We are enough

More often than we imagine, the root of most our problems, come from the fact we find ourselves not being enough! we are never enough, no matter what we do, what we learn, what we help, work, love, etc.
What did your mother say to you? or didn`t say? or your father? your teacher? your neighbor ? your boyfriend or girlfriend?
It`s part of a child nature to worship parents, that is the way they deal with life before they are fully ready to live it themselves by being independent. When small disappointments invade a child routine, they can be deadly, emotionally deadly! They kill creativity, love, plans, dreams, happiness… they create negativity by feeding from all the positive innocent heart.
Usually the feeling of “i am not enough” is not from heavy events; it can, but it doesn`t need to. Usually are daily routine moments, small words or even smaller silences that shape our mind and heart and decide how our future will be.
The feeling of “not being enough” along with the feeling of “fear” is the destroyer of human potential.
However things do not need to stay like that… we can truly change our mindset towards traumas. We can understand that as well as we find hard to live, love, create… so did they – the ones that motivated us towards failure! and many times they weren`t missing love, they were just taught to mislead their own love energy.
As we understand, accept, forgive… we can look at ourselves from a new perspective and change the patterns. How do we do that? we find the opposite energy within the trauma`s polarity. Everything has an opposite energy and it is up to us to look for the positiveness of ourselves potentials, instead of let our lives ruled by hidden killer cells.
We can all do it. Start by telling yourself I AM ENOUGH. Do it several times a day! Be aware of the power you have within yourself. Post it on facebook or your other social platforms. Set an alarm on your phone with those words so you remind yourself of who you truly are. Write it everywhere, make a sweet altar on a table or furniture with positive stuff and cards with I AM ENOUGH words.
Change your vocabulary by paying attention to the negative words you use, which will set your mind to failure.
The truth is you think you cannot create your life, but what you are not aware is that you are creating your life every second, you always did it and you always will. It is not only a spiritual thing… or just a mind thing… it works that way to all your parts: from the emotional, to the physical and the mind! You are the Alpha of your life as a conscious being and your words are commands, your thoughts as well. You are a complex machine and the best you understand that you are made of several bodies that are supposed to work for your greatest good, the better you respect yourself and use the power you have.
As you understand that YOU ARE ENOUGH you cannot fail or disappoint because nothing of that exists!!! There is only positiveness, creation, flowing life energies and all blocks disappear… Love your self that way.

We are enough

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