Note: 2 messages: 2012 & 2017

Thanks to Sandris Sneibe to providing us this material.

February 21, 2012 GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK announce the Completion of Experiment called Duality.
Below we publish the text of the message.

Dear Humanity of the planet Earth!

Today begins the most basic work on lifting your planet to a New frequency level. And this means that the Experiment of Duality, for which you have come a long way on this planet, enters its final stage. About what the completion is it? Have you heard from us, that the process “End of the Experiment” will continue for the entire year 2012.? But, starting today, will go no longer work in an experimental program, and its curtailment and archiving the results. On this also takes time. You will not become its performers this year. You are completely free in their choice of further way on this planet. But, of course, not everyone will understand the value and feature of this wonderful moment. However, your consciousness will change rapidly from this day.
Why today is marked in such a joyous occasion? Just like the same opportunities the planet of Galaxy is willing to accept New effects, and a New Status in the Family of the Galactic Alliance. In addition, it is now come to the planet a special impetus for the reception of information obtained in the course of your experimental work in Duality. The Universe is ready to record in its archives the results you obtained residence in the dense world in complete separation from Its Divine Nature; and Successful way out of this state with the restoration of the status of the Angels from the Central Spiritual Sun. We waited with trepidation and with confidence in a positive outcome. We Now Know That This Is Possible!!! And we know the Winner in this confrontation between Light and Darkness, dense matter and the Spirit! Today, the Galaxy range of defined exactly – Angels rose to the Light and output in light of their planet. Thank You so much in the name of all Family of the Light! Today is remarkable, and the fact that the specific energy touched updated planets and their influence is directed at providing a New level of Consciousness for the planet and earthlings.
Well, you went a long time for this moment. And today, I congratulate you all – knowledgeable about current events or do not know about them – with this difficult, but probably already reached the state of change in the Earth. You now will be able to much more easily go through all the preparatory steps you and planetary changes in preparation of Ascension. And not only this. That starts today, to be understanding at all levels of your maturing to outer perception of Consciousness. Today will change many of the essential characteristics of the interaction of the planet with your Galactic Family. And this will lead in the near future – namely, in 2012. year, and to shift your entire planetary consciousness towards Cosmic Unity, without which it will be difficult to go further in the enormous Shift, which is the Galactic Alignment, that will come at 21.12.2012.
I offer all of you, Lightworkers, in the first place, to give all the people of the Earth Awards are what come up with your loving heart – medals, gifts, greetings, flowers for their excellent work in terms of Duality. And the issue “Certificates of Participation” in this Experiment. Yes, you are modest and do not agree on self rewarding. But, My dear Ones! Each of you – it’s one of us! And nothing else! And I offer today and tomorrow to make instant SEND LOVE TO ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET WITH BLUE FLAME IN VIEW OF THE END OF THE EXPERIMENT AND THE AWARD CEREMONY FOR PARTICIPATION IN IT. Diplomas will be awarded to all your Higher Selves, but you can in your meditation and service mark its participation in the presentation of Diplomas to all the people of the Earth, and someone does not forget to present the Diploma of Glory for you, my dear human!
I do not hurry Event. I am authorized to state that Experiment of Duality ends today, and nothing interferes with your planet ready to go to another area of the galaxy. But you’ll still struggle with old energies, allowing them to interact with them in tune with your inner vibrations. How long will you go on the road rolled of duality? Yes, each in its own way, unfortunately. But the planet and the Galactic Alliance will did not support your old type of accommodation in the world. Do not dispose of your own light features. Begin to live in the New Energy and on the New Earth. And it really will changes at high speed. And She, in fact, preparing to go out to Light. Know that your options are now to go along with the planet in no way limited. Nothing can limit you, my dear humanity!
Again, I suggest that you focus your attention on the possibility of Awarding all the people on Earth, and most planetary Mother with Diploma of the Completion of Grand Experiment. Let us together tomorrow, 22 February 2012th, each in their time zones at 2.00 PM, make a gift to all the people of Earth. And thanked all your Higher Selves for the end of this difficult game. We congratulate each other on the VICTORY! You will see how it will be easy then to live and prepare for the transition to a new state. Anyone who is aware of the magic of the moment, will be able to become parties to the completion of the next act of the play of duality, of what We will, of course, report at time.
Be Happy, Humanity of the Earth!
Galactic Christ Melchizedek
(receive by Marina Schultz)
21. 02. 2012

