piramide luz


by Sergey Kanashevskiy

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material.


Morning at your house … Barely awake, do not open your eyes, do not get up from the bed! Let your physical body remains at rest. Invisible musician next to you. Playing magic melody on flute that sets you on a distant past … or maybe conversely, attracts to the unknown future … That tune is complete. Flute slowly conjure a number of music notation: “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol …” starts to sound a note Sol, and just born a blue cloud in front of you. From your physical body are separated by blue spiral. Slowly sent to the cloud. Quietly watching … And here is the rainbow energy awakened. Joy is born in the Heart. From what? It is not clear now … But the rainbow – it is somehow always a joy. Maybe because the rainbow awakens in our Hearts the memory of the Spiritual Home? On the True Home, from where we all came …
We, Angels of the Great Central Sun …
Sun … And whether it be blue? Oh sure! Bright blue Sun is born inside a light blue clouds. And the Sun’s rays emanate rainbow! They are twisted in a spiral form a halo around the blue solar sphere, and then rush off somewhere upstairs … you rush after them! Next, with the rainbow energies carrying the joy and more – the melody of the past and the future, donated by the magic flute of invisible musician.
No, you do not lie in bed. You are – the traveler with a body that never gets old. It lives in the past and in the future; and where there is no past and future … Movement with iridescent energy easy, pleasant and joyful. You seem to go up in a balloon. You are lighter than air! The attraction of the Earth is not working, and therefore striving upwards so natural. You’re flying up not at straight line, but an arc. It’s – Ra-arc. Rainbow Bridge, born in sounds of a magic flute …
Rainbow thread-rays begin to curl, forming a rainbow sphere. You are here on the surface of the sphere. You observe what’s going on inside … God the Creator !!! How many Portals! How many transitions! What you see is what, perhaps, never thought of. A great many Beings of Light traveling through the worlds and dimensions, passes through different Zero Points! You observe with your Universal vision of the big picture, that’s just hard to imagine. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of creatures to travel in space-time, to manage the evolution of the worlds. So they moved on a Möbius strips, moving from the inner to the outer worlds, and then return. And here, in this large-scale of the mini-universe of multiple transitions, you can see not only humans. That flock of dolphins, fun salute energies of joy, is sent to the higher worlds of Sirius. They fulfilled their mission here on Earth, and are now returning to their native expanses of Sirius … Here is elephants, it is important to raising their trunks, pipes and solemnly welcome you heading into the dense layers of matter to make the planet a better and happier. And there – a real Angels travelling with solar wings. The Angels are smiling at you. Their eyes radiate a gentle energy. Such family that you yourself would like to immediately gain wings and fly, fly to distant distances, in different worlds …
Wings? .. Why not? Mobius strip, moving around one point in different directions, forms sphericity plexus of “eights”. Before you is the Crystal of True Time! Purple Crystal Loop True Time direct to you its energy, and that’s behind you – amazing, unusual wings. Like Crystal of True Time created from dozens of fractals unusual structure. You feel like a very great time begins to enter in the space of your Sacred Heart. At this time there is no division in the past and the future. In it’s all the same. This is Unconditional Love, which takes all. It’s like the One Creator, able to be everywhere and always, and never fade … It’s like an eternal substance, which can become a whole …
“Standard Time? What is it ??? “- suddenly appears in your mind an unexpected question. And the answer was right there … “Standard Time – This is the Main Unit of Time, from what is composed Time of Worlds, and even the Universe. This – means for storing the existence and propagation of time.” Reference Time – this is what allows you to create all kinds of matter, adjusting them to certain parameters … you feel, feel how through Crystal of True Time in Your Sacred Hearts flows the energy of Reference Time of the New Evolutionary Cycle. It updates the temporal matter of your Complex of Multidimensional Bodies. Your temporary, Temporal Body as if born again! And you just really want to go back to where you started your journey! On the blue Sun with rainbow rays. Are you ready to bring it, to give it something,
Once again we return to the rainbow bridge. But how to roll down on it? After all, you are lighter than air! Are you ready to ascend somewhere up in the higher World. Balloon aspires only upward … Angels with its kind eyes looking at you and smiling. They are a bit funny, as you, as a children, develop new space – not yet very skilled, not very confident. And then … you feel some sort of native energy, which is able to Love, and to amuse, and to do Great Things. “Kryon? Is that you ?! “- sounds a question.
Well, of course! This is Kryon and his magnetic energy! In you is living energy of three polar magnetism! The energy that allows you to navigate not only in dense worlds. Kryon helps you navigate the rainbow spiral down, walk to the center. You already want to enter into the space of a blue Sun, emitting bright rainbow rays. This is your present time. This is the focus of this temporal matter of your body. Lets go, here, at Home! At Present time!
But a blue Sun like pushes you away. You feel as Kryon smile his good wise smile. And you know that you get sent hint. Listen to it … What ??? We should fall even lower on the Rainbow Bridge !? But why? For what?
