What is a light worker?


You probably expect detailed explanation, scientific info and exquisite theories. Well… this is no complicated matter and no need to dwell in intricate reasons when the answer is so deliciously simple.
A light worker is a musician that makes you fly around the globe in ecstasy, makes nature exhale the smells of life abruptly, makes energy fields to expand into heavens.
A light worker is a dancer that easily steps the sweetness of the sacred waves on the hardest grounds of a third dimensional world.
Light workers are scientists with a mind of a child as they imagine how simple can life be for everyone, day after day, discovery after discovery, and how lovingly they perceive mankind`s adventure.
A light worker is a baker which rises early in the morning and brotherly uses the alchemy of nature to embrace your senses with a delicious hot bread.
A light worker is your father as he did the best he knew, or your grand mother which has so much to tell you within her silence.
A light worker is a comedian, a teacher, a homeless, a hippie… a light worker is even someone that so well can mirror our expanded unconsciousness of sophisticated anti-true-human beings.
Light workers are all the amazing brothers and sisters that dwell in this planet trying to be happy, doing the best they can. Some can really make their dreams come true and then they become our inspiration.
To know that one has made a stunning painting, developed a delicious recipe, wan a competition, did an amazing concert, went on the holidays of his dreams, had met the most fabulous counterpart of his heart… that is the best inspiration for anyone as they are able to balance the unbalance, sweeten the bitter, give hope and make a valorous contribution for all of us.
A light worker is everyone that do the best to contribute to the collective, whether is from hard work or pleasure.
You know you meet a light worker when you look at someone`s eyes and you feel delight, when a smile makes you feel love, when a word touches your soul, when you have pleasure and recognize something you use, eat, dress, look at, which wasn`t made by you, inspires you.
And when that being isn`t as you wish he/she would be in other subjects… remember, they are just as you: humans aspiring to be better.


What is a light worker?

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