GALACTIC CHRIST MELCHIZEDEK again contact to us five years later …
by Svetlana Dracheva,
Sergei Kanashevskiy,
Marina Schulz

My beloved Children! Beloved treasure of my Heart! I always call you as Children of the Earth and the Galaxy! But your true roots as yet unknown to you, my Star Children!
We have been waiting for the moment when you will be able to spiritually wake up and say so clearly. And you woke up! And our joy is no limit! Because, when we let you go to difficult experiment, we were not sure that it will be successful. But the Angels of the Great Central Sun with dignity went all the way trough to Experiment of Duality, came out as the winners of the conditions of dense matter, the researchers which you became convinced of your own.
The entire Milky Way Galaxy exult, of feeling a wave of Light, directed with earthlings, as the great sign of the triumph of the Spirit and the Divine expression of your true Essence.
It took five years after the abolition of the Experiment of Duality. I say “for five years”, despite the fact that eternity is much less than a moment. It is incomparably small in linear time than the duration of the whole Experiment of Duality. And yet it is – “five years” .This period is full of grandiose Light volume work to the output of the conditions of duality for Ascension of the planet Earth.
My dear, my beloved Children! You have already received a certificate for the performance of the Experiment of Duality. Three years ago, you were Awarded with the Galactic Diplomas as evidence of your Light achievements. This is – the most important energy-blueprinting, energy-multidimensional structure, which allows to you certain powers and conditions of creativity in other worlds, other planets. And you’re able to learn these quickly and with joy, about that I am very happy. Galactic Gates of the Temple of Creativity more and more open to you, with the improvement of your multidimensional abilities. And you really are creating a New World, not only in post experimental space , but also in many spaces of the planetary system of the Earth and in other worlds.
My dear Ones! To sum up the results of the output of energy programs of your world and Experiment of Duality. This is – the important outcomes. And for five years, you indeed, become creators of your New World. Yes, even what Creators! Many may begin to doubt what I said. But just think – not just a new world is potentially possible, intended, planned. It clearly and loudly expresses its vivid realization. And each of you is its Creator and Guarantor.
Over the past five years you have performed a large amount of fundamentally New Tasks that are necessary to transform your world. I will note the major.
An important turning point was the “Ascension” project in the implementation of the programs exit your world of duality zone. Activated all Lemurian Crystals – Galactic Crystal Beings of Light. And you with them become co-create basic, fundamentally important events in the life of the planet Earth. You really are creating the New Genetic Programs that opening the portals of the Ascension; You activated the artifacts that have been abandoned for the time being the revival of Spirituality of humanity and the Earth itself. Lemurian Crystals are able to start their own, particular, assistance programs in the world during its Ascension.
Not only is the process of Ascension is a criterion out of duality programs. Your world is undergoing serious transformations related to transformation of the old energies. The arrival in the worlds of four dimension humanity of the third dimension defines eventfulness your world in many ways. Many aspects of your Being to be transformed into a New Evolutionary Cycle. This will form the basis for the further evolutionary progress.
Now your world is developing many processes. The basis for the new evolutionary cycle. One part of your world continues to shudder convulsively old energies, the other part, presented enlightened humanity already forms the foundations of a new world, are creating the New World. And that’s fine! Because by the time “sleeping” people will wake up, you will be that, on whom, to lean on. And you, my beloved Children, take in your arms all the rest of my Children, because you all are, without exception, my beloved Children! Remember that you are the Pioneers. And you have a Cosmic responsibility for the fate of not only yourself, but of all world. Your mission is to be the Creators of a New World within the old.
During these five years have seen the incredible importance of the Event, about the importance of which you do not will notify the official media. Humanity of the Earth emerged from the duality, was radically changed. And you have already guessed, what I am talking about. There is a steady, rapid process of unification of the various branches of human evolution. Is born a New Race of humans. Descending and ascending branch of evolution give birth to a New Branch of the United Branch. And you over these five years is largely accelerated this process, creating your Light Work of all the necessary prerequisites for their integration.
New Children were born. They appeared for a long time, even in recent years Experiment of Duality. But there were no preconditions to ensure that were born on Earth the representatives of distant worlds, distant stars. You have created conditions for the emergence and adaptation in your world. Due to their presence not only be established in the New Genetics of the human race, but all scheduled processes in your world changes become apparent, accessible, real. Love the New Children! You gave them a “Green Light!”
