Thanks to Sandris Sneibe for providing us this material

Greetings, my beloved ones! I AM Saint Germain.

Before you begin meditation, I will say a few words about the phenomenon that people call negative energy. For you is not secret that embodied human beings, disconnected from your Divine Self, worked out and continue to generate negative energy. This energy is accumulated on the planet for thousands of years. Do you know the appropriate: the negative energy of the planet Earth will never radiated into outer space and never sent through the portal into the inner space. Part of this energy is converted immediately. The remaining “compressed”, transformed and sent to storage. Now came the moment when it has to be converted and used as a Creative Force. Former negative energy at this stage, is used for the good – in the restructuring of the external and internal structures of the planet. Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis – it is, in particular, the result of former negative energy.
Something similar happens with the human. The negative energy that it is not processed, failed to transform into love, positive things, is first “taken” to “long-term storage,” that is placed in sub-dimensional reservoir that people called Casual or Karmic body.
Now there is chance to release the CASUAL or KARMIC BODY, neutralize all the negative energy, and then transform it into a creative, positive energy.
Therefore appropriate to conduct meditation in order to NEUTRALIZE the Causal Body, and from that energy create the birth of its future ETHEREAL BODY.
The existence of the Ethereal Body of human beings implies “withering away” of the Casual Body, or rather – its neutralization and transformation. This process you can contribute through meditation.
And now proceed directly to work.
1. Call for the co-creation FAMILY OF LIGHT, the Lords of Karma and your Spiritual Mentors. Get yourself on the wave of Love … expresses the pure intention of neutralizing your Causal (Karmic) Body and the birth of the Ethereal Body.
2. Imagine Causal Body as two circles, or rather – two balls. Resting on one another. The lower ball is half as the top. (This hard to represent solid figures can visualize the number “eight”, the lower part of which is half the size of the top).
The upper sphere (circle) fill up green, the bottom – in pink. After that, mentally tracing the contour of the lower ball – yellow-golden color. It turns pink framed in yellow. Upper ball tracing the contour of a bright blue color. It turns green framed by a bright blue.
Now mentally draw two Fibonacci spirals,
Left – Yin spiral, right – Yang-spiral: as shown in the figure.
4. When both spirals connected, obtained a figure similar to the Heart. Its contours are painted in red. Put your Causal Body in the form of two balls ( “eight”) in the middle of the “heart”, turn balls- “eight” in position of ninety degrees. Now we have left – a small ball, on the right – the big.
The next task – to saturate the left (small) ball of golden-yellow light, and the right (large) – blue.
Dear friends! Please understand that at the time of meditation, your own Causal Body, you really put (on the subtle plane) into your Heart Chakra and coloring it in New colors!
4. Go to the main part of the work … Please tune in wave … of tenderness. Concentrate on the Heart Chakra and feel that what is happening now, is something very important in your life. You broke up with that what was a very long part of your “SELF”. Here, at your Karmic Body, from incarnation to incarnation concentrated negative energies, your negative experience during life on Earth, during the participation in the final stage of the Grand Experiment.
Casual body in the form of eight is a difficulty that human beings have received in the world, setting the law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma … Now, drawing eight in an infinity sign, we release difficulties, turning them into energy for movement, the energy of your new endless possibilities.
And this energy – now is in your Heart. See how former Causal Body turns in … “perpetual motion machine”! Golden yellow and blue like stay alive, it sparkling! On the contour of the Infinity Sign starts moving bright purple spark, like a small star … It moves faster and faster … you start the process of energy that can not be stopped! This is your inner Source of Renewed Energy! Now watch carefully! Both balls have equal size! And now the former Causal Body is a harmonious symbol of Infinity, a beautiful sparkling purple. From it comes a magical glow …
5. Now feel the moment of bliss … Where spiral Yin and Yang come together at one point, the center of the fusion of male and female energies are born gorgeous three-lobe lotus. It leaves are blue, yellow and red … At that moment, when you see the Lotus – you know: your Ethereal Body began to be born in the Five-dimensional world, where you can rush as a result of the Ascension …
Quiet, friends … Quietly … Please … Listen Now the silence … In this silence is born … a wonderful melody. You can hear the voice of a magic flute and symphony orchestra of the whole. But you know, no matter that you do not hear the melody – the music of your Multidimensional Heart, which with Great Love will lead you through the New Spaces of the other worlds of our infinite Universe …
6. Thank the co-creation of the Family of Light, the Lords of Karma, your Spirit Guides … And, please, listen to the answers of the Family of Light … It will come through your Heart … It may be the words in your consciousness, or simply the energy of Love … Love and waiting to meet you …
With Love, Ascended Master Saint Germain
Message and meditation received by Sergei Kanashevsky, Russia, Siberian Federal District, Novokuznetsk
* All rights reserved. Communications of cycle “KRYON FROM RUSSIA” can be freely distributed and published only without cuts and changes.


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