“Down there, is your past time – said Kryon. – Let’s leave it that is no longer necessary in the new life, in a New Cycle. ”
Three polar magnetism, skillfully interact with your temporal wings smoothly moves you more down on the rainbow arc. You are like children on a sled, roll down the hills. It’s nice, it is breathtaking. This is not a fast movement. Wonderful soaring … Magic movement. Why? Because the bridge is still rainbow, created of the rainbow energy, designed to bring joy to humans hearts. In the new cycle of life, even those who never knew the joy, feel its taste, will be able to share it with others, giving joy to their loved ones – as pieces of sweet flavored cake, baked by his mother in honor of the holiday. And this joy will be a long stretch of time, like a candy-sweet toffee. From the Source of Joy can drink the nectar of Joy. And the more you will drink, the more complete will become the Source. Because in the new cycle of life will change even the Law of Conservation of Energy, which seems so unshakable for your scientists …
What is it? .. We went into another space, but again came to a blue Sun! Past time is the same as the present?
“Watch carefully, my dear Ones! – Kryon is here with us. It guiding us. It supports with energy. – Two suns are different from each other. ”
Well, of course! Rainbow rays from the sun that does not radiate outward from the surface, and sent into the blue sphere.
“It is Archive of Time! – says Kryon. – There is time that gather your experience, store it, what is not necessary in this your evolutionary cycle … You know, let’s present to it this … “!
Suddenly in the air materializes clock … Ordinary watches that people used to loved to wear on their wrists. You rejoice gift from Kryon. Watches are beautiful, with a nice dial, gold-plated strap. Just wanted to wear on the wrist.
“Yes, people were not accidental watches on the wrists – said Kryon. – You know, through the wrist made a strong connection with the physical body of the temporal body, with the body of Time. When people shake hands, they enter into a cooperation of agreement for some time. When one person takes gently, with love, the other person’s wrist, he wants him to live a whole life, a whole cycle… Internal Time then touches the Internal Time … The current clock is not for your wrist. Here is times frequency, which is gradually receding into the past … 12: 60 … So give this frequency to the Archive of Time. Give to it all of your temporal matter that you do not need in the New Evolutionary Cycle! ”
You take the watch, stretch them towards the blue Sun – Archive of Time. Slowly the old clock cycle drawn into the space, mixed with rainbow power to dissolve it … From your Sacred Heart begins to flow energy information, passing time, that you no longer need in a New Evolutionary Cycle. The energies that flow into the blue space … Temporal energy of passing time is moved by fiery matter … Blue space archives old Ethericeal matter, twisting it, making the Eternity, which can become a New Reality, if is necessary.
“Well, – Kryon says – you have updated your Heart of Time! Now updated Zero Point works within you, which brings together your Present Time, Past Time and the Reference Time. It begins harmonious exchange between the three energy-centers.
Well, then is time to go back? You can return to the physical body and hurry on your daily affairs?
Then you feel like Kryon energy to join relatives still very, very familiar energy. Voice of Commander Ashtar sound the Great Invocation:
– Midshipmen of the planet Earth! You intermarried with New Water! You become part of it! She is part of you. Ethereal Programs of New Water came to intermarry with the New Time. Within you is born a new symphony of life! Melody of Water and Melody of Time are creating a new song of Life for the new evolutionary cycle. Ethereal Water of your world, enriched with the trial wave of five-dimensional hydrogen, seek to unite with your Hearts of Time! Here and Now – clean express intention to take her into your sacred spaces!
Directly in front of your inner sight there is a perfect sphere, filled with wonderful violet light. Inside it – modules of Ethereal Water, and trial water of five-dimensional hydrogen. And all this is New Programs for the New Time, which is given to you from the Higher Worlds. You’ve seen this structure. You’re familiar with symbol of New Water. But now you feel that this is not just a Light structure. This is – a living organism, a living creature made for you of the Family of Light. It is very Important creature, it is born to you by God the Creator. Gift of the God Creator, which will help you to live, to exist to develop in many, many incarnations of this cycle. Know, my children: even if now you do not plan to return to this world more than ever, you still will return here. But not by the Law of Karma. Not for Universal obligations. But by call of your Great Loving Heart. Your Love is already now begin to transform the world of inharmonious, militant, engorged struggle and violence, into the world of Love and Light. Here and Now you decide that a New Evolutionary Cycle, your world becomes a world of Love and Light, where all people live in peace and harmony. For your decision to your heart’s intention, in the “Here and Now” are joining thousands, millions of hearts who feel that the Time for Changes has come! War and struggle is still a thing of the past, will remain there, for old time threshold. Already is opened gates to a world where running the show of Love and Creativity. The New laws come alive for New people. And rush to the embodiment of those Souls who are here for the forces will create harmony and love. And you – on forces to pave the way, to her beautiful rose plants of the New Time.
Where now lives rainbow energy? Where is alive now Rainbow Bridges, through which people will flock to the New World? In your Hearts! In your Sacred space. And in your Temporal Bodies, in your time of matter, which becomes a Source of energy information of the New Time. Watch, watch! Is not it wonderful, magnificent picture! Truly magnificent! You radiate powerful, beautiful streams of Rainbow energies. These streams are surrounded by rainbow colors with violet Sphere of the New Water. And – lo and behold! – New Sphere of Water becomes an integral part of your New Heart of Time. Is forming a New fourth energy center of the Heart of Time!