My beloved Ones! Special importance of the Event passed through the Fire of your Hearts. You gave life on the planet for the whole family of Cosmic Fires. During this period, came to Earth all the Fires, which became the fiery basis of the Ascension. Born by Family of Light the World Temple of the Ascension Fires is not just decorated the Earth with its Divine Light, but has become an important part of its Light structure. And now, this structure allows your planet not only the Ascension process, but also to carry out the necessary restructuring in all worlds and all planetary Globes. This is the universal generator of fiery energies, in their various combinations.
You surely have gone beyond the Earth. You have become a full-fledged co-creators of your Solar System. You are known to many planets – as active Light Workers. Turning over your mind and your direct action of progressive interaction of the planets of the Solar System with the Earth will bring new opportunities for the transformation of earthly life. The Sun as your main source of life, changed its influence on the Earth – in accordance with a change in its evolutionary program.
Finally, in the year 2016, thanks to your active evolutionary actions, Light Family of the Galaxy and the Earth on the lake Baikal, in the sacred space of the planet, was created artifact, which began the process of deploying new parameters of Space-Time continuum of your world. But its effect is not limited to a zone, leaving the dual existence. Flower of Space-Time continuum in a special way connected with all the Globes of the planet, and therefore we can confidently talk about a New Evolutionary Cycle for many worlds of the Earth. Expanding and accelerating the processes of creation of Polyworld (multidimensional), both horizontally and vertically, made possible since its activation.
And you, my dear Children, took an active part in the solemn ritual of the creation of the New Flower of Space-Time continuum. And now confidently creating in its rays, and along with it. Flower of Space-Time continuum generates a Rainbow Reference Time that will help you move to a New Wave of Time Cycle – “13:20” frequency.
I will note, one more very important Planetary Light Work you conducted under my supervision. I’m talking about the creation of NEW WATER, as a Universal receiver of Cosmic information. Without it is impossible to change, to create a New World, to reprogram the old world, and launch New development plans in the New Evolutionary Cycle. New Water has already started to take shape in the multidimensional space of Lake Baikal during the creation of the Flower of Space-Time continuum. This process has many different stages of its energy content. And you have already passed some of them. Year 2017-th we announced as YEAR of the creation of NEW WATER. So, the Fifth Anniversary of the abolition of the Experiment of Duality, noted this good news! After all, without changing the composition of the oceans and all water among the various forms of life, can not be the implementation of a New Evolutionary stage. And that time has come, deploying up new horizons for the Spiritual creativity.
Dear Children! You understand that in the world together with you are creating a New Evolution many of Lightworkers. The details of their work, you sometimes do not know. But each of them has its own mission, own duties. Many are working in the groups. And all of you led and directed by the Family of Light. We are coordinating the efforts of Lightworkers all over the planet. You read and speak in different languages. Using various literature. You comply with your countries and bring to light the work features dictated by region, country, nation. But your overall creative efforts add up to a Unite treasury of the evolution of the planet Earth. And I welcome all Lightworkers of the world, coming out from duality, as a Unite Collective of Light, showing a New Evolution. Your work is coordinated in time and space. Each one of the fragments are creating a complex and multi-dimensional puzzle, without which the whole it does not start to play a single evolutionary lights. Know that you are many, so many. This means that by the actions each of you we attach the actions of others. And together you create a unique and rich “cloth” of general evolutionary picture of your world. Do not forget to call upon your Higher Selves when you are doing Light Work and all other Lightworkers, which deems it necessary to attach to your Family of Light. Success depends on the synthesis of your efforts. I note it especially on the day of the five-year anniversary of the Abolition of the Experiment of Duality, because previously such united efforts were not provided, because of the energy of duality programs. Nowadays, when we speak of Unity and Oneness, it is necessary to introduce this practice in Light Work. This synthesis are now supported by New Evolutionary energies and programs of the New Space-Time continuum.
Joy fills my Heart, when I look at your world, confidently throw out of its legs shackles of duality. More and more Light flares. And a New level of Love, for each of you, is becoming more clearly and with it come into your life and new principles of perception of the world and everyone in this world. You learn to truly love and to create a position of Love. “Roses of dislike” are beginning to blossom, charm all its beauty and fragrance and turn into “Roses of Love”. And this is also very big achievement at a historically short period of time … just in five years.
I, Galactic Christ Melchizedek, welcome you, the creators of the New World!
Go light and bright, My Children! Administer those plans for which you have carried out an Experiment of Duality. Confidently enter into a New Evolutionary Cycle. Blossom as a beautiful Flowers of Love on your blessed Planet!
Always consistently with you
Galactic Christ Melchizedek
Spiritualized Galaxy of the Milky Way

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