beings of Light. All older matrix program settings is located in the heart of the Heart of Time, in the same blue Sun emitted rays, rainbow-strands. We can all outdated information downward in the “temporary archive” in a blue Sun rays which are not directed outward and inward. And only then we will be able to bring to the center the Heart of Time, while most central blue Sun, new programs, new matrix that is able to give us a Reference Time. With Reference Time we can be contacted through Crystal of True Time, located in the middle of the upper spiral of Zero Point-20.

Thus, our priorities – to take from the Reference Time (from the top of the ZP-20) new programs and settings to get release old programs and temporal settings, moving them to the bottom of the ZP-20. It should be understood that the New programs and configurations of Reference Time … we can get only with Ethereal Water. Because that’s what they come across through water in your world now, and therefore in your body. Remember structure, which brings together all of the modules of the ether of water in a single intact (Figure number 3). More recently you with the Family of Light have enriched her with trial wave of fifth dimensional hydrogen.

This structure is able to actively interact with the Heart of Time – an important part of your Temporal Body. Moreover, we can now structure the New Ethereal Water harmoniously embedded into the Heart of Time, thereby converting the temporal portion of your body. And this fact will be one of the foundations for the birth of your New multi-dimensional genetics – as the Beings of Light of a New Evolutionary Cycle. Let us surround the New structure of the Ethereal Water with threads of rainbow rays of the Heart of Time. Temporal rainbow spiral born around it. Pull the thread spiral toward the center of the Heart of Time, the central blue Sun. And watch what is going on in your Sacred Heart. It comes to alive a new Heart of Time, which in its structure is no longer a Zero Point 20. Within you right now is born … Zero Point 13! What is special about this Zero Point? The number “1” represents the center of a three-pronged points. And this center actively cooperates with three other energy information centers (the number “3”). In the heart of Zero Point 13 remains our blue Sun rays radiating outward. And formed around this core are three more energy-centers. The first – is the center of Reference Time (in the diagram indicated by Crystal of True Time). Second – Archive Time, your past (in the scheme – blue Sun, whose rays are directed inwards). The third center – a new structure of the Ethereal Water interacting with the trial wave of five-dimensional hydrogen. This forms a Zero Point-13, designed to combine your temporal matter with the Ethereal Water.

It is important to understand, my beloveds: Heart of Time as Zero Point-20, does not cease to exist. It continues to live! Zero Point-13 does not replace the Zero Point-20. It just comes on its basis. Therefore, in your Temporal Bodies is now live and the Heart of Time in the form of Zero Point-20, and Zero Point-13, which combines Heart of Time with Ethereal five-dimensional Water. However, both the Zero Points will help to ensure that you, your whole Complex of Multidimensional Bodies (CMB) will make another one – VERY IMPORTANT! – step to go to the frequency of “13:20” – the frequency of the New Evolutionary Cycle. About this frequency you have reported a lot, my children. We consistently bring elements of this frequency in your world. It gradually becomes a parameter of your matter, adjusting it to a more harmonious way.

Zero Point- 20 and Zero Point-13, combining and interacting with each other, form a single Zero Point 13: 20, which is capable of receiving energy information programs of Time from the Higher Worlds of Fifth Dimension (Figure number 5).

In the Zero Point 13: 20, there are six energy-centers. One – in the middle, five – around it. In one of the centers located on a circle, the new structure is the Ethereal Water (in the figure bottom № 5). But Crystal of True Time and “Time Archive” (the Sun with rays that face inward) if overlap exist in the form of doubles. Why is that? The fact that you are living now in a time of transition. Active is decided transition from one evolutionary cycle to another. Changes observed in all spheres of life. One Crystal of True Time allows your body to the temporal as usual to carry out all temporal settings. It supports the formation of the outgoing matters of cycle. Another Crystal of True Time – the structure of the New Cycle. It adds new settings in your Temporal Body, It allows you to create matter for the New Evolutionary Cycle. The same can be said about the two “Archives of Time.” The first of them – is the energy information center, which archives, twists during the outgoing cycle. The second – the energy information center, which is only beginning to emerge. It will twist back up the Past in a New Evolutionary Cycle.

Zero Point 13: 20 forms a New piece of the Temporal Body. And you, Lightworkers, the Light Masters, becoming the first carriers of New evolutionary structures that are necessary for the further development of life on Earth. You’re now give birth in your bodies the Heart of Time, which can be called now the Heart of New Time. This New Heart of Time, by combining modules of Ethereal Water and Trial Fifth Dimensional Hydrogen, is intended not only to update the temporal human body. It creates a basis for formation of the new active substance for all of your bodies CMB. Because exactly Time is forming a New Matter, bringing into it the evolutionary programs of God the Creator. My children, it is important to always remember: changing your temporal matter, developing your Complexes of Multidimensional Bodies, you become active distributors of New Evolutionary Time programs. You are part of the Earth. You are inseparable with other people through the common energy unity. Therefore, everything that you now get from the Higher Worlds, all that activate in your Sacred Hearts, goes for the common good of humanity. It will take years, decades … More and more people will find in their sacred spaces in the new Heart of Time. More and more representatives of the New Humanity will be able to receive energy information from the Higher Worlds and to distribute it in your world.

My children! You can express the clear intention to form a New Heart of Time in your Sacred Hearts! So do it! Commit evolutionary action with Love, with pure intent and confidence that you, along with the Family of Light to administer the Evolution of the planet Earth. And watch how majestically shines in the spaces of your Sacred Hearts New Heart of Time, a New piece of your Temporal Bodies.

You know, in fact together with humanity the planet Earth itself is changing … Now in its Temporal Body brings a New Heart of Time, which will be the basis for the space-time in the next evolutionary cycle. And you, my Children, can participate in this important process – along with the Family of Light.

We encourage you to create a meditation, which we will call
“New Heart of Time”.

07.02. 2017


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