Kryon raises you on Its magnetic palms. You will soar higher, higher and higher … and like a bird’s eye can see, as the Zero Point-20 gained six energy centers. Around the blue Sun, emitting bright rainbow rays, is now alive for five centers. You can see the Sphere of the New Water and two Crystals of True Time and two Archives of Time.
Kryon explains:
“Two Crystals of True Time and two Archives of Time you will need for a transitional period until your world will make the transition from the old to the New Cycle. One pair will keep in touch with the passing Time, the other – with the coming Time … This is the structure that we will call Zero Point 13: 20. My dear Ones! It now looks like your New Heart of Time! And it is set to a New Harmonic frequency 13:20 “.
Yes, the new Heart of Time sounds in a New way! It helps to observe life in its huge stream. You suddenly see past … Pictures of past life flash in front of you. And not only your personal life, as an individual being. Pictures of the life of Humanity. God the Creator! How deep into the past leaving the thread of human’s history! This is a time when people are still not aware of the struggle and war. Look at how many beautiful, harmonious civilizations lived here, in your world, before came here representatives of the ascending branch … Look through these wise, kind eyes. Yes, people of past civilizations was different from each other. Outlook was different. But through their beautiful eyes always looked at the world a harmonious, bright, loving Soul. They, those people, have conceded this world for those who are still growing Spiritually. For those who believe that life is finite and limited and they just have to take from it a much more. But Life, in fact, is Infinite. And the people of the ancient great civilizations do not just believe in it. They knew about it. They remember where they came from. They knew in what worlds they will Ascend. And they did according to the Great Plan of God the Creator, wanting as much as possible to give to this World … There comes a Time to return the Greatness of the Humanity. There COMES A TIME OF ENDLESS AND CONTINUOUS TIME. AND THE NEW HEARTH OF TIME WILL HELP YOU IN THIS, MY CHILDREN! Solar Angel, awaken at dusk NEW SUNRISE … There comes a time of endless and continuous time. NEW TIME AND insertions help you in this, my children! Solar Angel, awaken at dusk NEW SUNRISE … There comes a time of endless and continuous time. NEW TIME AND insertions help you in this, my children! SOLAR ANGELS, AWAKEN AT TWILIGHT OF THE NEW SUNRISE …
So take with joy a New Hearth of Time! Activate it in your Sacred Hearts! And love It as you Love the God Creator. Because it is – a truly priceless Gift in this segment of your life, when the old leaves with the pain of the past, and the new is just beginning to send pulses of Divine Joy.
And so completed another stage of our unusual Ceremony. And you thinking about again to return to your physical bodies, in the rhythm of the usual time … But Kryon, and Ashtar sent to your Hearts energy pulses. Calls for further actions. And you understand: you should move on … But where? For what?
Your body – blue balloon … Air blue ball, in which you have become, is already beginning to not just fly upward. It grows in size, increases. Inside the ball is living a New Heart of Time and you will be very glad of it! A blue ball all growing, growing, growing … God Creator! What is going on? What is happening??? Blue ball is becoming … as planetary globe !!! It becomes as blue planet Earth! Magnificent Jewel of the Cosmos with a New Heart of Time! Earth acquires New Heart of Time … all of a sudden you get an opportunity to go beyond the globe, to become even more and see all the majesty of the processes that are taking place in the world. Lessons cruelty, poverty, violence thing of the past … You can see how people drop down their weapons. Former soldiers become as Creators of Love. It blurs the borders between countries. Goodness and Light come alive in people’s hearts. People become as Spiritual and Cosmic Humanity. Become in those who have been intended. Blue planet Earth begins to shine in Magical Gold. Gold on the Blue! How beautiful and majestic!
And now you begin to decrease again approach the blue balls … Inside the planet you see Mother Earth. Mom smiles, Her kind, wise eyes look at you with great love and hope. You are approaching a Mom, and she hands you a hand. You kisses Her wrist. A gentle warmth and strength touch your hearts. Love and Power Mother Earth becomes a part of you. You unite with Her in ONE HEARTH OF NEW TIME. You become ONE with Mother around the New Evolutionary Cycle. You are now – Heart of Time of the Planet Earth. You are now responsible for Her fate to thousands of thousands of years to come …
Look around … Hundreds, thousands, millions of blue balloons rush skyward. Do they fly alone? Or make a path of unity? It is necessary to change the scale of sight, and you will see how wonderful all the balls travel on a United Rainbow, who lives in a blue Sun, One Heart of Time of the Universe …
That Heart which you have taken with yourself, when you went on a trip from our One Great Spiritual Home – from the Great Central Sun. This Heart is now alive within you. It directs you on the road, which is a long time ago you have defined yourself.
This road leads all of you to the New Divine Unity.
This is the Path of the Gods-Creators, who change the laws of the worlds, when comes the New Time.
And so it is.
11.02. 2017
Meditation is recommended to perform at your own local time – in the Universal mode “Here and Now”, 13:20. You can call upon Cosmic Laertes, Time Harmonizers, to Unite your meditation with other Light-workers in the planetary harmony of Oneness.

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